142 examples of viewpoint in sentences

"Surprising enough, from the survivor's viewpoint," said Slade.

What more could we ask to see from any one viewpoint?" "Don't forget the monster hotel, with its hundred towers and gables, dominating the strip of land between the bay and the ocean," added Beth.

* Manford Conover was a preacher with a business man's training and viewpoint.

The sex difficulties produced in these people by the conflict between their conscious sex and their subconscious sex, the sex duel in the same mind, Siamese twins pulling in diametrically opposite directions, are comprehensible only from the viewpoint of the internal secretions.

"The worst of it is," he said in a serious turn"I mean, looking at the thing from my bourgeois viewpoint of 1914the War, but more particularly the antics of the various governments after the War, turned out several million of men in my frame of mind the world over.

"I said you were a damned fool" "But is not that a matter of personal viewpoint?

From the same viewpoint, a strange phenomenon is observable in the world of literature, arts, and sciences.

This viewpoint will place Centralia in its proper perspective and enable one to trace the tragedy back to the circumstances and conditions that gave it birth.

And yet, the whole effort and viewpoint of the work will be found, I think, to be based upon a deep belief that one love is better than two, and that earnestness and honesty and altruism are more blessed and blissful, even with poverty and suffering, than any wealth of money, or of fame, or of amorous experience.

One field only in poetry, considered from the viewpoint of real art, is almost uncultivated.

How he always understood and took the big, broad viewpoint!

Arab jealousy is about as quick as fulminate of mercury: as unreasonable, from a western viewpoint, as a love-sick woman's.

However, after they had all had a good look at the horseman they let him draw near, and there followed a noisy conference, the man on the horse calling on Allah repeatedly with emphasis, and Anazeh and his followers all doing the same thing, but from an opposing viewpoint.

The notary always used to speak very positively from his own viewpoint, without consulting the interested party.

Prospect's viewpoint guide.

The Church, the body of Christ; from a physicians's viewpoint.

SEE Wrinkle, William L. GILES, H. H. Exploring the curriculum, the work of the thirty schools from the viewpoint of curriculum consultants, by H. H. Giles.

Systematics and the origin of species, from the viewpoint of a zoologist.

In the dark depths of one a frozen lake was seen glistening from our viewpoint on the Plateau d'Amance.

Evidently something in my words had startled her and had changed her viewpoint.

Mitchel and O'Connell both sought the liberation of Ireland, but their viewpoint differed.

Obviously, from her viewpoint that was the only thing to do.

No boy was admitted under nine, but there seemed to be no limit at the other end, for at the time of Keith's entrance the upper grades still held a few youngsters with well developed moustaches who, from the viewpoint of Keith's own peach-skinned diminutiveness, looked like veritable patriarchs.

"You wonder how I've reached the new viewpoint?

It was improvising after all, but from the viewpoint of the player, not from that of the listener.

142 examples of  viewpoint  in sentences