1700 examples of vile in sentences

In a word, all my talk is how vile and bad it is in him to love another better than he loves his wife" (act v. sc.

When Dion'idês, a pirate, was brought before Alexander, he exclaimed, "Vile brigand!

I exclaimed, "you, blasphemer, beast that you are, you dare to dispose of your honest wife in this infamous way, that you may be free to indulge your own vile appetites?you, who have outraged the dead and the living alike, by making me utter your forgeries?

It was the successful pleading of the Princess Genevra that kept him from serving a period in durance vile.

I can't eat this vile stuff."


Like his creator, raving at intervals under the vile restraints of Philistine surroundings and with no money for dissipation, Osmond gives up teaching to pursue the literary vocation.

I looked at it closely; the tiny finger-tops and oval nails had left light creases on the delicate leather, and an indescribable perfume, in which violet predominated, drove away the vile animal scent that pervades such gloves.

To me it seems a shameful abuse of speech, and a vile descent from the dignity of grammar, to make the voices of "brutes" any part of language, as taken in a literal sense.

Thus, the noble, the vile, the excellent, or the beautiful, may be put for three extra constructions: first, for noble persons, vile persons, &c.; secondly, for the noble man, the vile man, &c.; thirdly, for the abstract qualities, nobility, vileness, excellence, beauty.

In the following example, the noun "wolves," which literally requires which, and not who, is used metaphorically for selfish priests; and, in the relative, the figurative or personal sense is allowed to prevail: "Wolves shall succeed for teachers, grievous wolves, Who all the sacred mysteries of Heaven To their own vile advantages shall turn.

An actressa vile, low, brazen hussy!

Use the gifts God has given her with which to do good in showing off to a crowd of vile bad men!

I stiffened myself and drew out of his way as though he had been some vile animal.

(Sad to say, these were women, with one or two exceptions in favour of menlike the Hatterwho perhaps might be called "old women of the male sex," save that the expression is a vile libel upon the sex that still contains the best of us.)

Cringing, helplessas though before some infernal monstershe hid her face; while her husband, struggling for breath to make her hear, called her every foul name he could masterderided her with fiendish gleemocked her, taunted her, cursed herwith words too vile to print.

WHIGS, almsgiving, against, ii. 212; bottomless, iv. 223; defined, i. 294, 431, n. 1; devil, the first Whig the, iii. 326; iv. 317, n. 3; every bad man a Whig, v. 271; Fergusson 'a vile Whig,' ii. 170; governed, not willing to be, ii. 314; hall fireplace, moved the, i. 273; humane one, a, v. 357; 'is any King a Whig?' iii. 372, n. 3; nation quiet when they governed, iv.

"Sit down, Janet; sit down, and forget that vile picture and all I have been saying.

But you saw, and you saw clearly, that it was the sickly whim of a wanton, and you never dreamed of yielding, for you love this Rosamund Eastney, and you know me to be vile.

The man he had been a moment ago was vile to him, and all his thoughts were now heroic.

The book appeared, and a vile rag-bag it was, like the life of a man written by a private detective from the reminiscences of under-servants.

The selfish, worldly, hard, brutal temperaments have almost invariably a far better time of it in the world; yet both the exalted spirit and the brutal spirit are undeniable facts; the lofty, unselfish, pure spirit is as real and existent as the vile and sensual spirit.

Is the heart of God more on the side of what is noble and pure and enthusiastic than it is on the side of what is base and vile; or is it only the enthusiasts who think so?

But the words you have applied to me, and the spirit in which your ladyship has dealt with me, make it impossible for us to withdraw and lie under thethe vile imputations, you have chosen to cast upon me.

"It is a lie," I cry, with growing vehemence, "a vile, base, groundless lie, to say that I am not glad he is coming back!

1700 examples of  vile  in sentences