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1700 examples of  vile  in sentences

1700 examples of vile in sentences

Persons passing along Nassau Street, between Ann and Beekman Streets, for some days past, have had their olfactories unpleasantly assailed by a vile stench.

When I have mused awhile On all my luck, so vile, I almost wish they'd hit me with a club!

But duty is dutyoften stern, but never to be shirked; and so the faithful detectives inserted their Spitz-dog noses between the joints of the artists' doors, and, having smelt a very large rat, suddenly burst in upon these graphic malefactors, and caught them in the act, with all the tools and paraphernalia of their nefarious occupation scattered about their vile den.

Vile Wretch, dar'st thou retort?

This Helen of Troy, of whom ye speak, was nought but a vile adulteress, with a heart false and foul, by whose sin many died and Troy town was utterly destroyed.

May he be cursed in life and may the flesh shrivel on his bones and his soul be eternally damned with another candle and fifty gold pieces to the altar of holy Saint Giles" But now hearing Roger groan, the archer paused to admonish him thus: "Croak not, Roger, croak not," quoth he, "think not upon thy vile body pray, man, praypray thyself speechless.

slainand I alivethe sport of that vile rabblement belowO, Christ,not that!"

Howwould'st have me company with such vile carrion?

Must I flesh mine axe on thy vile carcase?"

Carolyn June exclaimed, with the uncomfortable feeling that the big Greek's look had touched her with something vile and unclean.

Adam's way was old enough; and so was the way of Cain, and of Noah's vile son, and of Lot's lewd daughters, and of Balaam, and of Jezebel, and of Manasseh.

The good people we saw in Ges, a village of thatched cottages looking the worse for rain, said we should find the "road vile," but this did not daunt us, and with a "bon jour" we passed on.

Burthens like these vile earthly buildings bear, No tribute's laid on Castles in the Air' Churchill's Poems, Night, ed. 1766, i. 89.

To the French emigrant on the Rhine that society appeared like a vile phantom which had but to be exorcised to vanish.

But that would be a mistake; if once the Russian nation becomes thoroughly perverted, it will be the most treacherous, most vile, most dangerous in Europe.

He noticed and told me how many of the former neglected their charges, standing about, flirting or gossiping, or looking into shop windows, while the baby in the bassinette or the mail-cart sucked away at that vile invention the bone and gutta-percha 'soother,' and he was astonished that ladies should apparently consider it beneath them to accompany baby on the promenade.

ignominious, scrubby, dirty, abject, vile, beggarly, pitiful, low, mean, shabby base &c (dishonorable) 940.

dishonest, dishonorable; unconscientious, unscrupulous; fraudulent &c 545; knavish; disgraceful &c (disreputable) 974; wicked &c 945. false-hearted, disingenuous; unfair, one-sided; double, double- hearted, double-tongued, double-faced; timeserving^, crooked, tortuous, insidious, Machiavelian, dark, slippery; fishy; perfidious, treacherous, perjured. infamous, arrant, foul, base, vile, ignominious, blackguard.

Yes, the menace was thereso many crimes, so much filth, side by side with so many tears, and so much patient goodness; so extraordinary a mixture of the best and the most vile, a humanity in little, with all its defects and all its struggles.

And after so many terrible Rougons, so many vile Macquarts, still another had been born.

"Forgive you for dragging me down to the level of rogues and thieves, for making me party to this vile conspiracy of plunder.

There is a great deal of very vile nonsense talked upon both sides of the matter: tearing divines reducing life to the dimensions of a mere funeral procession, so short as to be hardly decent; and melancholy unbelievers yearning for the tomb as if it were a world too far away.

It is not to injure your feelings that she has invented such a vile scheme, but it is by injuring Natalie's character in your eyes, she may banish from her heart all future happiness.

"Indeed, I never could have mistrusted Mrs. Santon's character was so vile!" said he; "but I can sooner believe this than that darkness is born of light.

It is a vile lane, paved with small, hard stones from side to side, and bordered by cottages or mean houses of white-washed stone, joining one to another along the whole length of the street.

Anything more selfish or cynical cannot be conceived, and those who call vile acts by their plain names will not feel inclined to become Sulla's apologists.

The last doubt about Leith's treachery had been chased away by the dance we had witnessed, and I felt assured that the man was a monster, a vile thing, who, for some purpose that I could not allow myself to ponder over, had brought the foolish old scientist and his daughters into a place of terrors.

The doting Baron de Tortillee marries the lascivious and extravagant Mademoiselle La Motte, who promotes the villainous Du Lache to be the instrument of her vile pleasures.

'How dare you bring that vile charge against the dead?' 'There are men living in India who know the truth of that charge: men who were at Bisnagar when my father, sick and heartbroken, was shut up in his deserted harem, hemmed in by spies and traitors, men with murder in their faces.

'A vile fabrication of Montesma's, who wanted to blacken poor Smithson's character in order to extenuate his own crimes.

We then crossed the Piazza which is very large and soon reached the Dogana or Custom house, formerly the temple of Antoninus Pius, where vile modern walls are built to fill up the intervals between eleven columns of Grecian marble.

" '"He that knoweth himself becometh vile to himself, and taketh no delight in the praises of men.

In a word, all my talk is how vile and bad it is in him to love another better than he loves his wife" (act v. sc.

When Dion'idรชs, a pirate, was brought before Alexander, he exclaimed, "Vile brigand!

I exclaimed, "you, blasphemer, beast that you are, you dare to dispose of your honest wife in this infamous way, that you may be free to indulge your own vile appetites?you, who have outraged the dead and the living alike, by making me utter your forgeries?

It was the successful pleading of the Princess Genevra that kept him from serving a period in durance vile.

I can't eat this vile stuff."


and think you I could stoop so low, vile as I stand here, as to make moneyfilthy moneyof the stuff which a daughter's touch has desecrated?

FRAMPTON O, I am jolter'd, bruised, and shook to death, With your vile Wiltshire roads.

Like his creator, raving at intervals under the vile restraints of Philistine surroundings and with no money for dissipation, Osmond gives up teaching to pursue the literary vocation.

I looked at it closely; the tiny finger-tops and oval nails had left light creases on the delicate leather, and an indescribable perfume, in which violet predominated, drove away the vile animal scent that pervades such gloves.

To me it seems a shameful abuse of speech, and a vile descent from the dignity of grammar, to make the voices of "brutes" any part of language, as taken in a literal sense.

Thus, the noble, the vile, the excellent, or the beautiful, may be put for three extra constructions: first, for noble persons, vile persons, &c.; secondly, for the noble man, the vile man, &c.; thirdly, for the abstract qualities, nobility, vileness, excellence, beauty.

Thus, the noble, the vile, the excellent, or the beautiful, may be put for three extra constructions: first, for noble persons, vile persons, &c.; secondly, for the noble man, the vile man, &c.; thirdly, for the abstract qualities, nobility, vileness, excellence, beauty.

Thus, the noble, the vile, the excellent, or the beautiful, may be put for three extra constructions: first, for noble persons, vile persons, &c.; secondly, for the noble man, the vile man, &c.; thirdly, for the abstract qualities, nobility, vileness, excellence, beauty.

In the following example, the noun "wolves," which literally requires which, and not who, is used metaphorically for selfish priests; and, in the relative, the figurative or personal sense is allowed to prevail: "Wolves shall succeed for teachers, grievous wolves, Who all the sacred mysteries of Heaven To their own vile advantages shall turn.

The construction is an unparsable synchysis, a vile snarl, which no grammarian should hesitate to condemn.

An actressa vile, low, brazen hussy!

Use the gifts God has given her with which to do good in showing off to a crowd of vile bad men!

I stiffened myself and drew out of his way as though he had been some vile animal.

She'll make a vile scene.

(Sad to say, these were women, with one or two exceptions in favour of menlike the Hatterwho perhaps might be called "old women of the male sex," save that the expression is a vile libel upon the sex that still contains the best of us.)

Woe unto those who seal the people's eyes, And make them adverse to their country's good The men, who, for their own vile selfish ends, Are seeking to prevent the Forest States From swearing fealty to Austria's House, As all the countries round about have done.

Their vile love-affair in Naples had been sufficiently paid for with his bereavement....

That his stories are identical in material and motive with the vile yarns that are permitted only in the lowest class barber shops and in disreputable bar-rooms, in no way detracts from the admiring praise of his critics, the generosity of his publishers, or the appreciation of those for whom he writes.

Cringing, helplessas though before some infernal monstershe hid her face; while her husband, struggling for breath to make her hear, called her every foul name he could masterderided her with fiendish gleemocked her, taunted her, cursed herwith words too vile to print.

WHIGS, almsgiving, against, ii. 212; bottomless, iv. 223; defined, i. 294, 431, n. 1; devil, the first Whig the, iii. 326; iv. 317, n. 3; every bad man a Whig, v. 271; Fergusson 'a vile Whig,' ii. 170; governed, not willing to be, ii. 314; hall fireplace, moved the, i. 273; humane one, a, v. 357; 'is any King a Whig?' iii. 372, n. 3; nation quiet when they governed, iv.

Nay, never start, and look upon my cowl You love not priests, De Bourbon, more than I. Off, vile denial of my manhood's pride; Off, off to hell!

As to their poets, bad as Ariosto is, divide the Orlando into three parts, and take the worst of them, and although it may contain a large portion of extremely vile poetry, it will contain more of good than the whole French language.

"Sit down, Janet; sit down, and forget that vile picture and all I have been saying.

But you saw, and you saw clearly, that it was the sickly whim of a wanton, and you never dreamed of yielding, for you love this Rosamund Eastney, and you know me to be vile.

The young rival of Le Frain was distinguished like her sister, by a sylvan appellation; her name was Le Codre (Corylus, the Hazel), and the knight's tenants had sagaciously drawn a most favourable prognostic of his future happiness, from the superiority of nuts to vile ash-keys; but neither he nor any of his household were disposed to augur favourably of a marriage which tended to deprive them of the amiable orphan.

Little did I think thou wouldst ever disgrace thyself, and distress me, by associating with the most vile.

The man he had been a moment ago was vile to him, and all his thoughts were now heroic.

The book appeared, and a vile rag-bag it was, like the life of a man written by a private detective from the reminiscences of under-servants.

The selfish, worldly, hard, brutal temperaments have almost invariably a far better time of it in the world; yet both the exalted spirit and the brutal spirit are undeniable facts; the lofty, unselfish, pure spirit is as real and existent as the vile and sensual spirit.

Is the heart of God more on the side of what is noble and pure and enthusiastic than it is on the side of what is base and vile; or is it only the enthusiasts who think so?

But the words you have applied to me, and the spirit in which your ladyship has dealt with me, make it impossible for us to withdraw and lie under thethe vile imputations, you have chosen to cast upon me.

The inhabitants, in consequence of the rumour of approaching war, having betaken themselves to one of their fortified pas, I had no alternative but to pass the night with these suspicious-looking creatures, who, feeling themselves beyond the control of their cruel masters, soon gave way to their own vile passions, and became most impertinent and intrusivetaking every advantage of my loneliness to indulge their curiosity and familiarity.

The year after the States-General wore away in the old vile fashion.

For this Marshal had added to revolt things more vile and more insidiously hurtful: he had defrauded the Government in army-contracts.

His frequent working by intrigue was another; but that also was a vile method accepted by his age.

Ere the vile Cuckoo's note be utterรจd.

The stings of jealousy have given me courage, Which nature never gave me: Come on, thou vile dissembler of thy sex; Expect no mercy; either thou or I Must die upon this spot: Now for Gonsalvo SaSa Hip.

But he hath made an excellent lazar of it; the copy is of price, though the original be vile.

Cease, oh! cease once more, nor let Such vile treason find expression On thy lips.

She who left Diana's care Must with Venus find her place: 'Mong vile women let her dwell, Vile, abandoned even as they.

She who left Diana's care Must with Venus find her place: 'Mong vile women let her dwell, Vile, abandoned even as they.

She had known of it and helped him towards its success by luring her other son Richard to that vile gambling den where he had all but lost his honor, or else his reason.

In fact, I did not read anything in those days; and I do not believe that Magnus and Rowena knew for some time anything more about this vile and slanderous item than I did.

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet [fit].

And for a quarter of a mile he vowed that the present purpose of his life was the annihilation, the bloody annihilation, of that vile dog, whom he had trampled into the dirt of the Pacific coast, and who now, decked in fine clothes, had arisen in Paris to balk him of his fortune.

The fair Katy Charlton, who was drowned by the heart-rending calamity of last week, was his step-daughter, and now her brother, Albert Charlton, is arrested as a vile and dishonest mail-robber, and the victim whose land-warrant he stole was Miss Kate Charlton's betrothed lover, Mr. Smith Westcott.

If you are any longer in doubt as to the vile intentions of this man, conceal yourself from observation within sight of Miss Pillbody's school, any fair afternoon, about half past two o'clock, and watch his actions.

But here is Nehemiah the Rab-shakeh, living in a heathen palace, in the midst of a wicked court, surrounded by drunkenness, sensuality, and all that is vile and impure, breathing in the very atmosphere of sin, yet we find him a plant of the Lord, pure as the azalea, a man of faith, a man of prayer, a holy man of God.

What a vile economy is this!

When Constance saw what the vile wantonness of the wind had done, she fell upon her knees in wild despair and tremblingly remained thus for an instant only, for a bit of hope sprang up.

I must get out of this vile hole.

it is this way!" said another of the number, taking two others by their elbows, to secure an audience, "we shall do nothing ourselves; we are just watching that vile Congress.

"It is a lie," I cry, with growing vehemence, "a vile, base, groundless lie, to say that I am not glad he is coming back!

On one occasion, when a young Jewess refused to drain a goblet of neat brandy which he thrust into her hand, he promptly administered two resounding boxes on her ears, shouting, "Vile Hebrew spawn!

He was well-made, middle-aged, and of a thoroughly vile and repulsive countenance.

The mode in which they have learned to accept the idea of their own degradation and unalterable inferiority, is the most serious impediment that I see in the way of their progress, since assuredly, 'self-love is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting.'

The afternoon was rainy, in spite of which I drove to Busson Hill, and had a talk with Bran about the vile caterpillar blights on the wild plum trees, and asked him if it would not be possible to get some sweet grafts from Mr. C for some of the wild fruit trees, of which there are such quantities.

If he conducted like a man of honor, he would merit your esteem; but his behavior is quite the reverse: yet, vile as he is, he would not dare to lisp his insolent hopes of your regard if you punished his presumption with the indignation it deserves; if you spurned from your presence the ungrateful wretch who would requite your condescension by triumphing in your ruin.

โ€œShe simply must find an outlet for the joy of youth,โ€”paddling a canoe, chasing rabbits through the snow, placing kittens in durance vile.

What sort of a vile passion is it which makes a man feel as you do for me?

I am not a very bad man, Evelyn, nor even a very weak one; in all respects, vile as I appear to you, only a very unhappy wretch, and as such entitled to your respectful compassion at leastall I dare ask for now.

#mis#, see #mettre#. #misรฉrable#, wretched, vile.