98 examples of villette in sentences

Rétaux de Villette.

Villette, Marquis de. Vincennes, castle at, attacked by the mob.

Shirley (1849) and Villette (1853) make up the trio of novels by which this gifted woman is generally remembered.

His first notable exploit was the assassination of a fireman at La Villette.

At the same time, the Central Committee caused the rappel to be beaten, and towards seven o'clock in the morning ten or twelve thousand National Guards from the arrondissements of Batignolles, Montmartre, La Villette, and Belleville poured into the streets.

But the Bastille-Madeleine and the Ternes-Fille de Calvaine, and Saint-Sulpice-Villette just groaned and panted and had to have their traction changed every few steps.

Great establishments like the Galeries Lafayette had disbanded their armies of girls and even many of the factories in the outer suburbs, like Charenton and La Villette, had suspended work, because their mechanics and electricians and male factory hands had been mobilized at the outset of the war.

Two years later came Villette.

There was little Georgette in Villette, to say nothing of Polly, and there was Adèle in Jane Eyre.

Of course there is the argument from the novels, from The Professor, from Jane Eyre, from Villette.

For treachery and perfidy, and agony and passion, were what Charlotte wanted for Villette.

And yet it is true that Villette is a novel of experience, owing its conspicuous qualities very much to observation.

It is because Charlotte Brontë relied too much on the fire of her own soul that in Jane Eyre and parts of Shirley she missed that unique expression of actuality which, over and over again, she accomplished in Villette.

Only little Maggie Tulliver can stand beside little Polly in Villette.

"Villette is one blaze, one broad illumination; the whole world seems abroad; moonlight and heaven are banished: the town by her own flambeaux, beholds her own splendourgay dresses, grand equipage, fine horses and gallant riders, throng the bright streets.

After Villette, the Last Sketch, the Fragment of Emma; that fragment which Charlotte Brontë read to her husband not long before her death.

But it does not shake my private belief that Emma is a fragment of what would have been as great a novel as Villette.

Mr. Malham-Dembleby attaches immense importance to this green gown, which he "identifies" with the pink one worn by Lucy in Villette.

Shirley and Jane Eyre compared, 131, 138, 141. and Villette compared, 111, 141, 148, 159. and Wuthering Heights compared, 139. quoted, 133-137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 142.

A short time after, Villette, who is a news-writer and deputy, was cited to appear before the municipality of Paris, under the charge of having inserted in his paper "equivocal phrases and anti-civic expressions, tending to diminish the confidence due to the municipality.

"Villette, as being a member of the Convention, obtained redress; but had he been only a journalist, the liberty of the press would not have rescued him.


La Villette exhibited "Twilight, Quiberon, Morbihan"; in 1903, "Fort Penthièvre, Quiberon," and "A Foaming Wave.

"Villette," written in a constant fight against ill-health, was published in 1853, and was received with one burst of acclamation.

Miss Harland thinks that if the life of Charlotte Brontë's mother had been mercifully spared, the authoress of Jane Eyre and Villette might have grown up more like Hannah More than she actually did.

98 examples of  villette  in sentences