974 examples of violin in sentences

Take the lute and violin, Let the solemn harp begin, Instruments strung with ten strings, While the silver cymbal rings.

Concerts on the piano and violin, the guitar, and the accordion, alternated with the continual clashing of blades from the fencing lessons.

I went once to see Irving do this Macbeth for twenty-five cents, and once I went to a concert and saw a man play the violin for fifteen cents in the gallery.

"Before he had finished speaking, they were hastily retracing their steps to the scene of merriment; and in another moment the sound of the violin was hushed, and the feet of the dancers were still.

It is no fiction; many were eye-witnesses of that remarkable vision, which passed on from the east, and disappeared in the westand, from that evening, the sound of the violin was heard no more in those places, until the end of the Revolution.

"Och violet and vermilion!" said Sir Patrick; "though I never thought of it before, I dare say she will suit me as well as another; but then you must persuade the ould Orpheus to draw out a few notes of rather a more magical description than those he is so fond of scraping on his crazy violin.

The Twelve Apostles led off in a double cotillion, to the moving strains of a violin and horn, the lively jingle of a string of sleigh-bells, and the genial snoring of a tambourine.

On the whole, I should feel more disposed to concur with him who "has been led away by a love of etymology" that the "Cat and Fiddle" is an "anomalous" sign, and that "no two objects in the world have less to do with each other than a cat and a violin," than to adopt the opposite theories of E.D. or his predecessor, unless better supported than they are at present.

But, rising, she crossed the glade, and disappeared behind the willowsreturning, a moment later, with her violin.

In answer to his exclamation of pleased surprise, she said smiling, "I brought my violin because I thought, if you would let me play, the music would perhaps help us both to forget whatwhat happened when I danced.

" With a quick movement, she tucked her violin under her chin and played a few measures of the worst sort of ragtime, in perfect imitation of a popular performer.

" She lifted her violin again, threateningly.

"Did she take gun, basket, rod or violin?

"She took only her violin.

"Oh, no; she wouldn't be going far with her violin.

Later in the evening, Sibylsaying that she would sing Myra to sleeptook her violin to the porch, outside the window; and in the dusk made soft music until the woman's troubled heart was calmed.

On the porch, she again took up her violin as if to play; but, instead, sat motionlessher face turned down the canyonher eyes looking far away.

But neither of the three men mentioned the name of James Rutlidge in the presence of the women; while Sibyl was, apparently, again her own bright and happy selfcarrying on a fanciful play of words with the novelist, singing with the artist, and making music for them all with her violin.

He was sitting before the easel, staring at the blank canvas, when, clear and sweet, from the depths of the orange grove, came the pure tones of Sibyl Andrés' violin.

But every day, as the artist worked, the music of her violin came to him, out of the orange grove, with its message from the hills.

It's the girl with the violin, I suppose.

Untitled drawing depicting Violin lesson.

A Book of violin quartets for four violins or violin choir.

A Book of violin quartets for four violins or violin choir.

First off, though, is a violin solo bybyoh, I forget his name,and may it be short and sweet!"

974 examples of  violin  in sentences