116 examples of virgin's in sentences

At this the blood the virgin's cheek forsook, A livid paleness spreads o'er all her look; She sees, and trembles at th' approaching ill, Just in the jaws of ruin, and codille.

Just in that instant, anxious Ariel sought The close recesses of the virgin's thought; As on the nosegay in her breast reclined, He watched th' ideas rising in her mind, Sudden he viewed, in spite of all her art, An earthly lover lurking at her heart.

And still, as each repeated pleasure tired, Succeeding sports the mirthful band inspired; The dancing pair that simply sought renown By holding out to tire each other down; The swain mistrustless of his smutted face, While secret laughter tittered round the place; The bashful virgin's side-long looks of love, The matron's glance that would those looks reprove: These were thy charms, sweet village!

As a rule, visitors are not permitted to pass the "Cucurlon" rock, on which the Virgin's statue stands; but if the weather is very fine, the gate is opened to admit of any who are so minded going to the end.

One exquisite little poem from the Latin, "The Virgin's Cradle Hymn," and his version of Schiller's Wallenstein, show Coleridge's remarkable power as a translator.

She is the angel's worship, the virgin's fame, the saint's bliss, and the martyr's crown: she is the king's greatness and his counsel's goodness, his subject's peace and his kingdom's praise: she is the life of learning and the light of law, the honour of trade and the grace of labour.


Notice was given among the Indians that the Virgin's Feast was to be celebrated at Little Crow's village; the time was mentioned, and all who chose to attend were welcome to do so.

Wenona was innocent; and when the Virgin's Feast shall be celebrated in her native village again, how will the maidens tremble as they approach the sacred ring!

The virgin's gone, and I am gone, she's gone, she's gone, and what shall I do?

The Virtuous Villager, or Virgin's Victory: Being The Memoirs of a very Great Lady at the Court of France.

e Puritans in 1644, for refusing to subscribe the Solemn League and Covenant; became a Roman Catholic, and died in 1650 as a canon of the Virgin's Chapel at Loretto.

As he totters toward the door the monk looks after him irresolutely, then turns his eyes to the Virgin's shrine as if to seek counsel.]

So Schiller makes her supernatural power dependby the Virgin's express commandon her renunciation of the love of man.

Virgin's holiday, by Anthony Scott, pseud.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

[Footnote 1: Virgin's blue.]

Her sister Tomasa, who was married to the "Virgin's Blue," and was the mother of a numerous family which occupied nearly the half of the upper cloister, talked a great deal about the intelligence of her little nephew, when he could hardly speak, and about the infantile unction with which he gazed at the images.

The most elegant compliment that was paid to Addison, is of this obscure and perishable kind; When panting Virtue her last efforts made, You brought your Clio to the virgin's aid.

On each side of the court were two large scaffolds for the Virgin's tradespeople.

Next year, on the said day and hour, Bianchon, who had already ceased to be Desplein's house surgeon, saw the great man's cab standing at the corner of the Rue de Tournon and the Rue du Petit-Lion, whence his friend jesuitically crept along by the wall of Saint-Sulpice, and once more attended mass in front of the Virgin's altar.

UPRIGHT VIRGIN'S BOWER.The whole plant is extremely acrid.

Some lie at the Virgin's feetofferings from those who have nothing else to give.

116 examples of  virgin's  in sentences