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116 examples of  virgin's  in sentences

116 examples of virgin's in sentences

Sometimes, in shape of a snow-white fowl, he gave voice to sounds sweeter than those of the dying swan, and anon, changing to a young bull and fitting horns to his brow, he bellowed along the plains, and humbled his proud flanks to the touch of a virgin's knees, and, compelling his tired hoofs to do the office of oars, he breasted the waves of his brother's kingdom, yet sank not in its depths, but joyously bore away his prize.

Accordingly, in Italian art, a vase of lilies stands by the Virgin's side, with three flowers crowning three green stems.

A German tradition makes the common fern (Polypodium vulgare) to have sprung from the Virgin's milk.

Thus, there is "Our Lady's tresses," and a popular name for the maiden-hair fern and quaking-grass is "Virgin's hair."

But these words had been no sooner uttered than the branch of the cherry-tree inclined itself of its own accord to the Virgin's hand.

The flowers appropriate to the "Visitation of Our Lady" were, in addition to the lily, roses red and white, while to the "Feast of Assumption" is assigned the "Virgin's bower," "worthy to be so called," writes Gerarde, "by reason of the goodly shadow which the branches make with their thick bushing and climbing, as also for the beauty of the flowers, and the pleasant scent and savour of the same.

The angel then departed, but the palm-branch shed a light from every leaf, and the apostles, although scattered in different parts of the world, were miraculously caught up and set down at the Virgin's door.

Unless importance is to be attached to the consideration that May is the Virgin's month.

At this the blood the virgin's cheek forsook, A livid paleness spreads o'er all her look; She sees, and trembles at th' approaching ill, Just in the jaws of ruin, and codille.

Just in that instant, anxious Ariel sought The close recesses of the virgin's thought; As on the nosegay in her breast reclined, He watched th' ideas rising in her mind, Sudden he viewed, in spite of all her art, An earthly lover lurking at her heart.

Or if you rather choose the rural shade, And find a fane in every sacred grove, There let the shepherd's lute, the virgin's lay, The prompting seraph, and the poet's lyre, Still sing the God of Seasons as they roll.

And still, as each repeated pleasure tired, Succeeding sports the mirthful band inspired; The dancing pair that simply sought renown By holding out to tire each other down; The swain mistrustless of his smutted face, While secret laughter tittered round the place; The bashful virgin's side-long looks of love, The matron's glance that would those looks reprove: These were thy charms, sweet village!

For as the Wise Men did in old time trace The Holy Child by this same guiding star, So I know well that by the Virgin's grace, I too by it shall come unto the place Where my sweet babe and its nurse-angels are.

Whose mansion heaven, yet lay within a manger; Who gave all food, yet sucked a virgin's breast; Who could have killed, yet fled a threatening danger; Who sought all quiet by his own unrest; Who died for them that highly did offend him, And lives for them that cannot comprehend him.

I'm a Catholic right sincere, But somehow or other I cannot see Why they put up the Virgin's statue here

As a rule, visitors are not permitted to pass the "Cucurlon" rock, on which the Virgin's statue stands; but if the weather is very fine, the gate is opened to admit of any who are so minded going to the end.

And the devil said nothing would satisfy him but the blood of a virgin's son, so he got that, and then the gates of Hell were opened."

The other children, however, would have it that she was indeed the Virgin, for she wore the Virgin's colours.

Look at the Virgin's lilies in his hand!

O God, if Orpheus' voice were mine, to sing To Death's high Virgin and the Virgin's King, Till their hearts failed them, down would I my path Cleave, and naught stay me, not the Hound of Wrath, Not the grey oarsman of the ghostly tide, Till back to sunlight I had borne my bride.

He made his courtship, he confessed his pain, 60 And offered force when all his arts were vain; Swift he pursued: I ran along the strand, Till, spent and wearied on the sinking sand, I shrieked aloud, with cries I filled the air To gods and men; nor god nor man was there: A virgin goddess heard a virgin's prayer.

To make the work more sure, a scene she drew, And placed before the dreaming virgin's view Her sister's marriage, and her glorious fate: The imaginary bride appears in state; The bridegroom with unwonted beauty glows, For Envy magnifies whate'er she shows.

"Here is this bepraised couplet: "When panting virtue her last efforts made, You brought your Clio to the virgin's aid.

One exquisite little poem from the Latin, "The Virgin's Cradle Hymn," and his version of Schiller's Wallenstein, show Coleridge's remarkable power as a translator.

She is the angel's worship, the virgin's fame, the saint's bliss, and the martyr's crown: she is the king's greatness and his counsel's goodness, his subject's peace and his kingdom's praise: she is the life of learning and the light of law, the honour of trade and the grace of labour.

Nay, even more than any true king would have done: for, in Southey's version of the story, the Dauphin says, by way of trying the virgin's magnetic sympathy with royalty, "on the throne, I

This picture is far too hot throughout, and would indeed be almost displeasing but for the irradiation of the Virgin's face.

The painting of the Virgin's head-dress is again marvellous.

Indeed, there is no more beautiful light in any picture we shall see, and the Virgin's melancholy face is inexpressibly sweet.



Listen to my words, Red Cloud; the Virgin's Feast is soon to be celebrated, and she will enter the ring for the last time.

But the Virgin's Feast has reference to the women alone; its object is not to celebrate the deeds of the warrior, but rather to put to the test the virtue of the maiden.

Notice was given among the Indians that the Virgin's Feast was to be celebrated at Little Crow's village; the time was mentioned, and all who chose to attend were welcome to do so.

Wenona was innocent; and when the Virgin's Feast shall be celebrated in her native village again, how will the maidens tremble as they approach the sacred ring!

The Deer-killer told all at the Virgin's feast.

I believe she has no heart since the Virgin's feast; sometimes she laughs so loud that we can hear her from our teepee, and then she bends her head and weeps.

Turning her weary steps homeward, she arrived there when the maidens of the village were preparing to celebrate the Virgin's Feast.

The virgin's gone, and I am gone, she's gone, she's gone, and what shall I do?

Or if I shall see a monk or a friar climb up a ladder at midnight into a virgin's or widow's chamber window, I shall hardly think he then goes to administer the sacraments, or to take her confession.

[i]Others, with softer smiles, and subtler art, Can sap the principles, or taint the heart; With more address a lover's note convey, Or bribe a virgin's innocence away.

[In her pale countenance is blent The majesty of high intent With meekness by devotion lent, And when she bends in prayer Before the Virgin's awful shrine, The rapt enthusiast might deem The seraph of his brightest dream, Were meekly kneeling there.]

See Cladrastis, Virgin's Bower, Vitex Agnas-castus, Vitis heterophylla humulifolia, Wayfaring tree, Weigelia.

A notice at the end of the first volume of "The Virtuous Villager, or Virgin's Victory," as her work was called, advertised "new books sold by Eliza Haywood, Publisher, at the Sign of Fame in Covent Garden."

The Virtuous Villager, or Virgin's Victory: Being The Memoirs of a very Great Lady at the Court of France.

and beautifully high, Extends its Branches to the Sky; So does my Love the Virgin's Eyes invite: 'Tis he alone can fix their wand'ring Sight,

The Child is crowned and rests upon the Virgin's knee; she does not touch him with her hands.

This is in accordance with the early Christian sentiment, which dwells upon the kingship of the Child as distinguished from the later mediaeval feeling, which rests without fear upon the Virgin's maternal love and makes her clasp the Infant fondly to her breast.

Thank God, that one was born at this same hour, Who did our work for us: we'll talk of Him: We shall go mad with thinking of ourselves We'll talk of Him, and of that new-made star, Which, as he stooped into the Virgin's side, From off His finger, like a signet-gem, He dropped in the empyrean for a sign.

In front of the Virgin's shrine was a prie dieu at which a woman was kneeling, but she presently rose and went out, and the girl sat there alone.

764. Not faster in the summer's ray The spring's frail beauty fades away, Than anguish and decay consume The smiling virgin's rosy bloom.

But what a miracle that would be, and how the Virgin's heart would gladden thereat, and jubilate over her restored heart-dying children, even as the widowed mother did over her one dying babe!

Looking down the cañon you see the old King's Garden, the pool of Siloam, the Virgin's Well, and, farther down, some poor houses where the lepers live.

"The 's cannot be a contraction of his, because 's is put to female [feminine] nouns; as, Woman's beauty, the Virgin's delicacy."Dr.

e Puritans in 1644, for refusing to subscribe the Solemn League and Covenant; became a Roman Catholic, and died in 1650 as a canon of the Virgin's Chapel at Loretto.

Thou King of Glory, Christ, of the Most High, Thou co-eternal filial Deity; Thou who, to save the world's impending doom, Vouchsafst to dwell within a virgin's womb; Old tyrant Death disarmed, before thee flew The bolts of heaven, and back the foldings drew, To give access, and make thy faithful way; From God's right hand thy filial beams display.

At first, not aware of another's presence, he kneels before the Virgin's shrine, and mutters a short prayer in Latin.

As he totters toward the door the monk looks after him irresolutely, then turns his eyes to the Virgin's shrine as if to seek counsel.]

[As he speaks, a miraculous radiance fills the room; AHASUERUS slowly sinks down upon the floor, ever gazing heavenward in mute adoration, while the monk falls before the Virgin's shrine in prayer.

So Schiller makes her supernatural power dependby the Virgin's express commandon her renunciation of the love of man.

The Water Gate probably led down to the Virgin's Fount, and the Horse Gate further to the north opened directly from the Kidron Valley to the public buildings that occupied the site of Solomon's palace immediately to the south of the temple.

A VIRGIN'S SACRIFICE, a photoplay in five reels by the Vitagraph Company of America.

A virgin's sacrifice.

Virgin's holiday, by Anthony Scott, pseud.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

A virgin's sacrifice.

Virgin's holiday, by Anthony Scott, pseud.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

The virgin's brand.

By day we visited the shrines of Jerusalem, the Virgin's tomb, the Mount of Olives, the Praetorium, Pilate's house, the dungeon where Jesus was put in the stocks.

and beautifully high, Extends its Branches to the Sky; So does my Love the Virgin's Eyes invite: 'Tis he alone can fix their wand'ring Sight,

[Footnote 1: Virgin's blue.]

"Virgin's blue" considered the Cathedral as his own peculiar property, and he often came very near turning out those who inspired him with any antipathy.

For this reason when Eusebio the 'Virgin's Blue,' asked me if you could possibly be the Luna of whom he read in the papers, I replied that my brother was in America, that I heard from him now and again, but that he was occupied with a big businessyou see what pain!

Her sister Tomasa, who was married to the "Virgin's Blue," and was the mother of a numerous family which occupied nearly the half of the upper cloister, talked a great deal about the intelligence of her little nephew, when he could hardly speak, and about the infantile unction with which he gazed at the images.

He often walked in the cloister, hoping for an opportunity to talk with Leocadia, the beautiful daughter of the Virgin's sacristan.

The grandmother had gone down into the garden, and "Virgin's Blue" would not be long in going out and leaving the coast clear, as if the matter in no way concerned him.

The Virgin's feast day arrived; the festival was the same as in other years.

Now we shall see what account you can give of the Virgin's jewels, thief!"

The draperies, however, have a certain amplitude; "and the character of a few accessories, for example, the crown on the Virgin's heads instead of the invariable Byzantine veil, betrays," says Kugler, "a northern and probably a Frankish influence."

In this picture, nothing can exceed the gorgeous splendor of the Virgin's throne and apparel: she wears a jewelled crown; the Child a coronal of pearls; while the background is composed entirely of the mystical roses twined in a sort of treillage.

The most elegant compliment that was paid to Addison, is of this obscure and perishable kind; When panting Virtue her last efforts made, You brought your Clio to the virgin's aid.

On each side of the court were two large scaffolds for the Virgin's tradespeople.

"For the Holy Virgin's sake, little maid, put the Red Axe down!"

"He has certainly not come here to clear up the question of the Virgin's delivery," said Bianchon to himself, astonished beyond measure.

Next year, on the said day and hour, Bianchon, who had already ceased to be Desplein's house surgeon, saw the great man's cab standing at the corner of the Rue de Tournon and the Rue du Petit-Lion, whence his friend jesuitically crept along by the wall of Saint-Sulpice, and once more attended mass in front of the Virgin's altar.

It is sometimes confounded with the Virgin's Fount, called by the Arabs the Mother of Steps, because there are twenty-seven steps leading down to it, and the descent is very steep.

Let such as deem it glory to destroy, Rush into blood, the sack of cities seek; Unpierced, exulting in the widow's wail, The virgin's shriek and infant's trembling cry.

The VIRGIN'S BOWER, Clematis, finds some indigenous representatives in this country, although unnamed in the native language; the odour however is rather too powerful, and of some kinds even offensive, except immediately after a shower of rain.

The virgin's part, the mother, and the wife, So well she acted in this span of life, That though few years (too flew, alas!)

Amidst the storm His bounty did exceed, In the rich promise of the Virgin's seed; Though justice death, as satisfaction, craves, Love finds a way to pluck us from our graves.

Chiefly when this stupendous pile was raised, 110 Strange noises filled the air; we, all amazed, Despatch Eurypylus t'inquire our fates, Who thus the sentence of the gods relates: "A virgin's slaughter did the storm appease, When first t'wards Troy the Grecians took the seas; Their safe retreat another Grecian's blood 116 Must purchase."

UPRIGHT VIRGIN'S BOWER.The whole plant is extremely acrid.

c. Evergreen Virgin's Bower b.l.

Some lie at the Virgin's feetofferings from those who have nothing else to give.