135 examples of vociferated in sentences

Thinkin I was on the rong side of him, I undertook to pass into the middle of the road, when he vociferated in louder tones: "Pass!" "Well," says I, by this time considerably riled at sich skanderlous treatment at the hands of this goverment, "if you'l stop rammin your bagonet into my hash digester and let me pass, ile be hily tickled.

" "The box!" vociferated Mr. Wyatt, still standing"the box, I say!

He vociferated, and made an impression.

Johnson vociferated "All shallows are clear.

he vociferated as he descended the stairs; 'you have been my ruin.'

Hurrah!" vociferated Legrand, letting the negro go, and executing a series of curvets and caracoles, much to the astonishment of his valet, who, arising from his knees, looked mutely from his master to myself, and then from myself to his master.

" "Vociferated logic kills me quite; A noisy man is always in the right.

Bawn vociferated, "for that it hath brought worry upon us, and shame.

The exclamations and insults of all kinds that were vociferated led me to ascertain that the man they had arrested was the Abbé Deguerry, curé of the Madeleine.

These accusations were all vociferated at once; some of the witnesses stood before Jesus and insulted him while they spoke by derisive gestures, and the archers went so far as even to strike him, saying at the same time, 'Speak; why dost thou not answer?'

"All right!" vociferated the steward.

"All right!" vociferated the steward.

"Toss out the whelp," vociferated Red Robalways forward on such occasions; "and the bch will follow."

"Unloose the band," vociferated Clavers; "make fast your prisoner's hands, and, in the devil's name, let us have done with this drivelling!"

" "Then I won't stay here another minute," vociferated Blaize.

"Dn your aunt!" vociferated Bargrave.

"Now lay on to his back," sternly vociferated the commander"give it to himhardlay on harder."

The inhabitants of the country districts vociferated in one voice: "Uahani! Uahani!" "Faufau!

The Representant became furious, vociferated tout grossierement a la Francaise, [In the vulgar French manner.]

When asked their intentions, they vociferated 'Du pain!

" "Come down below at once, or I'll take you there by the scruff of your neck," vociferated the other.

With much evident reluctance the first man drew a bit to the right, the second vociferated something in a picturesque patois, and just as we passed the third, I leaned forward and grabbed the driver by the collar.

she vociferated as she ran.

I then requested permission to go on board my vessel which was granted, and further requested Nickola should go with me, but was refused by the captain, who vociferated in a harsh manner, "No, No, No."

On seeing him, and learning who he was, the 'prentices began to shout and declaim vehemently against the Spanish ambassador; and instigated by Dick Taverner, who refused to listen either to the entreaties or commands of the young knight, the whole party seized their cudgels, and dispersing themselves in different directions, vociferated as they went"Clubs!

135 examples of  vociferated  in sentences