128 examples of voiceless in sentences

Groaning, he arose and, limping forth of the cave stood in the glory of the moon, voiceless now by reason of his ever-growing terror; conscious only of his passionate desire to find again the youth whose gentle voice had cheered him often in the dark, whose high courage and tender care had never failed.

And, trembling on the tossing ships, The Vikings heard, with voiceless lips And dim, despairing eyes ...

He was quite alone with the stately figure that shone white against the purple draperies and seemed to offer him a voiceless welcome from its marble lips.

For a few moments her lips moved dumbly; and there was something unspeakably awful in those convulsed features, that livid countenance, and those voiceless syllables trembling upon the white dry lips.

The noise was of their wings, for though the birds were beautiful they were voiceless and dumb as flowers.

" To the seven other birds which circled about Him, voiceless, and brushing their wings against His arms, He cried: "Look into my heart.

She raised her head, and their bright, ardent eyes Exchanged the voiceless language of the soul; A joy ineffable diffused its flush O'er both their faces; yet she did not speak, But only clung the closer to her sire, As if in fear to lose her self-control.

And when in after years I stood By INCA-PAH-CHO'S haunted water, Where long ago that hunter woo'd In early youth its island daughter, And traced the voiceless solitude

We saw clouds lying dark along the western horizon, and that voiceless lightnings played in them.

"The wind glanc'd o'er the voiceless sea, The billows kissed the strand

Then a sudden mad fear came upon her, shut up in the dark with this dreadful voiceless thing.

Its deep significance lay in that it was a voice from the voiceless millions.

Many indeed must have been the labor men, who gained a broader outlook upon their own problems and difficulties through listening to such unwearied champions of their all but voiceless sex.

or else submit in voiceless despair.

"I must go hungering through the night, with a voiceless love to torture me.

He clung to him in voiceless distress.

Shortly the desire to hear the Word was so intense, that there would be scarcely any stop day or night; the brethren in turns going, and breaking down from much speaking in the course of three or four days, and coming back to us almost voiceless.

The mind of the reader unites and interprets the letters into continuous thought, though they be voiceless as stones to one another.

On thy voiceless shore The heroic lay is tuneless now The heroic bosom beats no more!

We have read your evil stories, We have heard the tiny yell Through the voiceless conflagration Of your green and shining hell.

Fresh bleed the fiery wounds Through all that agonizing heart undone Still on the voiceless lips "my Father" sounds,

While the poets of the revolution were busily at work, the conservatives were not altogether voiceless; nor were the notes of the romantic lyric silenced.

Towards her, as towards so much else, his mind and heart were stiffened and voiceless.

Phoebe sat voiceless, the telegram on her lap, a kind of scorn trembling on her lip.

A great longing was upon her, a voiceless, indescribable desire, that made within her so deep a restlessness that no outside influence seemed able to touch it.

128 examples of  voiceless  in sentences