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128 examples of  voiceless  in sentences

128 examples of voiceless in sentences

A voiceless prayer went up to Heaven for the child's safety and her own, for already she heard them approaching her door, and made sure her last hour was come.

Groaning, he arose and, limping forth of the cave stood in the glory of the moon, voiceless now by reason of his ever-growing terror; conscious only of his passionate desire to find again the youth whose gentle voice had cheered him often in the dark, whose high courage and tender care had never failed.

and she stood before him voiceless and very still save for the sweet tumult of her bosom.

Thus for quiet we shall assemble such synonyms as (a) calm, still, motionless, placid, tranquil, serene, smooth, unruffled, undisturbed, pacific, stagnant; (b) silent, still, noiseless, mute, hushed, voiceless; (c) secluded, sequestered, solitary, isolated, unfrequented, unvisited, peaceful, untrodden, retired; (d) demure, sedate, staid, reserved, meek, gentle, retiring, unobtrusive, modest, unassuming, timid, shrinking, shy.)

But between the beasts had passed the voiceless pledge of peace.

Only the aspen stood erect and free, Scorning to join the voiceless worship pure, But see!

Thel answered: 'O thou little Virgin of the peaceful valley, Giving to those that cannot crave, the voiceless, the o'er-tired; Thy breath doth nourish the innocent lamb, he smells thy milky garments, He crops thy flowers while thou sittest smiling in his face, Wiping his mild and meekin mouth from all contagious taints.

Most species have well-defined areas of growth, the best index the voiceless land can give the traveler of his whereabouts.

As my own teacher had been my own first love, I knew all that he suffered in voiceless longing for his fair one, throned afar in his languishing gaze.

He was quite alone with the stately figure that shone white against the purple draperies and seemed to offer him a voiceless welcome from its marble lips.

He was the voiceless man of America.

We serve both our own government and a voiceless people within our midst.

I am sorry to say that voiceless Carl ate all his grapes himself; but not a selfish or discontented look could I see on the faces of the others,they all smiled and beamed up at me like suns.

" The society young lady remembers the stories which she has heard her father and uncles tell of that "officer's sore throat," which in 1861 and 1862, caused so many ludicrous incidents among the volunteer soldiery, the energetic rill master of one day being transformed into a voiceless pantomimist by the next, but, like Juliet when she spoke, she says nothing, and now the teacher once more cries, "Turn!"

" Mr. Kidd leaned up against the wall for support; Mr. Brown stood open- mouthed and voiceless.

Sick womanhood awakes and cries, With voiceless wail replete.

This possibility aroused in the old lawyer a grim, voiceless rancor against Cissie.

Childless and crownless, in her voiceless woe; An empty urn within her wither'd hands, Whose holy dust was scattered long ago.

il penseroso [It], melancholia, dismals^, blues, lachrymals^, mumps^, dumps, blue devils, doldrums; vapors, megrims, spleen, horrors, hypochondriasis [Med.], pessimism; la maladie sans maladie [Fr.]; despondency, slough of Despond; disconsolateness &c adj.; hope deferred, blank despondency; voiceless woe.

The mute surrender in the bowed head, the soft sobbing notes that he heard now in the girl's breath, the confession that he read in her voiceless grief set his heart leaping, and again he drew her close into his arms and turned her face up to his own.

Through mistake and misery the throne may be left vacant or voiceless: but what man cometh after the King?

Fancy yourself hemmed in with your direst grief by a drifting sleet in such a voiceless, viewless place as that corpse-like track,the endless, painless track, stretching away in the white mystery, at peace, like all dead things.

"And, lastly, regret and passion are alike hushed in the presence of that voiceless love which shines on the face of the dead and before the eternal and tranquil slumber of the grave.

For a few moments her lips moved dumbly; and there was something unspeakably awful in those convulsed features, that livid countenance, and those voiceless syllables trembling upon the white dry lips.

It was the month of Jaishta (May-June) in Bengal, and the earth languished under the scorching rays of the sun and sent up a voiceless prayer to the Rain God to come soon and refresh the fields and jungles with the welcome "barsat" (rainy season).

On the morrow his van was gone from the alley and the house at Number 37, which had once been the House of Silvery Voices, was voiceless again.

The tall clock in the corner stood voiceless.

"All loves around us: all around is heard, Hard by the warbler's quivering kiss, That voiceless song of flowers, which the lark, by love distracted, to his mate translates.

Once, when he passed near me, I heard him cry out: "Is there no living soul in all this void and voiceless desert?"

The noise was of their wings, for though the birds were beautiful they were voiceless and dumb as flowers.

" To the seven other birds which circled about Him, voiceless, and brushing their wings against His arms, He cried: "Look into my heart.

But he thought also of the beauty of Maria, of the sweetness of her smile, and of the tears of voiceless gratitude which he had seen bedimming the lustre of her bright eyes.

A speck, an atominconsumable Immortal, hopeless, voiceless, powerless!

O voiceless Sphinx!

Poor creatures of a day, In calm disdain thou seest them die away: O voiceless Sphinx!

TO MY DEAD DOG All is noiseless; Cold and voiceless Lies the form I've oft caressed;

no answer; on their hill The murdered Caesars make no sign; Their myriad subjects, too, are still, Mute as the voiceless Palatine; Yet overhead the fixed stars shine, And bid us trust in the Divine!

Within the voiceless empyrean No birds are passing on the breeze; No songster lifts its joyous paean, And silent stand my empty trees;

But here he sank into the steady, voiceless whisper again, the shadow of a sound rather than the reality.

The ancient sepulchres that rose Along the voiceless street Time's myriad vistas seemed to close And bid life's waves retreat, As if intrusive footsteps stole Beyond their mortal sphere, And felt the awed and eager soul Immortal comrades near.

We saw clouds lying dark along the western horizon, and that voiceless lightnings played in them.

The voiceless teacher may instruct his voiceless pupil in the foppery of an art, the spirit of which is unattainable by either; pieces merely scientific are placed by him on her pianoare performed to the credit of both, with vast execution, as far as respects the science and the harmony-but as for the singing, as singing ought to be, 'tis "Worse than the howling of Irish wolves against the moon.

The voiceless teacher may instruct his voiceless pupil in the foppery of an art, the spirit of which is unattainable by either; pieces merely scientific are placed by him on her pianoare performed to the credit of both, with vast execution, as far as respects the science and the harmony-but as for the singing, as singing ought to be, 'tis "Worse than the howling of Irish wolves against the moon.

Love must be For us a hushed delight, a voiceless pain Serenely borne!

He stood voiceless while she looked.

It quickens the heart's beat, whereon it flings Its fervour;the flushed cheek and glowing eye Confess its influence;and the many strings, Voiceless too long in the young heart, reply To the mute promptings of a thousand things Which Spring has conjured up;all, all is hers That Glory without nameshe ministers.

this must be theend and With a last rally of his darkening consciousness, Coquenil called up his mother's face and, looking at it through the eyes of his soul, he spoke to her across the miles, in a wild, voiceless cry: "I did the best I could, little mother, thethe best Icould.

The same quality that enabled him, voiceless though he was, to boost a song to success, was making his plea sound plausible in Terry's ears now.

Then a sudden mad fear came upon her, shut up in the dark with this dreadful voiceless thing.

Many indeed must have been the labor men, who gained a broader outlook upon their own problems and difficulties through listening to such unwearied champions of their all but voiceless sex.

or else submit in voiceless despair.

We desire to plead the cause of the voiceless multitude who occupy our Indian Jails.

The fact that they are voiceless,that they have no means of voicing their claims, their wrongs and their rights (for they, too, have rights), only adds to their danger.

"I must go hungering through the night, with a voiceless love to torture me.

A weary, almost voiceless, man, he had told her nothing.

He clung to him in voiceless distress.

Oh, let me not die young, With all that song unsung, A swift and voiceless fugitive, From darkness coming and in darkness lost, Before thy solemn Pentecost, Dawning within the soul, shall give The burning utterance of its flaming tongue, The boon whereby to other souls we live!

A spirit, almost human, speaks from the desolation, and there is something in the voiceless oracles it utters, that strikes an answering chord in my own breast.

But down in the halls of the voiceless deep, The forms of the brave and the beautiful sleep.

My bosom is but a grave, My breast a voiceless choir Speak not to the echoless cave, Touch not the broken lyre!

The tall man, voiceless with emotion, clasped her hands in his and looked down into the smiling, rapturous face.

There she lay utterly weak and worn, all but voiceless, able only to smile at her husband, who never moved from the bedside day or night.

In brief, what would you like to be, Humplebee?' Under the eye of his master and of the commercial potentate, Humplebee stood voiceless; he gasped once or twice like an expiring fish.

Restrained from this by more than one consideration, she stood voiceless, her bosom heaving.

We are not speaking of seeming irregularities, of lines broken up by rapid dialogue or cut short by the gulp of voiceless passion, nor do we forget that Shakspeare wrote for the tongue and not the eye, but we do not believe he ever left an unmusical period.

In addition to the actual loneliness of the scene, and a silence broken only by the occasional tinkle of sheep-bells, as a flock moves like a fleecy cloud across the grass, is an imaginative loneliness induced by the overwhelming sense of boundless unrecorded time, the "dim-grey-grown ages," of which the mysterious boulders of Stonehenge are the voiceless witnesses.

A moment they remained so while the breathless onlookers expected anything, while from the doorstep the minister's white lips moved in a voiceless prayer; then slowly, lingeringly, the man who had advanced drew back.

IV Here, bathed, Perfection, in thy purest ray, Free from the clogs and taints of clay, Hovers divine the Archetypal Man! Dim as those phantom ghosts of life that gleam And wander voiceless by the Stygian stream, Fair as it stands in fields Elysian, Ere down to Flesh the Immortal doth descend: If doubtful ever in the Actual life Each contesthere a victory crowns the end Of every nobler strife.

his insolent eyes and murmuring, voiceless lips seemed to be saying.

Like those dim phantom ghosts of life that gleam And wander voiceless by the Stygian stream, While yet they stand in fields Elysian, Ere to the flesh the Immortal ones descend If doubtful ever in the Actual life, Each contesthere a victory crowns the end Of every nobler strife. 5 Not from the strife itself to set thee free, But more to nervedoth

The thunder rolled over voiceless chambers; and the lights had been put out within the windows, on whose multitudinous small panes the lightning glared.

Shortly the desire to hear the Word was so intense, that there would be scarcely any stop day or night; the brethren in turns going, and breaking down from much speaking in the course of three or four days, and coming back to us almost voiceless.

As they rode into the city he looked questioningly at Willet, and the hunter, understanding the voiceless query, smiled.

"Berkley, do you know me?" His lips twitched a voiceless affirmative.

The mind of the reader unites and interprets the letters into continuous thought, though they be voiceless as stones to one another.

On thy voiceless shore The heroic lay is tuneless now The heroic bosom beats no more!

Thence they started homewards across the Cumberland Mountains, and suffered terribly while making their way through the "desolate and voiceless solitudes"; mere wastes of cliffs, crags, caverns, and steep hillsides covered with pine, laurel, and underbrush.

We speak for millions who are voiceless.

" We are many: I speak for thousands who are voiceless.

No voiceless sorrow grieved her mind, No memory her bosom stirred, Nor dreamed she, as she read to two, 'Twas surely three who heard.

Strip me of what in voiceless thought Life's kept of life, unhoped, unsought!

The twilight rain shone at its gates, Where long-leaved grass in shadow grew; And black in silence to her mates A voiceless raven flew.

We have read your evil stories, We have heard the tiny yell Through the voiceless conflagration Of your green and shining hell.

Her heart was beating as if it would break; she was voiceless.

Against the door, an octave of tubular chimes, prisms of voiceless harmony and of heatless light.

The light of spiritbeauty To fill with airy shapes divine Thy lonely plains and mountains, The orange grove, the bower of vine, The silvery lakes and fountains; To wake the voiceless, silent air To soft, melodious numbers; To raise thy lifeless form so fair From those deep, spell-bound slumbers.

My dazzled sight he oft deceives, A Brother of the dancing leaves; Then flits, and from the cottage-eaves 35 Pours forth his song in gushes; As if by that exulting strain He mocked and treated with disdain The voiceless Form he chose to feign, While fluttering in the bushes.

The voiceless Form he chose to feign, 1820.]

He came back in a state of voiceless gloom, and spent the rest of a beautiful day indoors, smoking a pipe which had lost much of its flavour, and regarding with a critical and anxious eye the small, weedy figure of his wife as she went about her work.

It fell softly, silently, without a breath of air to stir it; a smothering, voiceless sea of white, impenetrable to human vision, so thick that it seemed as though it might stifle one's breath.

To have found the origin of life, though only in a voiceless creature,a reptile,was not that an unheard-of victory?

He seemed in his voiceless way to say that he, too, had been castigated by a million invisible thongs held in dead men's hands, and that his soul, like his child's body, was hideous with welts.

Fresh bleed the fiery wounds Through all that agonizing heart undone Still on the voiceless lips "my Father" sounds,

The impulse to pray came to her, but the prayer that went up from her trembling heart was voiceless and wordless.

she said, in a voiceless whisper.

Silence touched me here No less than sound had done before; the child Of Summer, lingering, shining, by herself, The voiceless worm on the unfrequented hills, Seemed sent on the same errand with the choir 40 Of Winter that had warbled at my door, And the whole year breathed tenderness and love.

While the wild north hills are reddening In the sunset's fiery glow, And along the dreary moorlands, Shine the stormy drifts of snow, Sit I in my voiceless chamber From the household ones apart, And again is Memory lighting The pale ruins of my heart.

As if thou hadst come from the shoreless main Of a world submerged to the ark again, With a weary heart to lament and brood O'er the wide and voiceless solitude.

In the cracks of the marble floors, in the crannies of the walls, springing from beneath the broken statue, voiceless yet persistent, grow scarlet poppiesthe sleep flowers of the world, yielding to this yellowing Temple of Mysteries the quieting influence of their presence.

A voiceless dialogue!