13 examples of volplanes in sentences

We were trying to volplane across a forest in the distance when suddenly I felt the machine give a jump.

He was kind enough to compliment Frank on the way he made that corkscrew climb; and also on his volplane drop; said we had both of them down pretty fine; and he did hint at our having a chance to go in with his company; but of course we couldn't think of that.

They had learned how to volplane earthward from a dizzy height with absolute safety, when conditions were just right, and necessity required a quick descent.

But both boys knew differently, and that this was only a volplane, adopted by experienced and rash aviators as a means of reaching the lower air currents more rapidly than by slow spirals; or else undertaken when having engine trouble that threatens destruction.

We never volplaned as easy as that in our lives, and that's a fact.

"If the motors go back on us we'll be in a bad fix; and volplaning to the ground isn't always as easy as it's pictured, especially when you've no choice of a landing.

So they volplaned slowly downward, every eye strained for a safe landing-place.

In graceful volplanes the aëroplanes lit in the field like an alighting flight of carrier pigeons.

The maneuver was that of volplaning, and has been performed successfully by several aviators whose engines have suddenly ceased to work while in mid-air.

Though their engines are put out of commission, and frequently though the man be wounded, they are able to volplane back to the cover of their own lines.

" "I volplaned in.

Others in long slants volplaned toward the hidden sea, miles below the cloud-plain.

The jackals knew, though, and the skulking hyenas, already sneaking in the nullahs; and so did the rion and the yellow ukab-birdscarrion-fowl, bothwhich already from the farthest blue, had begun to wheel and volplane toward the coast.

13 examples of  volplanes  in sentences