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11269 examples of  volumes  in sentences

11269 examples of volumes in sentences

"The whole affair, then, of religion and morality, the subject of so many thousand volumes, is, in short, no more than this: the supreme being, infinitely good, as well as powerful, desirous to diffuse happiness by all possible means, has created innumerable ranks and orders of beings, all subservient to each other by proper subordination.

This book might, more properly, have been entitled by the author, a diary than a history, as it proceeds regularly from day to day, so minutely, as to number over the members present at each committee, and so slowly, that two large volumes contain only the transactions of the eleven first years from the institution of the society.

These volumes consist of an exact journal of the society; of some papers delivered to them, which, though registered and preserved, had been never printed; and of short memoirs of the more eminent members, inserted at the end of the year in which each died.

These Voyages, (pointing to the three large volumes of Voyages to the South Sea, which were just come out) who will read them through?

Two very valuable articles, I am sure, we have lost, which were two quarto volumes, containing a full, fair, and most particular account of his own life, from his earliest recollection.

It had come into my mind to carry off those two volumes, and never see him more.

Two volumes of them, published since his death, are sufficiently ascertained; see vol. iii.

Yet so late as 1824 his collected Works were published in seven octavo volumes.

One of these volumes, Sir John Hawkins informs us, he put into his pocket; for which the excuse he states is, that he meant to preserve it from falling into the hands of a person whom he describes so as to make it sufficiently clear who is meant; 'having strong reasons (said he,) to suspect that this man might find and make an ill use of the book.'

This consisted of a copy of the Revised Statutes, a directory of Cincinnati, Ohio, for the year 1867, and two volumes of Patent Office reports.

It speaks volumes.

" She put her pretty arm round my waist, and leaning on her I walked across the room, out into a corridor, through a tiny "bookroom" where odd volumes and old magazines are kept, into Lord Mountstuart's study.

This poem received scant notice from the reviewers, who had pounced like hawks on a dovecote upon Tennyson's first two modest volumes.

Such volumes as Fifine at the Fair, Red Cotton Night-Cap Country, The Inn Album, Jocoseria, and many others, show how Browning gains steadily in the power of revealing the hidden springs of human action; but he often rambles most tiresomely, and in general his work loses in sustained interest.

Her last two volumes were Poems before Congress (1860), and Last Poems, published after her death.

(3) The printed "Papers by G.B. Airy" are bound in 14 large quarto volumes.

I pray, in all the volumes Your learning has perusd, did you ere find Any conclusion that allowd it lawfull To breake an oath? Lov.

If it wasn't for you" IV That night Hilda, in her small bedroom at the top of the house, was listlessly arranging, at the back of the dressing-table, the few volumes which had clung to her, or to which she had clung, throughout the convulsive disturbances following her mother's death.

The mornings, however, were devoted to work, for it was now that M. Zola started on his novel, 'Fecondite,' the first of a series of four volumes, which will be, he considers, his literary testament.

The first volume was printed in 8vo, at Cologne, 1598; from which year, to about 1605, it was published annually; and from thence to the time of its conclusion, which is uncertain, it appeared in half-yearly volumes.


But what do I meddle with this great controversy, which is the subject of many volumes?

[Footnote 1: In one of the volumes of this work used by the Editor for ascertaining the references, the following note is written by a former owner.

The rattle of the tom-toms and rumble of the drums, mingled with the hoarse shouts and cries of the beaters, the fiery rush of sputtering flame, and the loud report as each bomb burst, with the huge volumes of blinding smoke, and the scent of gunpowder that came on the breeze, told us that the bombs were doing their work.

It hissed and sputtered, and the smoke came curling over the reeds in dense volumes.

but, if we remember rightly, that useful book is not in as many volumes as the Catalogue of the British Museum is to be, and the examples there given must necessarily be denied so sea-serpentine a voluminousness.

At one end of the tool-shelf was a small collection of books, a dozen or so shabby volumes, though these were far from constituting Mr. Tipping's complete library.

An immense mass of snow-white smoke had burst up from the crater and was rising perpendicularly into the air, its rounded volumes rapidly whirling one over the other, yet urged with such impetus that they only rolled outwards after they had ascended to an immense height.

Among O. Henry's best volumes of short stories are: The Four Million (1909), Options (1909), Roads of Destiny (1909), The Trimmed Lamp (1910), Strictly Business: More Stories of the Four Million (1910), Whirligigs (1910), and Sixes and Sevens (1911).

Her best short stories do not seem to have been collected in volumes as yet, although she has had several notable long works of fiction published, such as The Power and the Glory (1910), and several good juveniles.

[Footnote 5: "The Works of Bret Harte," twenty volumes.

The premises had been thoroughly reconnoitred by Sparky, who, a few days before the time fixed for the burglary, had visited my house in the capacity of an agent of a telescopic bookcase, which could be extended as new volumes were required, therefore need never exhibit empty shelves.

As a birthday present, say for an appreciative niece, I can think of few volumes whose welcome would be better assured.

All the family were fond of books, and the small store of volumes, mostly of old Scotch divinity, in the little bookcase at Dunglass was well thumbed.

Those issued in the early part of the year have gradually descended from the rank of new publications, and may be found on every quay, spread out, for a few centimes, side by side with old weather-beaten books, odd volumes, refuse of libraries, which book-lovers daily finger through in the hope of finding some pearl, some rarity, in the worthless mass.

The expectations raised by the title of Dr. Prior's volumes are in a great measure disappointed by their contents.

Twelve Volumes.

In these he indulged from his thirteenth year, periodically writing, and as judgment ripened, destroying volumes of manuscripts, while at the same time he evinced uncommon diligence at his books and studies.

His company conduct-sheet runs into volumes, and in peace-time they fix a special peg outside the orderly-room for him to hang his cap on.

I grant itit is a defence that speaks volumes for your feelings as a son.

Bishop Middleton, on the other hand, in those pleasant and comprehensive volumes which are still to this day the great storehouse of materials for Cicero's biography, is as blind to his faults as though he were himself delivering a panegyric in the Rostra at Rome.

Tiro is said to have collected and published three volumes of his master's good things after his death; but if they were not better than those which have come down to us, as contained in his other writings, there has been no great loss to literature in Tiro's 'Ciceroniana'.

Something like eight hundred of his letters still remain to us, and there were whole volumes of them long preserved which are now lost, to say nothing of the very many which may never have been thought worth preserving.

Of the historians of our Revolution, he preferred Ramsay, who had, as he said, put everything into his two volumes, and abridged as well as Eutropius.

Up to the present time, the publication of the Philosophical Works is complete in five volumes, and the first volume of the Literary Works has just appeared.

The sixth volume of the edition before us contains, beside the "Essays," the "History of King Henry VII.," with other fragmentary histories, and the "De Sapienda Veterum," with a translation, which, like the translations of the principal philosophical works in previous volumes, is executed with admirable spirit and appropriateness.

Mr. Spedding proposes, in the forthcoming volumes of the Occasional Works of Lord Bacon, to connect his speeches and letters with an explanatory narrative,thus presenting, he says, "a biography the most copious, the most minute, and, by the very necessity of the case, the fairest that I can produce."

So necessary was it for his purpose that the latter should precede him in a pathway so obscure, that he postponed the composition of a portion of his work until the publication of the first two volumes of the "History of Philip the Second," then in preparation, should supply him with the requisite light.

At enormous expense they have gathered volumes of authorities; will they readily admit them to be cheats and counterfeits?

He himself died in 1628, bequeathing to the royal library three hundred and forty manuscript volumes, known as the Manuscripts of Brienne.

To deny that each of the Italian centres had its own strong personality in artthat painting, as practised in Genoa or Naples, differed from the painting of Ferrara or Urbinowould be to contradict a law that has been over and over again insisted upon already in these volumes.

I need it for the concrete illustration of much that has been said in this and the preceding volumes of my work.

Whether the spectres were projected by the conjurer from a magic lantern on the smoke that issued from his heaps of blazing wood, so that the volumes of vapour, agitated by the wind and rolling in thick spirals, showed them retreating and advancing, and varying in shape and number, is a matter for conjecture.

"The first draft sale of the Gloucestershire Old Spots speaks volumes for the black and white pig.. ..

More than once Genevra had caught her watching Deppingham with eyes that spoke volumes, though they were mute and wistful.

One thing we shall ever maintain, and that in the face of all who may be disposed to underrate the value of our labours, which is this:there is not a word in these volumes which we now lay before the reader, as grave matter of fact, that is not entitled to the most implicit credit.

The reader may next wish to know why the wonderful events related in these volumes have so long been hidden from the world.

When asked (Talfourd's version of the story says by Dr. Parr) how he was able to emit such volumes of smoke, he replied, "I toiled after it, sir, as some men toil after virtue;" and Macready records having heard Lamb express the wish to draw his last breath through a pipe and exhale it in a pun.

So much occasional criticism has been scattered in various places through these volumes, that, while attempting the consideration of one or two of his distinguishing and pre-eminent compositions, which have been intentionally reserved to illustrate a few pages of general criticism, I feel myself free from the difficult, and almost contradictory task, of drawing my maxims and examples from the extended course of his literary career.

Let the work of another century pass, and certainly nothing but these little brown volumes would be left, so many caskets full of passion and tenderness, disappointed ambition, fruitless hope, self-torturing envy, conceit aware, in maddening lucid moments, of its own folly.

Indeed, the best of volumes may, in my estimation, be destroyed as a possession by a binding so sumptuous that no fingers dare to open it for perusal.

But I shall select from among my volumes some which seem less known in detail to modern readers than they should be, and I shall give brief "retrospective reviews" of these as though they were new discoveries.

As this Newbery was the son of Smart's half-brother-in-law and literary employer, it may be taken for granted that the information given in these volumes is authoritative.

The number of the rolls or volumes was said to be seven hundred thousand; and when we consider that each one was written with great care, in beautiful characters, with a pen, and at a vast expense, it is not surprising that the collection was the admiration of the world.

Some of these volumes or rolls, which were very ancient and of great authority, were preserved in the temples at Rome, under the charge of a board of guardians, who were to keep them with the utmost care, and to consult them on great occasions, in order to discover beforehand what would be the result of public measures or great enterprises which were in contemplation.

He has published several volumes of sermons.

The complete text of the biblical writings of the post-exilic period are found in Volumes II to VI of the Student's Old Testament.

The introduction, as well as the critical notes, in the brief yet scholarly volumes of the New Century Bible are exceedingly useful for the general reader.

More fundamental are the volumes in the International Critical Commentary.

II GENERAL QUESTIONS AND SUBJECTS FOR SPECIAL RESEARCH The General Questions, as in the preceding volumes, follow the main divisions of the book, and are intended to guide the student in collecting and co-ordinating the more important facts presented in the biblical text or in the notes.

More detailed classified bibliographies will be found in the appendices of Volumes II-VI of the author's Student's Old Testament.

After about five minutes searchfrom wall maps to bound volumes of blocks and back again it appeared that "Wade Street" more frequently known as "Washington Street" meanders wanderingly from Silver Street, in the colored section out to the "Gorge addition" inhabited by low economic level whites.

We may forget that Joe was quite a politician in his prime, we are even loth to recall that there was ever such a play as "Cato," but so long as the English language has power to charm, the dear old volumes of the Spectator will stand out as a delightful landmark of that literature which forms the heritage of American and Briton alike.

Volumes on volumes of itwhole libraries of it.

Volumes on volumes of itwhole libraries of it.

The principal institutions are, the Franklin library, which contains upwards of 20,000 volumes.

292; gives him his Western Islands, ii. 290; four volumes of the Lives, iii. 372, n. 3; interview with, ii. 33; account of it, ii. 42; iii. 32; v. 125, n. 1; second interview, ii. 42, n. 2; pension, i. 372; v. 379; proposed addition to it, iv.

STOCKDALE, Rev. Percival, account of him, ii. 113, n. 2; Johnson's defence of drunkenness, ii. 435, n. 7; on dictionary-making, ii. 203, n. 3; on expectations, i. 337, n. 1; Works, edits two volumes of, i. 190, n. 4; 335, n. 3; Remonstrance, The, ii. 113; Russia, offered a post in, iv.

As seen from its Colonial waterway, the Historic River James By Frank and Cortelle Hutchins $5.00 A number of additional volumes are in preparation, including Maine, Utah, Georgia, The Great Lakes, Louisiana, etc., and the "See America First" Series will eventually include the whole of the North American Continent.

1938 supplement for volumes 1-10.

Collective volumes.

American jurisprudence cumulative supplement for volumes 1-55 and index to 1947 cumulative supplement.

1947 suppl., covering volumes 1-4, 4A-11 & general index.

American jurisprudence cumulative supplement for volumes 1-55.

Idaho code, 1947, containing the general laws of Idaho annotated, in twelve volumes.

Idaho code, 1947, containing the general laws of Idaho annotated, in twelve volumes.

Permanent digest of American law reports annotated; covering volumes 1-175 ALR.

American jurisprudence cumulative supplement to volumes 1-58 and index to the 1949 cumulative supplement.

Permanent digest of American law reports annotated; covering volumes 1-175 ALR.

Permanent digest of American law reports annotated; covering volumes 1-175 ALR.

Permanent digest of American law reports annotated; covering volumes 1-175 ALR.

Federal code annotatedgeneral index, in two volumes, index A-L, index M-Z. ยฉ 6Dec49; A38968.

The World book encyclopedia; consisting of 18 volumes & reading & study guide volume.

" Among his papers are preserved long and detailed notes laboriously taken from such works as Tull's Horse-Hoeing Husbandry, Duhamel's A Practical Treatise of Husbandry, The Farmer's Compleat Guide, Home's The Gentleman Farmer, and volumes of Young's Annals of Agriculture.

The transcript makes thirty-seven large volumes.

Judge Washington failed to appreciate fully the seriousness of the obligation thus incurred and instead of safeguarding the papers with the utmost jealousy gave many, including volumes of the diary, to visitors and friends who expressed a desire to possess mementoes of the illustrious patriot.

[The elegantly embellished volumes by Mrs. Jamieson, with the above attractive title, present the prettiest code of ladye-philosophy we have ever witnessed on paper.

Venetia loved her book; indeed, she was never happier than when reading; but she soon recoiled from the gilt and Lilliputian volumes of the good Mr. Newbury, and her mind required some more substantial excitement than 'Tom Thumb,' or even 'Goody Two-Shoes.'

At the same time, a kind of sumptuous luxuriance, a predilection for greens and oranges in brilliant juxtaposition, a delight in natural profusion and the use of recessions, shading and round volumes give each picture a distinctive aura.

I could write volumes upon Irving as an actor, but to write of him as a man, and as a very great Artist, I should require more time than is still allotted to me of man's brief span of life and far, far more power than that which was given to those who wrote of him in a hurry during his lifetime....