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Those issued in the early part of the year have gradually descended from the rank of new publications, and may be found on every quay, spread out, for a few centimes, side by side with old weather-beaten books, odd volumes, refuse of libraries, which book-lovers daily finger through in the hope of finding some pearl, some rarity, in the worthless mass.

The expectations raised by the title of Dr. Prior's volumes are in a great measure disappointed by their contents.

Twelve Volumes.

In these he indulged from his thirteenth year, periodically writing, and as judgment ripened, destroying volumes of manuscripts, while at the same time he evinced uncommon diligence at his books and studies.

He himself died in 1628, bequeathing to the royal library three hundred and forty manuscript volumes, known as the Manuscripts of Brienne.

To deny that each of the Italian centres had its own strong personality in artthat painting, as practised in Genoa or Naples, differed from the painting of Ferrara or Urbinowould be to contradict a law that has been over and over again insisted upon already in these volumes.

"The first draft sale of the Gloucestershire Old Spots speaks volumes for the black and white pig.. ..

More than once Genevra had caught her watching Deppingham with eyes that spoke volumes, though they were mute and wistful.

One thing we shall ever maintain, and that in the face of all who may be disposed to underrate the value of our labours, which is this:there is not a word in these volumes which we now lay before the reader, as grave matter of fact, that is not entitled to the most implicit credit.

The reader may next wish to know why the wonderful events related in these volumes have so long been hidden from the world.

When asked (Talfourd's version of the story says by Dr. Parr) how he was able to emit such volumes of smoke, he replied, "I toiled after it, sir, as some men toil after virtue;" and Macready records having heard Lamb express the wish to draw his last breath through a pipe and exhale it in a pun.

Let the work of another century pass, and certainly nothing but these little brown volumes would be left, so many caskets full of passion and tenderness, disappointed ambition, fruitless hope, self-torturing envy, conceit aware, in maddening lucid moments, of its own folly.

Indeed, the best of volumes may, in my estimation, be destroyed as a possession by a binding so sumptuous that no fingers dare to open it for perusal.

But I shall select from among my volumes some which seem less known in detail to modern readers than they should be, and I shall give brief "retrospective reviews" of these as though they were new discoveries.

As this Newbery was the son of Smart's half-brother-in-law and literary employer, it may be taken for granted that the information given in these volumes is authoritative.

The complete text of the biblical writings of the post-exilic period are found in Volumes II to VI of the Student's Old Testament.

The introduction, as well as the critical notes, in the brief yet scholarly volumes of the New Century Bible are exceedingly useful for the general reader.

More fundamental are the volumes in the International Critical Commentary.

II GENERAL QUESTIONS AND SUBJECTS FOR SPECIAL RESEARCH The General Questions, as in the preceding volumes, follow the main divisions of the book, and are intended to guide the student in collecting and co-ordinating the more important facts presented in the biblical text or in the notes.

More detailed classified bibliographies will be found in the appendices of Volumes II-VI of the author's Student's Old Testament.

Volumes on volumes of itwhole libraries of it.

Volumes on volumes of itwhole libraries of it.

292; gives him his Western Islands, ii. 290; four volumes of the Lives, iii. 372, n. 3; interview with, ii. 33; account of it, ii. 42; iii. 32; v. 125, n. 1; second interview, ii. 42, n. 2; pension, i. 372; v. 379; proposed addition to it, iv.

STOCKDALE, Rev. Percival, account of him, ii. 113, n. 2; Johnson's defence of drunkenness, ii. 435, n. 7; on dictionary-making, ii. 203, n. 3; on expectations, i. 337, n. 1; Works, edits two volumes of, i. 190, n. 4; 335, n. 3; Remonstrance, The, ii. 113; Russia, offered a post in, iv.

As seen from its Colonial waterway, the Historic River James By Frank and Cortelle Hutchins $5.00 A number of additional volumes are in preparation, including Maine, Utah, Georgia, The Great Lakes, Louisiana, etc., and the "See America First" Series will eventually include the whole of the North American Continent.

11269 examples of  volumes  in sentences