369 examples of vomiting in sentences

It is no proof to the contrary, that vomiting often relieves the headach, for vomiting is capable of relieving a great number of other diseases, as well as those of the brain, upon the principle of counter-irritation.

It is no proof to the contrary, that vomiting often relieves the headach, for vomiting is capable of relieving a great number of other diseases, as well as those of the brain, upon the principle of counter-irritation.

A disordered state of the stomach, of which a vomiting of bile may be one symptom, is also to be ranked among the occasional causes of headach.

After such occasions there would be attacks of violent shivering, with vomiting and giddiness.

Wounds, mortal wounds, were unheeded so long as the man still had strength to stagger on; I have seen a sergeant with a great fragment of common shell through his lungs run forward for several hundred yards vomiting blood, but still encouraging his men, who, truth to tell, were as eager as he.

Only look down over that bridge-parapet, at that huge black-mouthed sewer, vomiting its pestilential riches across the mud.

The third day from commencing this plan, flatulence, griping, purging, and vomiting came on, one symptom quickly following the other; the child wasted, and on the sixth day had several convulsive fits.

It is fretful and restless; and sudden fits of crying and occasional starting from sleep, with a slight tendency to vomiting, and even looseness of the bowels, are not uncommon.

Suffice it to add, that, if food be introduced into the stomach unmasticated, the gastric juice will only act upon its surface; and after a number of hours it will be either rejected by vomiting, or pass on into the intestine, to give rise to cholic, bowel complaints, or flatulence, and very frequently in children to a serious attack of convulsions.


The infant that is constantly at the breast will always be suffering, more or less, from flatulence, griping, looseness of the bowels, and vomiting.

If too large a quantity of food is given at each meal, or the meals are too frequently repeated, in both instances the stomach will become oppressed, wearied, and deranged; part of the food, perhaps, thrown up by vomiting, whilst the remainder, not having undergone the digestive process, will pass on into the bowels, irritate its delicate lining membrane, and produce flatulence, with griping, purging, and perhaps convulsions.

Again; if there is simply vomiting of the breast-milk almost immediately after the child has been suckled, the milk coming up pure and unchanged, and discharged without any apparent effort, and the moment after the child is cheerful and happy, this will be found to depend upon repletion, and not upon unwholesome milk; in fact, the stomach has received too much.

Amongst other symptoms, there is the picking of the nose and lips, offensive breath, occasional vomiting, deranged bowels, pain in the head and belly, with a tumid and swollen condition of the latter, a short dry cough, wasting of the flesh, etc.; symptoms continually attendant upon the disorder now under consideration.

The degree of fever, however, is variable; for the symptoms are sometimes so moderate as scarcely to attract attention, slight and irregular shivering, nausea, perhaps vomiting, thirst, and heat of skin; whilst, at others, there is considerable constitutional disturbance, indicated by pungent heat of skin, flushing of the face, suffusion of the eyes, pain in the head, great anxiety and restlessness, and occasionally slight delirium.

In scarlet fever, this is by no means the case; and as little so in measles: the vomiting, indeed, subsides; but the cough, fever, and headach grow more violent; and the difficulty of breathing, weakness of the eyes, and, indeed, all the catarrhal symptoms, remain without any abatement till the eruption has all but completed its course.

If mustard or salt is not at hand, compel the patient to drink lukewarm water very freely until vomiting occurs.

Dressed in a gown which had once been white, her attitude bespoke the immensity of her grief, which appeared to have created a kind of stupor, that fortunately rendered her less sensible to the injuries and reproaches which a number of inhuman wretches were continually vomiting forth against her.

Another bullet sang to its accompanying report and the corporal, wounded in the thigh, doubled over vomiting curses.

It should not be taken into the mouth, for should the spittle be swallowed, and vomiting not ensue, death would be inevitable.

One Mrs. Dyer, a chief person of the Sect, did first bring forth a monster, which had the parts of almost all sorts of living creatures, some parts like man, but most ugly and misplaced, and some like beasts, birds and fishes, having horns, fins and claws; and at the birth of it the bed shook, and the women present fell a vomiting, and were fain to go forth of the room.

recere, to vomit; E. reach, to strain in vomiting; Icel. hraki, spittle; A. S. hrara, cough, phlegm, the throat, jaws; G. rachen, the jaws."

While they roared, three hundred and forty great guns beside, on river and land, flashed and crashed, the breezeless night by turns went groping-black and clear-as-day red with smoke and flame of vomiting funnels, of burning boats and fire-rafts, of belching cannon, of screaming grape and canister and of exploding magazines.

Five miles from Trecastagne is Nicolosi, a small village which has often suffered from the fire-vomiting mountain.

Where we were the weather was perfectly calm and still; a candle would have burned in the open air without flickering; and I could not realise the tremendous force of the hurricane which, only a mile ahead, was vomiting snow out of the mouth of that ravine and carrying it four miles to sea.

369 examples of  vomiting  in sentences