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577 example sentences with  vouchsafes

577 example sentences with vouchsafes

Their friend, however, would vouchsafe no further reply than, "Come here out of the way, and I'll tell you."

Stay, mighty Emperor, and vouchsafe to be the Umpire of our Difference.

All-sorrowful, I think of him, Longing to move his love; But he vouchsafes no kind response; His thoughts far from me rove.

"Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep us this day from sin; O Lord, have mercy on us," etc., etc. This hymn has a special interest for Irish priests, as the Irish recensions of it, found in the Bangor Antiphoner (to be seen in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin) are of the greatest value to scholars engaged in critical study.

'Dirige et sanctificare,' etc., 'Vouchsafe to direct and sanctify our senses, words and actions,' etc.

<Voc, voke> (call, voice): (1) vocal, vocation, advocate, irrevocable, vociferous, provoke, revoke, evoke, convoke; (2) vocable, vocabulary, avocation, equivocal, invoke, avouch, vouchsafe.

<Condescend, deign, vouchsafe>.

Strabo has several instances of it, and particularly mentions a place in the Caspian sea, where such an oracle existed; he also relates, in his celebrated account of Moses, that this law-giver laid it down, in common with the priests of Esculapius, that to those who led a chaste and virtuous life the deity would vouchsafe prophetical visions in his sanctuary; but to those who were of idle and impure habits, they would be denied.

Some worthy person may easily be found to preside over this temple; and by the aid of such inspiration as I may from time to time see meet to vouchsafe him, administer its affairs indifferently well.

What reply did he vouchsafe to these admonitions?

She curtseys with dignity to her lodger, who vouchsafes a very slight inclination of the head, saying that the apartments will do very well.

Pass, was; feast, rest; come, room; still, invisible; vouchsafe, safe; moon, whereon; ordained, land.

The old man then prostrated himself in prayer, and said, "O God, turn from us all affliction, and vouchsafe to us a prosperous day."

Fortune, vouchsafe his many woes to end.

For fear of death can princes entertain Such bastard thoughts, that now from glorious arms Vouchsafe to draw like oxen in a plough?

Vouchsafe me leave to taint that traitor seat With flowing streams of his contagious blood.

But, Flaccus, to prevent their farther wrong, Vouchsafe some lictor may attach the man, And do them right that thus complain abuse.

Hark, sir, your clients knock; and't be your pye, Let him vouchsafe to chatter us some news, Tell him we dance attendance in our chamber.

Madam, they say bushes have ears and eyes; And these are matters of great secrecy; And you'll vouchsafe enter my holy cell, There what you long to know I'll quickly tell.

Marian, I see thy virtue, and commend it; I know my error, seeking thy dishonour, But the respectless, reasonless command Of my inflamed love, bids me still try, And trample under foot all piety; Yet, for I will not seem too impious, Too inconsiderate of thy seeming grief, Vouchsafe to be my mistress: use me kindly.

Glorious and wise Arch-Caesar on this earth, At whose appearance Envy's stroken dumb, And all bad things cease operation, Vouchsafe to pardon our unwilling error, So late presented to your gracious view,

I then said that I hoped he would forgive my earnestness; when he replied eagerly, "that from me nothing would be necessary by way of apology;" adding with great fervour, in words which I shall (I hope) never forget"God bless you, my dear Windham, through Jesus Christ;" and concluding with a wish that we might meet in some humble portion of that happiness which God might finally vouchsafe to repentant sinners.

And, gracious God, vouchsafe to grant, Unworthy though I am,

Wherefore I pray thee, father, that thou pray him if he vouchsafe to take the half of all that I have.

Then the father and the son calling him took him apart and began to pray him that he would vouchsafe to take half the part of all the goods that they had brought.

Ye be welcome, my lords, ye be welcome that ye vouchsafe to come to so little and poor a servant, and he said: I shall come and thank you.

He never smilde, my Lord, nor would vouchsafe With one applause to grace your action.

And I will hold it as a rich possession That she vouchsafes to be of my profession.

Vouchsafe the regarding of our deep mone; Hide not, oh hide not, thy comfortable face, But pittie, but pittie, a virgins poore case.

Heavenly Apollo, on our knees I pray Vouchsafe thy great displeasure to allay.

Most sacred Phoebus, endles thankes to thee That doest vouchsafe so much to pittie mee; And, aged father, for your kindnesse showne Imagine not your friendship ill bestowne:

But, Lady, first ere you your iourney take, Vouchsafe at my request one grant to make.

For that expence, this wretched Maid my Child Shall waite upon you with her sorrows stories; Vouchsafe but you to heare it.

As you are Vice-gerent to that Maiesty By whom Kings reigne on earth, as you would wish Your heires should sit upon your Throne, your name Be mentioned in the Chronicle of glory; Great King, vouchsafe me hearing.

The very cows and horses, in most places, know when to expect it, and hardly vouchsafe a sidelong glance as they munch their green dinner.

Would I vouchsafe to say, whether I approved of his compliment to Lord M. or not?

and why should he make them think themselves under obligation to every person of character, who will vouchsafe to visit them?

"The good Saints, who are always gracious, they will vouchsafe to me some thought which will instruct me if I remain long enough at prayer."

Now, good my lord, vouchsafe of your charity To cast here aside your faithful eye Upon a poor soldier, naked and needy, That in the queen's wars was maimed, as you see.

My Lord of Kent, your honour knows my mind, That ever has, and still does honour you, Accounting it my daughter's happiness (Amidst her other infelicities), That you vouchsafe to love her as you do.

Not a word did he vouchsafe to the general public of the extraordinary nature of these fittings, nor of the many bewildering features of the entertainment which was to take place within the almost sacred precincts.

And if hereafter in some secret shade You shall recount poor scholars' miseries, Vouchsafe to mention with tear-swelling eyes Ingenioso's thwarting destinies.

"What can I do for you?" "If we could persuade you to vouchsafe us an hour of your valuable time we should be more grateful than we could say," the man replied.

Then I and my companion went to our prayers, and we vowed to celebrate many masses in honour of the Holy Virgin, if she would vouchsafe us a wind.

th'honor of your daies 680 And glorie of the world, your high thoughts scorne, Vouchsafe this moniment of his last praise With some few silver dropping teares t'adorne; And as ye be of heavenlie off-spring borne, So unto heaven let your high minde aspire, 685 And loath this drosse of sinfull worlds desire.

Vouchsafe, noble Lady, to accept this simple remembrance, though not worthy of your self, yet such as perhaps by good acceptance thereof ye may hereafter cull out a more meet and memorable evidence of your own excellent deserts.

Vouchsafe ye then, whom onely it concernes, To me those secret causes to display; 50 For none but you, or who of you it learnes, Can rightfully aread so dolefull lay.

So wander we all carefull comfortlesse, Yet none cloth care to comfort us at all; 350 So seeke we helpe our sorrow to redresse, Yet none vouchsafes to answere to our call; Therefore we mourne and pittilesse complaine, Because none living pittieth our paine.

The roote whereof and tragicall effect, Vouchsafe, O thou the mournfulst Muse of nyne, 10 That wontst the tragick stage for to direct, In funerall complaints and waylfull tyne* Reveale to me, and all the meanes detect Through which sad Clarion did at last declyne To lowest wretchednes:

"And ye, true Lovers! whom desastrous chaunce, 505 Hath farre exiled from your ladies grace, To mourne in sorrow and sad sufferauncc, When ye doe heare me in that desert place Lamenting loud my Daphnes elegie, Helpe me to waile my miserable case, 510 And when life parts vouchsafe to close mine eye.

shepheards deare delights, That with your loves do their rude hearts possesse, When as my hearse shall happen to your sightes, Vouchsafe to deck the same with cyparesse; And ever sprinckle brackish teares among, 530

Yet lowly still vouchsafe to looke on me; Such lowlinesse shall make you lofty be.

The rolling wheele that runneth often round, The hardest steele, in tract of time doth teare: And drizling drops, that often doe redound*, The firmest flint doth in continuance weare: Yet cannot I, with many a drooping teare And long intreaty, soften her hard hart, That she will once vouchsafe my plaint to heare, Or looke with pitty on my payneful smart.

There I to her, as th'author of my blisse, Will builde an altar to appease her yre; And on the same my hart will sacrifise, Burning in flames of pure and chaste desyre: The which vouchsafe, O Goddesse, to accept, Amongst thy deerest relicks to be kept.

Cease, then, till she vouchsafe to grawnt me rest, Or lend you me another living brest.

Onely I fear my wits, enfeebled late 15 Through the sharp sorrowes which thou hast me bred, Should faint, and words should faile me to relate The wondrous triumphs of thy great god-hed: But, if thou wouldst vouchsafe to overspred Me with the shadow of thy gentle wing, 20 I should enabled be thy actes to sing.

In this time there came a messenger from the king of Rachim to this Portugal Captaine, who saide in the behalfe of his king, that hee had heard of the courage and valure of him, desiring him gently that he would vouchsafe to come with the ship into his port, and comming thither he should be very wel intreated.

When he vouchsafes to bless the air with his presence, he goes as near the wall as his satin suit will give him leave, and every passenger he views under the eyebrows, to observe whether he vails his bonnet low enough, which he returns with an imperious nod.

When he walks with his friend he swears to him that no man else is looked at, no man talked of, and that whomsoever he vouchsafes to look on and nod to is graced enough; that he knows not his own worth, lest he should be too happy; and when he tells what others say in his praise, he interrupts himself modestly and dares not speak the rest; so his concealment is more insinuating than his speech.

He swears big at an ordinary, and talks of the court with a sharp accent; neither vouchsafes to name any not honourable, nor those without some term of familiarity, and likes well to see the hearer look upon him amazedly, as if he said, How happy is this man that is so great with great ones!

Five lines above, we have "whole" for "who'll," and four lines below, "helmeth" for "whelmeth"; but Mr. Halliwell vouchsafes no note.

" To these I may add Arnoldi vinum Buglossalum, or borage wine before mentioned, which Mizaldus calls vinum mirabile, a wonderful wine, and Stockerus vouchsafes to repeat verbatim amongst other receipts.

What has my love to do with fortune, or with family!Does a diamond lose any thing of its intrinsic value for being presented by an unknown, or an obscure hand?My eyes convince me of the charms of my adored Louisa; my understanding shews me those of her mind; and if heaven vouchsafes to bless me with so rich a jewel, I never shall examine whence it came.

Every barrister can "shake his head," and too often, like Sheridan's Lord Burleigh, it is the only proof he vouchsafes of his wisdom.

Herod continued to question Jesus in this rapid manner; but our Lord did not vouchsafe a reply.

Did not a kind Providence vouchsafe to us a Daffy?

But, of course, his face was like a mask; he didn't vouchsafe a word.

But, if perchance thou fallest by the beast, Vouchsafe to her through me with thine own hand One javelin of the eight which now thou hast, For she will not outlive her Timmaraj,

Whoever earnestly meditates on his welfare will prefer moral or rational good to sensuous good, since the former alone vouchsafes true happiness.

Miracles are also in themselves nothing incomprehensible; they are simply enhancements of natural laws beyond their ordinary operations, by supernatural assistance, which God vouchsafes but rarely and only for extraordinary ends.

Life is usually quite tolerable, and vouchsafes more joy and pleasure than grief and hardship; in balancing the good and the evil we must especially remember to reckon on the positive side the goods of activity, of health, and all that which affords us, perchance, no perceptible pleasure, but the removal of which would be felt as an evil (Theodicy, ii.

A grim smile of satisfaction, and sometimes a "Very well, sir," were all that he would vouchsafe; but to others he would be less reticent, and once he was heard to say, "I have so far missed my own way, but John Cairns will flourish yet."

I loathe thee!Great and glorious spirit, thou who didst vouchsafe to reveal thyself unto me, thou who dost know my very heart and soul, why hast thou linked me with this base associate, who feeds on mischief and revels in destruction?

June was at her traditional best, which she does not often vouchsafe to show us; flowers waved all around, amongst the grass and in the crannies between the stones, and more than once the lines at the head of this chapter were quoted by one to another.

At my first visit, some of the brethren were seated on the bench outside of the edifice, looking down into the street; but they did not vouchsafe me a word, and seemed so estranged from modern life, so enveloped in antique customs and old-fashioned cloaks, that to converse with them would have been like shouting across the gulf between our age and Queen Elizabeth's.

The coldest welcome that a threadbare curate ever got at the door of a bishop's palace, the most icy reception that a country-cousin ever received at the city-mansion of a mushroom millionnaire, is agreeably tepid, compared to that which the Rhadamanthus who dooms you to the more or less elevated circle of his inverted Inferno vouchsafes, as you step up to enter your name on his dog's-eared register.

And when she had finished she cried out, "O God Shiva, please, please vouchsafe my prayer also, and make my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, my brothers-in-law and my sisters-in-law like me as much as they now dislike me."

Then she cried out, "O God Shiva, please, please vouchsafe my prayer and make my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, my brothers-in-law and my sisters-in-law like me as much as they now dislike me."

Almost the only mark of charity which he vouchsafes to his opponents is to pray for their reformation; and this he does in terms not unlike those in which we can imagine a Portuguese priest interceding with Heaven for a Jew, delivered over to the secular arm after a relapse.

Even Atticus (so wills the voice of Fate) Enshrines in clouded majesty his state; Nor to the adoring crowd vouchsafes regard, Though priests adore, and every priest a bard.

In order to accomplish what little good the Lord vouchsafes to our poor efforts, we are obliged to overlook many things.

Yet doth now this thing of evil my longsuffering heart beguile, Though the utmost she vouchsafes me is the shadow of a smile:

He is a colored lad, and as he is about to withdraw, I try to question him, but he, too, vouchsafes no reply.

Vouchsafe this picture of thy soul to see; 'Tis so far good, as it resembles thee: The beauties to the original I owe; Which when I miss, my own defects I show: 200 Nor think the kindred Muses thy disgrace: A poet is not born in every race.

Allah would vouchsafe opportunity, and when he did so, Moussa Isa, his servant, would seize it.

My diary tells of several books I read during the winter and what the authors say of women; one the "Religio Medici," by Sir Thomas Browne, M.D., in which the author discourses on many high themes, God, Creation, Heaven, Hell, and vouchsafes one sentence on woman.

When he sees me he is always talking of Constancy, but vouchsafes to visit me but once a Fortnight, and then is always in haste to be gone.

" "Blessed are Thou, O most merciful God, who didst vouchsafe to espouse me to the heavenly Bridegroom in the waters of baptism, and hast imparted Thy body and blood as a new gift of espousal and the meet consummation of Thy love.

yet I'le vouchsafe him the new Italian shrug How clownishly the Book-worm does return it!

Ile vouchsafe him The new Italian shrug How clownishly The book-worme does return it!

The only remark which, in the Memoir, he vouchsafes to bestow upon his academical career is, that "'twas there that I commenced a friendship with Mr. H, which has been lasting on both sides;" and it may, perhaps, be said that this was, from one point of view, the most important event of his Cambridge life.

" CHAPTER IX ISCHL We were wondering where we should go next with the delicious idle wonder of those who drop off the train at a moment's notice if a fellow passenger vouchsafes an alluring description of a certain village, or if the approach from the car window attracts.

I give you thanks above, that taught my heart Patience, I can endure his silence; what will none Vouchsafe to give me answer?

Venus her myrtle, Phoebus has his bays; Tea both excels, which she vouchsafes to praise.

It was Jehovah; 'tis Our Father now; So low to us does Heaven vouchsafe to bow!

'Vouchsafe to bow': Psalm xviii.

She did not vouchsafe a reply.

When Thorsten finally staggered out of the mound, pale and bloody, but triumphant, he refused to speak of the horrors he had encountered to win the coveted treasure, nor would he ever vouchsafe further information than this: "'Dearly bought is the prize,' said he often, 'For I trembled but once in my life, and 'twas when I seized it!'

It has pleased Almighty God to vouchsafe signal victories to the land and naval forces engaged in suppressing an internal rebellion, and at the same time to avert from our country the dangers of foreign intervention and invasion.

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