44 examples of waal in sentences

"Might as waal be five hunderd, with my rheumatiz an' yer weak heart," Abraham had growled when Angy first proposed the plan as the only dignified solution to their problem of living.

"Waal," he said grudgingly, "make it a week from ter-day then, rain shine, snow er blow, er a blizzard.

Waal then, a week from ter-day, so be it!"

"Waal, I never," grumbled Samuel, conscious once more of all his physical discomforts.

"I guess we might as waal tell the truth, Sam'l.

"Waal, I says tew 'em, I says: 'Want ter drop a passenger at Twin Coves?'

"Waal, naow,"he tried to speak cheerfully as they rejoined the others, and he pushed his way toward the dining-room,"I'll go an' git my cup an' sasser.

" "Waal, guess 'twas; anyway I jumped up all of a sudden, ketched Bewlah raound the neck, give her a hearty kiss, and sung aout, 'I'll dew it sure's my name's Hi Flint!'

She's done waal by me, hes Bewlah; ben a grand good housekeeper, kin kerry on the farm better 'n me, any time, an' is as dutif'l an' lovin' a wife as,waal, as annything that is extra dutif'l and lovin'.

Gals naow doos waal; I've got six o' the likeliest the is goin', every one on 'em is the very moral of Bewlah,red hair, black eyes, quiet ways, an' a mold 'side the nose.

Waal; to- morrow will bring about a knowledge of the name of the captain's companion, and then a body may calcilate with greater sartainty!"

" "How did the person you mention receive his explanations?" "Waal, to own the truth, he laugh'd at it, like all natur'.

" "Waal, them that told me on't, said that two had fallen before it, and I put it up to nine at once, to make a good story better.

X.The Meuse rises from mount Le Vosge, which is in the territories of the Lingones; and, having received a branch of the Rhine, which is called the Waal, forms the island of the Batavi, and not more than eighty miles from it it falls into the ocean.

At Schenk the Rhine sends off its left-hand branch, the Vahalis (Waal), by a western course to join the Mosa or Meuse.

32 Vah[)a]lis, the Waal, the middle branch of the Rhine, which, passing by Nim[)e]guen, falls into the Meuse, above Gorcum, G. iv.

"Have you decided to accept my offer, Mr. Jackson?" "Waal, I'll have to take a leetle time to consider.

"Waal," he reflectively drawled, "there's th' new barn.

Waal, that beats all!

" "Waal, I'll amit I'm some disappointed, Loo-tenant," drawled the sergeant.

Then at the last moment caution began to assert itself, and I said, "When was the last time you saw the cabin?" He reflected a moment; then he said, "Waal, I guess it was a little more 'an fifty years ago.

"Waal, round up a better one," was his retort.

NIMEGUEN (34), an interesting old Dutch town in Guelderland, on the Waal, 73 m. E. of Rotterdam; has a fine 13th-century Gothic church and other notable buildings; its prosperous manufactures include tobacco, perfume, beer, &c.; here, in 1678-79, France effected famous peace treaties with Holland, Spain, and Austria.

W WAAL, a S. branch of the Rhine, in Holland.

The Hegelings sailed with their prize direct to Waleis, in Holland (near the river Waal), where the impatient Hettel came to meet them, and tenderly embraced his beautiful young bride.

44 examples of  waal  in sentences