Do we say wack or whack

wack 1 occurrences

"On the hat-wack," he replied, with perfect fearlessness.

whack 132 occurrences

When within a few feet, Jack gave a sudden whack on the board and cried, sternly: "Halt!

"A cut-purse of the empire and the rule, That from a shelf the precious diadem , And put it in his pocket!" <Strike, hit, smite, thump, beat, cuff, buffet, knock, whack, belabor, pommel, pound, cudgel, slap, rap, tap, box.

Then when we met the Bryan procession we were to shout and wave our lanterns, and if necessary to whack the white men over the head with the lantern with the hornets' nest, and the hornets would wake up and do the rest.

Pa dropped his lantern and began to fight hornets, and then all the white trash in pa's bunch rushed up and began to whack my poor downtrodden negroes with their Chinese lanterns.

He looked pretty tough, but one thing, anyway, he smiled an awful nice kind of a smile and hit me a whack on the shoulder and said: "Don't get excited, Skeezeks; you're all right and I won't hurt you.

Then he hit me a good whack on the shoulder and he winked at me awful funny and said: They are fools who go and tell Wisely has the poet sung.

"Bang! rat-tat-tat! whack!" sounded from the schoolhouse, and the faces of the younger children paled.

that nautical nectar, so dear to the lips of every true-hearted sailor, with which he washes down Her Majesty's junk, as he roughly but good-humoredly styles the government allowance of beef; and while he quaffs off his portion, or his whack, as he calls it, he envies no man alive, and laughs to scorn those party philanthropists who describe his life as one of unhappy servitude.

" Whack, whack.

" Whack, whack.

The Kingstonian cheer disappeared in a groan as everybody heard that unmistakable whack that resounds whenever the bat and the ball meet face to face.

It struck him a smarting whack on the instep, and bounded off outside the foul-line; and while he limped painfully after it, there was time even for the sleepy Sleepy to reach the plate and score a run.

Some come back to the store the next morning accompanied by a whack of buyer's remorse.

" "Slate," cried Joe, slapping the tragic bookkeeper a whack, "you're inspiring!"

"Well?" A pause of further moral descent, and a whack against an obstacle.

The board gives way as soon as you touch it; and before you have got by, the bag of sand comes round whack on the back of your neck.

I heard a whack and felt a jar and sat up, and there was the end of the egg pecked out and a rum little brown head looking out at me. '

He pecked at it and grabbed it, and I gave him a whack on the head to make him leave go.

"The mast came up like a ghost out of the black, and then a lot of fishes, and then a lot of flapping red seaweed, and then whack I came with a kind of dull bang on the deck of the Ocean Pioneer, and the fishes that had been feeding on the dead rose about me like a swarm of flies from road stuff in summer-time.

"Get a move on you!" (Whack.)

"What are you doing in the middle of the road there?" (Whack.)

(Whack, whack.)

(Whack, whack.)

"Guess I'll take another whack at her," he concluded, starting to cross the stream.

I had something under my arm that would sway and whack the side of the horse every leap he made.

Do we say   wack   or  whack