1342 examples of wagging in sentences

I myself like dogssleepy dogs blinking in the firelight, friendly dogs with wagging tails, young dogs in their first puppyhood with their teeth scarce sprouted, whose jaws have not yet burgeoned into danger, and old dogs, too, who sun themselves and give forth hollow, toothless, reassuring sounds.

"Mr. Coleridge," says the reviewer, "... seems to believe that every tongue is wagging in his praisethat every ear is open to imbibe the oracular breathings of his inspiration ...

" He was wagging his head now insistently, but pinioning his gaze with the slightly glassy stare of those who think none too clearly.

They had served as firemen; they had mastered many of the electrical details of a battleship; they had received instruction and had "stood trick" by the engines; there had been some drill with the smaller, rapid-fire guns, and finally, they had learned at least the rudiments of "wig-wagging," as signaling by means of signal flags is termed.

The others followed and in another moment Kazan was in the midst of them, smelling and smelled, and wagging his tail.

Expectantly and confidently he looked about him for Gray Wolf, whining softly, and wagging his tail.

And Heywood, glancing back from the mouth of a dark corridor, saw him, beside the table of camagon, wagging his head like a judge doubtful of his judgment.

"Joe won't make no 'ole in the water," said Mr. Brown, wagging his head.

I begin at the passage describing the villa's cat: Does Cincirillo follow thee about, Inverting one swart foot suspensively, And wagging his dread jaw at every chirp Of bird above him on the olive-branch?

Instantly, like Jack in the box, they were all on the top of their hillocks again, chattering and wagging their little tails as vigorously as ever.

A dog, grown old since his departure, will come out, wagging his tail, and licking the soldier's hand.

He seems to believe that every tongue is wagging in his praisethat every ear is open to imbibe the oracular breathings of his inspiration.

Yes, he slips around among the people like a fox with his tail wagging, and when he picks out his victim, he fastens his teeth in his neck and the poor beggar is lost.

By the quick wagging motion given to this comb by the machinery, the buds of cotton cast upon the rollers are torn open just as they are beginning to be sucked in.

And no sooner did Dumps and Poker catch sight of them than they sprang hastily towards them, wagging their tailsor, more correctly speaking, their tail and a quarter.

But Wolf was only an ignorant puppy, taken from a native igloo, where all of the dogs and all of the family lived in happy harmony; and so, one day when he was particularly joyous, he nipped, in a spirit of mischief, the end of Tom's wagging stump of a tail.

At the moment when his subordinates were wagging their heads together, he himself stood in the priest's house, before the very table at which Frà Giovanni sat busy with his papers and his books.

At other hours of the day they plead with loving eyes and wagging tails for a walk or a seat in the carriage or permission to follow the wagon.

The candle stood on the counter, its flame solemnly wagging in a draught; and by that inconsiderable movement, the whole room was filled with noiseless bustle and kept heaving like a sea: the tall shadows nodding, the gross blots of darkness swelling and dwindling as with respiration, the faces of the portraits and the china gods changing and wavering like images in water.

Men grow tired of keeping their tongues wagging on the same subject all the time.

"It's all right for an Austrian," said Jimmie, wagging his head.

Wagging his head!...

The dog sank on his haunches, wagging a tail that swept the grasses in perplexed protest, and watched her as she retraced her way along the towpath.

He walked around for thirty seconds smelling the furniture, found a rag mat, settled himself down on it, and sat wagging his tail with a motion regular almost as a pendulum's.

Towzer, being engaged with the pigs at that moment, allowed her to depart unmolested; and soon came back to his master, wagging his tail, and looking up, as if expecting praise for his performances.

1342 examples of  wagging  in sentences
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