30572 examples of waiting in sentences

They were soldiers of a union whose interests were all opposed to those of St. Cloud, so they were looking on, waiting to see if the great need of a paper would not compel their neighbors to pay tribute to their union.

The ward master told me he had been given up three days before, and was only waiting his turn to be carried to the dead house.

The first thought was warm, wet compresses, hot bricks, hot flannel; but the kitchen was locked, and it was little I could do without fire, except to receive and write down his dying messages to parents, and the girl who was waiting to be his wife.

The third day of my appearance among them, one looked up over the edge of the tub over which he bent, washing potatoes, and said, as I stood waiting for hot water, "Do you know what you look like going around here among us fellows?" "No! but nothing dreadful I hope.

And having entered that hall enveloped in deep gloom, that wretch of wicked soul came upon Bhima of incomparable prowess, who had come a little before and who was waiting in a corner.

It is for this that they are carefully waiting for the arrival of their opportunity.

As well as we could understand by his signs, it appeared that he had been anxiously waiting our arrival, and had pushed off from the main to intercept the boat, on our leaving Bathurst Island.

It was a "point" to give as little as possible about Tristram Shandy in a life of Tristram Shandy; just as it was a point to keep the reader waiting throughout the year 1760 for their hero to be so much as born.

We found the ispravnik waiting for us in a pleasant, spacious room furnished with, all the luxuries of a civilised home.

A SIBERIAN BLIZZARD LOST ON THE STEPPE Our short stay at Shestakóva, while waiting for the Penzhina sledges, was dismal and lonesome beyond expression.

[Illustration: INTERIOR OF A YURT OF THE SETTLED KORAKS] There were no signs yet of the Penzhina sledges, and we spent another night and another long dreary day in the smoky yurt at Shestakóva, waiting for transportation.

"Good-morning, Mrs. Chester," said he, and then, turning to me, he declared that he had been waiting in the yard, and began to think I might have forgotten I had come for my wheel.

" "That was faith," said Captain Sybil, as if speaking to himself, "a patient waiting for death to redress the wrongs of life.

After waiting several hours, it was brought forward in presence of the entire company of inquisitors, and cautiously opened.

After waiting some time, and finding that it didn't burst, nor emit even a smell of sulphur, the boldest man of the party approached it very cautiously, and upset it with his foot and ran.

But these flags given, glad we go To waiting homes with vindicated laws.

The inner feud He, self-contained, a while withstood; They waiting.

For a month or two after the completion of peace, some thousands of released captives from the military prisons of the North, natives of all parts of the South, passed through the city of New York, sometimes waiting farther transportation for days, during which interval they wandered penniless about the streets, or lay in their worn and patched gray uniforms under the trees of Battery, near the barracks where they were lodged and fed.

But is Reason still waiting for Passion to spend itself?


They can scarcely resist stopping once for all here, instead of waiting for their journey's end to eat at Lucca.

The men in livery, waiting along with the carriages, laugh at them lazily.

They are waiting to see the company pass out.

"They are waiting to know if the illustrious lady receives this evening, and if she will permit them to join her usual whist-party.

"While we were standing in the street, waiting to know if the noble lady received, an old beggar, known in Lucca as the Hermit of Pizzorna, come down from the mountains for the festival, passed by.

30572 examples of  waiting  in sentences