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30572 examples of  waiting  in sentences

30572 examples of waiting in sentences

The messenger, wearied with asking and waiting for an answer, returned to Gabii apparently without having accomplished his object, and told what he had himself said and seen, adding that Tarquin, either through passion, aversion to him, or his innate pride, had not uttered a single word.

Rasselas listened to him, with the veneration due to the instructions of a superiour being, and, waiting for him at the door, humbly implored the liberty of visiting so great a master of true wisdom.

Twelve hours' almost incessant walking, on a scanty breakfast and without water, with the thermometer over a hundred degrees of Fahrenheit, began to tell upon me severely; so much so that by the time I had tracked up my companions (who had reached the hills by 1 p.m. and were anxiously waiting for me) it was as much as I could do to carry my rifle and accoutrements.

The soundings taken at the time Durell was waiting would be to verify those shown on this chart.

During this period of waiting the words "nothing remarkable" are in constant use in Captain Adams's (the second Captain of the Northumberland) Journal.

His father, after waiting in vain for his return, went to the door himself.

The only reply was the violent closing of a door at the top of the house, and after waiting a short time he led the way to the front door himself.

'Sorry,' was all he said as he slipped into the chair that was waiting for him.

'I feel,' he said presently, as he gazed up into the still blue sky, 'as if God is waiting for me, mother.' Mrs. John did not answer.

Have You been waiting for me?

'Mother, I will be a soldier, I'm certain sure I will; but I'm very glad I can be one of God's soldiers without waiting to grow up.

The soldiers were drawn up outside, waiting for the approach of their regiment from the town to fall in and march on with them.

So she babbled out the whole pitiful story, waiting in a kind of terror to see contempt and disgust awaken in his eyes.

Then he came upon Kathleen Saumarez, who, indeed, was waiting for him there; and his heart went down into his boots.

" "Gan has brought us here," said Orlando, "under pretence of receiving tribute from Marsiliusyou see of what sort; and Charles, poor old man, is waiting to receive his homage at the town of St. John!

" Baldwin spurred off into the fight, not waiting to hear another word from Orlando, but constantly crying out, "You have done me dishonour;" and Orlando was very sorry for what he had said, for he perceived that the youth was in despair.

He went to the rear of the house and as he had expected she was waiting for him.

All eternity seemed poised and waiting for the second when one of the men would make the move for his gun.

The recollection of what the Judge told JOHN BUNYAN when he sent him to jail keeps me up: "Patient waiting, JOHN," observed the philosophic magistrate, "is no loss."

These were carried aboard two large vessels which lay waiting for cargo.

asked Oliver, finishing his glass of wine as he spoke, and handing the empty glass to the waiting servant.

Run along, Miss Moppet, I see your sister waiting for you at the gate," and Moppet, with a jump and a skip, flew off through the side door and down the path, at the end of which stood Betty.

She came up to me as if nothing had happened, and said, "Come, Elizabeth, they are waiting for you to begin a round game," and she put her arm through mine and drew me into the billiard-room, and on the way she squeezed my arm, and said, in a voice quite low down for her, "She deserved it," and I was so touched I nearly cried.

I know that this is not the accepted theory of evolution, but I am waiting till it shall become so.

When he returned to the hotel, he found the Comtesse anxiously waiting for him.

And weary of waiting, I decided to come and to know finally from your own mouth what I must wait for, and on what I most count.

*** It appears that one burglar has claimed his discharge from the Army on the ground that he is a pivotal man and that several policemen are waiting for him.


A juryman in waiting in the gallery seizes the opportunity to ask, if anyone is to be turned out, might it be himself.

By and by even the little conversation ceased, and they sat quite silent, waiting and waiting, perhaps awed by their own silence.

By and by even the little conversation ceased, and they sat quite silent, waiting and waiting, perhaps awed by their own silence.

No cavalry attack could stand before well-disciplined infantry, providing the latter keep cool and well composed, calmly waiting until the riders come sufficiently close to take sure aim.

They were all eagerness and determination, hand at the trigger, eyes on the approaching enemy, every muscle strained, yet calm, their bronzed faces hardened into immobility, waiting for the command to fire.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, sir," said the proprietor, passing some money to the cashier over the curtain, who, thereupon, handed two dollars and ninety-three cents to Lawrence through the little opening in front.

He has all the same as given it up, for he's waiting to hear from a man at Niagara, who will never write to him, and probably hasn't any thing to write, and as I advised you to pay the money I feel bound in honor to see that the business is done, if it can be done.

As the spring wagon approached, and during the time that it was turning into the gate, and while it was waiting for the driver to resume his seat, this umbrella was considerably agitated, so much so indeed as to cause a little rustling among the leaves.

" In about half an hour Uncle Isham came into the kitchen, his appearance indicating that he had had a hurried walk, and told Letty that she had better give Master Junius his supper without waiting any longer for her mistress.

This lady visitor had now been here two days waiting for the return of the mistress of the little estate; and the sojourn had evidently been of benefit to her.

I expect these people think it very queer that I should keep on waiting for their mistress to come back, but I can't help it; I must stay till she comes, or he comes, and they must continue to think it funny.

Miss Roberta had a way of looking up, and looking down at the same time, particularly when she had asked a question and was waiting for the answer.

"I'm very glad I did not know it; very glad, indeed; for I might have been tempted to give him what belonged to another, without waiting for him to disobey my order to go.

Then, with a merry little smile, she darted off to her father, the Count Bernard, who was waiting for her down the church path.

As they went they talked of the fine suppers that were waiting them at home.

"You are waiting for the children to come back and make it merry, as it used to be in the old days when you were a pup.

She had arrived only a few hours ago, after two days spent at Del Monte, and was waiting for Nick.

"I've had a feeling on me of waiting," said Nick.

I was waiting to see if you'd let me show you things, as you" "As Iwhat?"

She stood in the doorway, waiting to see what would happen, her blood pounding as if she had taken a really important step; which, of course, was not the case.

Her attention was centred on picking out Mrs. Harland and Falconer among the people who were waiting to meet friends, and on seeing whether Nick Hilliard was with them.

High mass, which was listened to with great reverence by every one, began immediately after the entrance of the court, and after this was concluded the imperial pair proceeded to their carriage, presenting the crowd, who were waiting in the church, their hands to kiss as they went along.

Soon after my arrival, I went one morning upon the esplanade of the town for the purpose of seeing the great number of Parsees {227} who, as I had read, assembled themselves there waiting for the first rays of the sun, on the appearance of which, as if at a given signal, they throw themselves on the ground, and raise a loud cry of joy.

She stood waiting on the doorstep till a carriage was called.

At times he would nod his head in approval and go on listening with the air of a man watching and waiting his opportunity.

Jean could hear Gabrielle's voice saying: "How late you are coming home, dear; I have sent Rosalie to bed; I was waiting up for you, you see.

I could hardly see what happened, but there seemed to be a moment's pause; probably someone had knocked and they were waiting.

CHILD BALLAD Jesus, He loves one and all, Jesus, He loves children small, Their souls are waiting round His feet On high, before His mercy-seat.

" Arrangements were then made that a cab should be brought to the corner near Billy's, where the driver should remain, apparently waiting for somebody.

In the meantime Rattleton and Robinson had got near the front of the house and were hiding in a ditch, waiting and listening.

The crowd was decidedly a heterogeneous one on the edge of which I stood at eight o'clock, A.M., one scorching July morning, under an awning at the end of a rickety pier, waiting for the excursion-steamer which was to convey us to the distant sand-banks over which the clear waters lap, away down below the green-sloped highlands of Neversink,sea-shoal banks, from which silvery fishes were warning us off with their waving fins.

"Monsieur, the fourth day came,the fifth,the sixth,the seventh,finding me still waiting.

" Abel slipped the noose over Mr. Bernard's head, and put it round the neck of the miserable Dick Venner, who made no sign of resistance,whether on account of the pain he was in, or from mere helplessness, or because he was waiting for some unguarded moment to escape,since resistance seemed of no use.

Gov. Cass, who has proceeded to Green Bay as a Commissioner for treating with the Indians, writes: "I am waiting here very impatiently for arrivals from the Indian country.

I could see she was waiting for Father to speak; but he never said a word.

Besides, I knew I had Mother waiting for me.

She said that any one that would look twice at a lazy, shiftless fiddler with probably not a dollar laid by for a rainy day, when all the while there was just waiting to be picked an estimable gentleman of independent fortune and stable position like Mr. Easterbrookwell, she had her opinion of her; that's all.

"I understand, of course, what you mean, Hattie; but even if I acknowledged that this very estimable, unimpeachable gentleman was waiting to be picked (which I do not), I should have to remind you that I've already had one experience with an estimable, unimpeachable gentleman of independent fortune and stable position, and I do not care for another.

At the Inauguration Ball, all were waiting the arrival of the Presidential party.

She saw Alan leave his place by the window where he had been moodily lounging, saw him come toward her, taller than any man in the room, distinguisheda king among the rest, it seemed to Tony, waiting, longing for his coming?

She was with Hal at the moment, waiting for the music to begin, but as Alan approached she turned to her companion with a quick appeal in her eyes and a warm flush on her cheeks.

He was not used to waiting for what he desired.

Johnson was waiting for me to be ready.

There's a lassie in that wee hoose Waiting patiently for me.

How many were waiting, as I had waited, until they, too,they, too, might come to France, and cast themselves down, as I had done, upon some brown mound, sacred in their thoughts?

I was still silent, and when we reached the road again, and the waiting cars, I turned, and looked back, long and sorrowfully, at that tiny hill, and the grave it sheltered.

Their lovers were not able to leave their business to make the long voyage, and were waiting for them in Bombay, Calcutta or in some of the other cities.

Lord Curzon is attended by a staff of ministers, secretaries and aids, like a king, and Lady Curzon has her ladies-in-waiting, secretaries and aids, like a queen.

The ladies pass up two flights of stairs into waiting-rooms in the third story of the palace, pursuing a rather circuitous course over about half the building, guided by velvet barriers and railings, and at each comer stands an aide-de-camp or a gentleman-in-waiting, to answer inquiries and give directions to strangers.

The ladies pass up two flights of stairs into waiting-rooms in the third story of the palace, pursuing a rather circuitous course over about half the building, guided by velvet barriers and railings, and at each comer stands an aide-de-camp or a gentleman-in-waiting, to answer inquiries and give directions to strangers.

After entering the room each lady hands a card upon which her name is written to the gentleman-in-waiting, and, as she approaches the throne he pronounces it slowly and distinctly.

I have half the country to ride over to beat up my recruits;" and without waiting another word from his friend, Edward ran across the meadow, snatched up his hat from where the faithful dog was carefully guarding it, sprang upon his pony, and then once again leaping the ditch, he cantered off at a pace so rapid, he was soon lost to Marten's sight.

Her mind was always open, waiting for more.

She walked home, and Chloris was as usual waiting for her just outside the rocking-horse factory at the corner.

And it was extraordinarily lonely, there seemed to be no promise of a Friend waiting at the other end of the path.

He had made up his mind, and yet when he saw her, so confident of the next step, waiting for him, he very nearly yielded to a sudden temptation to make her his wife, to be sure of that, whatever else might have to be altered.

" Wayne would have said that he could never forget the presence under any circumstances of his future wife, waiting, probably nervously, in the outer office; but he did.

She might find it in the course of a day or two, but this affair will be over before daylightI beg pardon, what was it you said, Jennie?" "Why, Larch, I'm tempted to pull your ears; you are a fine gallant; here I have been standing full ten seconds, waiting for you to help me on the horse, and you have paid me no attention.

But Arthur looked not round on the landscape however lovely, which lay waiting one flash from the orb of day to start into brilliant existence.

Scores of thousands of men may be packed away waiting motionless for the word, more thousands may be pouring slowly up the communication ways, and still more thousands standing ready a mile or two behind the lines; and yet to any eye looking from the enemy's side the country is empty and still, and bare of life as a swept barn.

Then it was a matter of temporary relief at the nearest pharmacy, of waiting until Pougeot, summoned by telephone, could arrive with all haste in an automobile.

" The audience was like a powder mine waiting for a spark.

Haltingly, on his cane, Coquenil made his way to an adjoining room where De Heidelmann-Bruck was waiting under guard.


I never kept one waiting yet, and I won't begin now.

Especially good, because all the time he knew he was waiting for that morning in early September when the school bell would ring and he would laugh carelessly at what had once been the imperious summons.

Then his eyes fell upon the priest, still waiting: he slipped away from the chair, came down the steps, and beckoned to him.

But this subtle figure of a Master of Ceremonial; this queer old presentment of a pump-room king, crowned with a white hat, waiting all day long in his best at the bow-window of the Smyrna Coffee-House to get a bow from that other, and alas!

They are like things secretly and terribly alive, waiting the tiny gesture which will set them free.

The next stage (7) is the Hospital Ship, specially fitted out, waiting in the harbour for its complement.

For in each soul shone the blessed thought, The vision fair of a little cot, Nestled beneath the lilac spray, Waiting the blissful bridal day! Low bowed in tearful silence there, Their hearts rose up in solemn prayer, And still the mellow lustre fell Over the banks of the blue Moselle.

All things seem waiting as to hear good news.