263 examples of waive in sentences

Nevertheless, if you wish it, I will seize the camels by force, or, if it be your good pleasure, I will waive every claim, save as a debt of honor."

There are fifty thousand pounds for us in that house yonder, and I waive my share.

They are older than myself by twelve, and ten, years; and neither of them seems disposed, in matters of advice and guidance, to waive any of the prerogatives which primogeniture confers.

V. be neutral &c adj.; have no choice, have no election; waive, not vote; abstain from voting, refrain from voting; leave undecided; make a virtue of necessity [Two Gentlemen].

It went sorely against her will to waive this point.

"Good girl," said the minister; "sometimes it is a form of righteousness to waive our doubts for those who are at once so dear and good as your father.

Again, the States themselves had a clear right to waive the constitutional privilege intended for their benefit, and to prohibit by their own laws this trade at any time they thought proper previous to 1808.

10 The case was Hesiod's; he the fable writ Some think with meaningsome, with idle wit: Perhaps 'tis either, as the ladies please; I waive the contest, and commence the lays.

If it be thought better to waive rigorous and nice discussions of right and to make the modification an act of friendship and of compensation for favors received, the passage of such a bill will then be the answer.

The inherent generosity of his nature obliged him often to waive his convictions in behalf of others, and thus to abandon the receipt of considerable sums.

I might point out that such an arrest would accomplish absolutely nothing, for you haven't the slightest evidence against me and can get none, but I waive that point because I want to show you that, even in so simple an effort against us as this, you would inevitably fail.

The other charges we will for the time waive," said the General, drawing himself up with a fine hauteur.

In certain instances, too, it is better to waive the analysis which might be made under rule third, and to take both or all the terms together, under the rule for the main relation.

'But my principal, though the challenged party, is willing to waive the choice of weapons.

But perhaps Stephens would have been willing to waive this point.

" "Why did you waive examination?" Hogan suddenly felt a lump swelling in his pharynx.

"Did anybody ask you to waive examination?" The swelling in Hogan's fat neck grew larger.

Any person entitled to any of the exemptions mentioned in this section does not waive his rights thereto by failing to designate or select such exempt property or by failing to object to a levy thereon, unless failing or refusing so to do when required to make such designation or selection by the officers about to levy.

I waive my rank for the sweet privilege of killing this liar.

" "I really cannot waive my right on account of your bilious attack," said the Major haughtily.

" "Very well, then," said Stubb, "I waive my objections for sociability's sake.

"Speaking, however, as man to man, let me say that I would gladly waive whatever show my overcoat may contribute to theertotal effect to which you refer.

We’ll waive proof of property and that sort of thing, I remarked, with, I fear, the hope of detaining her.

"I cannot tell you whyat least not yet; but toto confer a very particular obligation upon me, will you waive this point?"

I can not waive a compliance with a request urged upon me by so large and respectable a number of my fellow-citizens.

263 examples of  waive  in sentences