263 examples of waive in sentences

Nevertheless, if you wish it, I will seize the camels by force, or, if it be your good pleasure, I will waive every claim, save as a debt of honor."

He hopes that his dear prince will waive ceremony and bring his charming princess to dine quite en famille at his little pied à terre in the Champs Élysées.

I waive the probability of your statements, or the reasonableness of the doubts suggested.

In secret Germany has long been an apostate to the balance-of-power theory; the war has caused her to drop the mask, and it was without doubt her resolve never to submit to the chains of the balance in Europe, which forced three other States to waive their differences and form the Triple Entente.

There are fifty thousand pounds for us in that house yonder, and I waive my share.

" "Brother," said Mrs. Wilson, "you would oblige me greatly by asking his lordship to waive ceremony; his visits to Bolton castle will probably be frequent, now we have peace; and the owner is so much from home that we may never see him without some such invitation.

" "I'll waive the notice," suggested the young man at the window quickly.

"His other plea of privilege our author brings forward to waive it.

"Are you not willing to waive the formality of an oath, Mr. Tutt?" asked the judge in slight impatience.

But even this concession failed to satisfy the objectors, the King of Hanover, among others, positively refusing to waive his precedence over any foreign prince.

The old Lord had, wisely enough, settled in his will that Lucia was to enjoy the interest of her fortune from the time that she came out, provided she did not marry without her guardian's leave; and Scoutbush, to avoid esclandre and misery, thought it as well to waive the proviso, and paid her her dividends as usual.

"Good girl," said the minister; "sometimes it is a form of righteousness to waive our doubts for those who are at once so dear and good as your father.

This right is denied by the Russian Government, which asserts that by the operation of the treaty of 1824 each party agreed to waive the general right to land on the vacant coasts on the respective sides of the degree of latitude referred to, and accepted in lieu thereof the mutual privileges mentioned in the fourth article.

Moreover Uncle Phil had just written that he would waive the ten dollar automobile tax for December in consideration of the approach of Christmas, possibly also in consideration of his nephew's fairly creditable showing on the new leaf of the ledger though he did not say so.

Some day I'll exact full penance for all you've made me suffer but just now we'll waive that and go over to the Plaza and have a high tea and talk.

10 The case was Hesiod's; he the fable writ Some think with meaningsome, with idle wit: Perhaps 'tis either, as the ladies please; I waive the contest, and commence the lays.

" "Well, waive the point for the present: I am open to conviction.

As to the rents, we must waive our agreements while the war lasts.

But she is not content to waive any of those Divine Rights with which her Founder endowed her, even in return for the greatest privileges; still less is she content to receive those privileges under false pretences. . . .

Because of the determined opposition of his own family, Walker had promised his wife that he would not go to Kansas without her consent; and President Buchanan was so anxious on the point that he personally called on Mrs. Walker and persuaded her to waive her objections.

I waive my rank for the sweet privilege of killing this liar.

But he may, if he chooses, waive this privilege; yet he may, at any time during the session of the committee, reassume his inherent prerogative of governing the craft at all times when in his presence, and therefore take the chair.

If the boys should appear not much interested in the proposal, the teacher might, at his own discretion, waive it.

"Speaking, however, as man to man, let me say that I would gladly waive whatever show my overcoat may contribute to theertotal effect to which you refer.

I pray you, then, to waive your own desire, But if it please you otherwise, then speak!

263 examples of  waive  in sentences
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