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263 examples of  waive  in sentences

263 examples of waive in sentences

If not, I do wish you would waive ceremony and come and dine with us.

All of these clubs must waive on him before he can be dropped farther down in the list, and if such should be the case he would then be offered to the Class A clubs.

" "We will waive the question of genius."

<Relinquish, waive, renounce, surrender, forego, resign, abdicate.

Nevertheless, if you wish it, I will seize the camels by force, or, if it be your good pleasure, I will waive every claim, save as a debt of honor."

He hopes that his dear prince will waive ceremony and bring his charming princess to dine quite en famille at his little pied ร  terre in the Champs ร‰lysรฉes.

I waive the probability of your statements, or the reasonableness of the doubts suggested.

In secret Germany has long been an apostate to the balance-of-power theory; the war has caused her to drop the mask, and it was without doubt her resolve never to submit to the chains of the balance in Europe, which forced three other States to waive their differences and form the Triple Entente.

There are fifty thousand pounds for us in that house yonder, and I waive my share.

" "Yet," spoke up Dorothy quickly, "it must surely be possible to waive all claim in such cases?"

And as added inducement we're willing to waive initiation fee and dues.

They are older than myself by twelve, and ten, years; and neither of them seems disposed, in matters of advice and guidance, to waive any of the prerogatives which primogeniture confers.

" "Brother," said Mrs. Wilson, "you would oblige me greatly by asking his lordship to waive ceremony; his visits to Bolton castle will probably be frequent, now we have peace; and the owner is so much from home that we may never see him without some such invitation.

Marston touched his hat, and said "I don't stand on forms with you, doctor, and you, I know, will waive ceremony with me.

About to waive the temptation, Mr. Heatherbloom paused; the idea was capable of modification or expansion.

" "I'll waive the notice," suggested the young man at the window quickly.

Booker Washington says that when the negro has something that we want, or can perform a task that we want done, we waive the color line, and the race problem then ceases to be a problem.

"His other plea of privilege our author brings forward to waive it.

"Are you not willing to waive the formality of an oath, Mr. Tutt?" asked the judge in slight impatience.

The fat salesman does the appearing act next, dragging his suitcase; waived formality and asked me if I would have a drink.

William was willing to waive some of his prerogatives as a sovereign for such a kingdom as England, which made him the most powerful monarch in Western Europe, since he ruled the fairest part of France and the whole British realm, the united possession of both Saxons and Danes, with more absolute authority than any feudal sovereign at that time possessed.

It simply wouldn't occur to him that a girl might be prepared to give up her life's happiness rather than waive her shark.

They said, "We will waive the moral question, for we talk to men without conscience, and we will instead make it a political one.

V. be neutral &c adj.; have no choice, have no election; waive, not vote; abstain from voting, refrain from voting; leave undecided; make a virtue of necessity [Two Gentlemen].

It went sorely against her will to waive this point.

But even this concession failed to satisfy the objectors, the King of Hanover, among others, positively refusing to waive his precedence over any foreign prince.

The old Lord had, wisely enough, settled in his will that Lucia was to enjoy the interest of her fortune from the time that she came out, provided she did not marry without her guardian's leave; and Scoutbush, to avoid esclandre and misery, thought it as well to waive the proviso, and paid her her dividends as usual.

"Good girl," said the minister; "sometimes it is a form of righteousness to waive our doubts for those who are at once so dear and good as your father.

This prince was most jealous of his rights of hunting, which he would waive to no one.

Again, the States themselves had a clear right to waive the constitutional privilege intended for their benefit, and to prohibit by their own laws this trade at any time they thought proper previous to 1808.

I feel fully warranted in saying that Maine does not intend by this expression of her determination to run the line in a certain contingency to waive in the least degree her well-founded claim upon the General Government to run, mark, and establish it.

This right is denied by the Russian Government, which asserts that by the operation of the treaty of 1824 each party agreed to waive the general right to land on the vacant coasts on the respective sides of the degree of latitude referred to, and accepted in lieu thereof the mutual privileges mentioned in the fourth article.

It is competent, however, for the Senate to waive the usual and customary forms in this instance and consider the signatures of these last thirteen as good as though they had been obtained in open council.

It is, however, insisted by the advocates for the execution of the treaty that it was the intention of the Senate by their resolution of the 2d of March, 1839, to waive so much of the requirement of that of the 11th of June, 1838, as made it necessary that the assent of the different tribes should be given in council.

Moreover Uncle Phil had just written that he would waive the ten dollar automobile tax for December in consideration of the approach of Christmas, possibly also in consideration of his nephew's fairly creditable showing on the new leaf of the ledger though he did not say so.

Some day I'll exact full penance for all you've made me suffer but just now we'll waive that and go over to the Plaza and have a high tea and talk.

It was, however, rejected, Maryland only voting for it, and so difficult did the subject appear that the patriots of that body agreed to waive it in the Articles of Confederation and leave it for future settlement.

When the reasons for his selection had been explained to him, and he was informed that his refusal must be construed as an act of disrespect to his sovereign, he decided that it was his duty to waive his religious scruples and other objections and show his esteem and loyalty for the Emperor of India.

But I waive the biographies of all other scriveners for a few passages in the life of Bartleby, who was a scrivener of the strangest I ever saw or heard of.

10 The case was Hesiod's; he the fable writ Some think with meaningsome, with idle wit: Perhaps 'tis either, as the ladies please; I waive the contest, and commence the lays.

We waive all comments.

Having drawn out this topic to so great a length, we waive all comments, and only say to the reader, in conclusion, ponder these things, and lay it to heart, that slaveholding "is justified of her children."

We waive all comments.

Having drawn out this topic to so great a length, we waive all comments, and only say to the reader, in conclusion, ponder these things, and lay it to heart, that slaveholding "is justified of her children."

If it be thought better to waive rigorous and nice discussions of right and to make the modification an act of friendship and of compensation for favors received, the passage of such a bill will then be the answer.

The inherent generosity of his nature obliged him often to waive his convictions in behalf of others, and thus to abandon the receipt of considerable sums.

" "We will waive that ceremony," said I. "And allow me to welcome you to Newport and the Millard.

We'll waive that question: there's eternity To answer that in.

" "Well, waive the point for the present: I am open to conviction.

I might point out that such an arrest would accomplish absolutely nothing, for you haven't the slightest evidence against me and can get none, but I waive that point because I want to show you that, even in so simple an effort against us as this, you would inevitably fail.

The other charges we will for the time waive," said the General, drawing himself up with a fine hauteur.

Mr. Wilson makes no compromise with existing conditions; concedes not one point to the second-rate standards that we supinely accept; faces the question of cost, that basic difficulty which most theoretical educators waive aside, and which the public never dreams of trying to meet and overcome.

The Bey also persisted in his intention of pressing American vessels into his service; but he waived this claim in the case of national ships, and promised not to take merchantmen, if he could possibly do without them.

Even his wife and children were not to be restored to him; for, in a secret stipulation with the Pacha, Lear had waived for four years the execution of that article of the treaty.

Yet our fierce Sanhedrim, in restless rage, Against our absent hero still engage, 720 And chiefly urge, such did their frenzy prove, The only suit their prince forbids to move, Which, till obtain'd, they cease affairs of state, And real dangers waive for groundless hate.

Rail at me abundantly; and, not to break a custom, do it without wit: by this method you will gain a considerable point, which is, wholly to waive the answer of my arguments.

Having received a proposal to republish the book in its present convenient and inexpensive form, I gladly accepted it, having first sought and received an obliging assurance from Messrs. Macmillan that they would waive all their claims to the contrary in my favour.

As to the rents, we must waive our agreements while the war lasts.

But whether it were better man had been By nature bound to good, not free to sin, 550 I waive, for fear of splitting on a rock, The tale I tell is only of a cock; Who had not run the hazard of his life, Had he believed his dream, and not his wife: For women, with a mischief to their kind, Pervert with bad advice our better mind.

While I do not agree that any human being can be the property of another, I will waive that point; and I have given no aid to any undertaking which contemplated taking from any man what he himself considered to be his property, and what the laws of the land accorded him as his property.

(How far silence is prudence, depends upon circumstances: I waive that question.)

In certain instances, too, it is better to waive the analysis which might be made under rule third, and to take both or all the terms together, under the rule for the main relation.

But she is not content to waive any of those Divine Rights with which her Founder endowed her, even in return for the greatest privileges; still less is she content to receive those privileges under false pretences. . . .

Because of the determined opposition of his own family, Walker had promised his wife that he would not go to Kansas without her consent; and President Buchanan was so anxious on the point that he personally called on Mrs. Walker and persuaded her to waive her objections.

Bulgaria for its own part naturally refused to waive its claim to central Macedonia, well knowing that the master of the Vardar valley is master of the Balkan peninsula.

Then mounting his stout mare, he once more waived his hand with an air of courtliness to his hostess, and was soon out of sight.

The Shah Zada offered the woman a considerable sum of money if she would waive her claim to right of personally inflicting the punishment on the delinquent, and allow the man to be delivered over to his officers of justice, promising a punishment commensurate with the crime he had committed.

'But my principal, though the challenged party, is willing to waive the choice of weapons.

But perhaps Stephens would have been willing to waive this point.

The easiest way is to waive examination and let the grand jury throw the case out of the window!" Delany heard this announcement with intense relief, for it let him out.

" "Why did you waive examination?" Hogan suddenly felt a lump swelling in his pharynx.

"Did anybody ask you to waive examination?" The swelling in Hogan's fat neck grew larger.

" "Have either you or Mr. Hogan done anything as yetexcept to waive examination in the police court?" Mr. Simpkins turned hastily to Mr. Hogan, who realized that things were going badly.

" "Well, that might be a question, but we will waive the technicalities.

Any person entitled to any of the exemptions mentioned in this section does not waive his rights thereto by failing to designate or select such exempt property or by failing to object to a levy thereon, unless failing or refusing so to do when required to make such designation or selection by the officers about to levy.

I waive my rank for the sweet privilege of killing this liar.

But if it has that right toward these individuals, it certainly may say, by Act of Congress, if we choose, that it will not waive it except upon conditions which shall secure it from any further trouble.

" "I really cannot waive my right on account of your bilious attack," said the Major haughtily.

But he may, if he chooses, waive this privilege; yet he may, at any time during the session of the committee, reassume his inherent prerogative of governing the craft at all times when in his presence, and therefore take the chair.

"We will waive the matter of recommendations from the Starr people.

" "Shall we waive the reading of the indictment?" asked Charlton's counsel.

Be this as it may, the castle was entirely abandoned, and the British flag waived on its walls by this daring officer, to the surprise and admiration of all the fleet.

Loney, waited upon the authorities of Salem, and after the usual formalities, surrendered the prisoners into their handsstating that the British Government waived their right to try and punish the prisoners, in favor of the United States, against whom the principal offence had been committed.

The other instance of the steward's jeopardy was this; when the repast was ended, one of the gentlemen coolly requested him to waive all delicacy, and point out the place in which the captain's money was concealed.

He knew he had studied hard, but he remembered the air with which Henry and Ranney waived him off.

I asked Major Drummond how soon it might be convenient for General Arnold to receive me, and he sent a young ensign to headquarters, who presently returned saying that General Arnold was making the rounds and would waive ceremony and stop at our post on his return.

" "Very well, then," said Stubb, "I waive my objections for sociability's sake.

If the boys should appear not much interested in the proposal, the teacher might, at his own discretion, waive it.

"Speaking, however, as man to man, let me say that I would gladly waive whatever show my overcoat may contribute to theertotal effect to which you refer.

dispensa*: in this case, permission from the bishop or other dignitary to waive the formalities preceding a wedding in the Catholic church.

The censor's charge I'll not repeat, The meddlers kindled the war's white heat Vain intermeddlers and malign, Both of the palm and of the pine; I waive the thoughtwhich never can be rife Common's the crime in every civil strife:

Mrs. Lawrence made some slight reply, and waived the subject.

I therefore begged him to waive the subject now, if not forever.

In deference, therefore, to such high authorities, I shall waive any advantage which I might claim on account of a quotation from the works of a native historian, and proceed to show, from the reasonableness of the thing itself, that those towers which you state "were certainly never belfries," were in fact belfries, and were never any thing else.

โ€œWeโ€™ll waive proof of property and that sort of thing,โ€ I remarked, with, I fear, the hope of detaining her.

"I cannot tell you whyat least not yet; but toto confer a very particular obligation upon me, will you waive this point?"

"EnoughI waive all apologies; they only prolong an interview singularly distasteful to me for many reasons.

I can not waive a compliance with a request urged upon me by so large and respectable a number of my fellow-citizens.

I pray you, then, to waive your own desire, But if it please you otherwise, then speak!

This was evident now as she waived her young son's affairs.