1398 examples of walked to in sentences

"Did not the dog disturb her when he barked?" Mr. Axtell had walked to the lounge from which I had risen, still speaking in the voice that has much of tone without much sound.

" The lord of Brisetout walked to and fro with his hands behind his back.

" Jack turned away and walked to the window, his face a deep scarlet.

He had so often walked to and fro with his short, discreet, maniacal step, hearing, seeing, and surprising everything!

And after the silence had worn his self-control to the breaking point he rose and walked to the dining room and stood looking down into the yard.

Then added: "Ah, the children have been to church," and walked to the window and looked at the tulips.

Sonia walked to the table and again opened her bag.

On Mar. 27th, a very rainy day, I walked to Bury to attend the funeral of my uncle William Biddell, near Diss, and on Mar. 30th

I walked to the mouth of the river (more than two miles) passing a nice little place called Sandford, with a hotel and a lot of lodgings for summer sea-people.

They walked to the stable, half gone to ruin like the rest of the estate.

" They walked to a gunsmith's shop in the Strand, where Tom had often dealt, and sold the pistols for some three pounds.

One afternoon toward the end of August, he and Alison rode the Nuuanu bus to the end of the line and walked to the bamboo grove that Mo had shown him.

Joe walked to the Elliot Bay Book Company and asked a woman at the cash register if he could buy a gift certificate.

" The two men walked to the door together.

As soon as he had despatched Kinch on his errand, Mr. Walters put on his hat and walked to the office of the mayor.

Charlie folded up the papers with a despairing sigh, and walked to the post-office to mail a letter to Mrs. Bird that he had written the previous evening.

"Do you call it that," he said, "when a man lays down his life for his friends?" He turned away with the words as if he could endure no more, and walked to the end of the room.

She arose and walked to the vine-covered wall, followed by Bobby Browne.

He then walked to the door leading into the balcony, and to the opposite one, and ascertained that they were both closed.

" Trove walked to the bench and stood a moment looking out of a window.

The other made no reply, but rising slowly, walked to the door without a word.

"Poor little beggar!" said John Mortimer to his father, as they all walked to the inn together; "those two women will mope that boy into his grave if they don't look out.

Coronado rose, walked to his horse, took two small packages out of his saddle-bags and slipped them slily into his boots, and then carried the bags to where the chiefs sat in council.

[Illustration: "Mary Pennington, aged two years, three months, and ten days"] Bud Perkins walked to the freshly-made mound where his father lay, and scattered his posies over it.

He rose at last with a tear trickling down his cheek, and walked to and fro in his garden.

1398 examples of  walked to  in sentences