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126 example sentences with  walking-sticks

126 example sentences with walking-sticks

The entertainment continued, and waxed more noisy than ever, the performers hammering the table with a ruler and two walking-sticks to add zest to the choruses.

They had stopped now, at the end of the ride; the man talking earnestly, it seemed; Miss Morriston standing with head bent down and scoring the grass with her walking-stick as though in doubt or consideration.

Here she maintains that only the children of the comparatively poor ride upon their fathers' walking-sticks or construct coaches of chairs, that this "is not a proof of imagination but of an unsatisfied desire," and that rich children who own ponies and who drive out in motor-cars "would be astonished to see the delight of children who imagine themselves to be drawn along by stationary armchairs."

The body of the church was of very modest dimensions, and the eaves so low that I could touch them with my walking-stick.

But before he had finished speaking Crewe had left him and was following the K.C. Holymead had gone into the house without a walking-stick, and had reappeared carrying one on his arm.

His suspicions were directed to Holymead when he saw the latter carrying away a walking-stick from Riversbrook after his visit of condolence to Miss Fewbanks.

A question arises as to the source from which he obtained the means for these and subsequent luxuries, in striking contrast with Goldsmith's walking-stick, knapsack, and flute.

The old gentleman slowly drew a pattern upon the gravelled walk with the end of his walking-stick.

There was a heavy walking-stick by his side, which they recognized as one that the Englishman had carried.

That was all very well for him, but another juryman arose, amidst roars of laughter, and lifted up a hard, wooden-bottomed chair, and beat it with his heavy walking-stick.

The value of an oak walking-stick in the Hebrides.

Not so much as a walking-stick.

and as even now a walking-stick chair is generally carried along for our behoof, we seldom or ever remain at home when all the rest of the party trudge off to some "bushy bourne or mossy dell."

The men carried canes or walking-sticks,the wands of Moses and Aaron.

The Vicomte, with an air of amused contempt, was choosing a steak for his dinner, using his gold-ferruled walking-stick to direct the butcher how to cut it out, while his servant stood ready with a plate.

My uncle, who was trembling, stood still, with both his hands resting heavily on his walking-stick; I, feeling very feverish, walked up and down before him, taking long strides.

Hilda gazed at her master with anxiety as he deposited his black walking-stick in the corner behind the door and loosed his white muffler and large overcoat (which Dayson called an 'immensikoff.')

She shrugged her shoulders impatiently and swung her walking-stick before her in an attempt to remain unconcerned.

He had supported himself, up to 1812, almost entirely by his pen: and the goose-quill is rarely a staff, though it may sometimes be a walking-stick.

Then a third man thrust a thick walking-stick through the two loops.

At this moment one of the "gentlemen," standing in front of her, deliberately took his walking-stick, and, with the point of it, lifted up her clothes as high as the knee.

Its teeth and jaws are of enormous power; with them it can cut through the branch of a tree as thick as a walking-stick at one snap, and, as we have said, it gnaws through thick trees themselves.

Haven't you a walking-stick?

Look at the embarrassment which a nervous young man shows about the disposal of his hands; how he thrusts them into his trouser pockets, hangs them by their thumbs from the arm-holes of his waistcoat, or gives them a walking-stick to play with.

With one side supported by the stout Isham, and his other hand resting on the shoulder of the good little Peggy, who bore up as strongly under it as if she had been a big walking-stick, Lawrence slowly made his way to the house.

Inger might well think to herself at times how she had seen finer men; handsome gentlemen with walking-sticks and handkerchiefs and starched collars to wearoh, those gentlemen of the town!

And the same with his stickhis walking-stick.

For, to tell the truth, he had taken with him both spring coat and walking-stick for the journey.

Oh, Barbro, she had lived in Bergen, she knew how to jeer at a man; she had seen real walking-sticks, and could ask now what he wanted to go swinging a patched-up umbrella handle like that for.

Butit was too bad, this business with Eleseus, this clerk, who came swaggering about with his walking-stick and all his fine talk.

He walked back homeno walking-stick, no whistling.

When he arrived from home with his two hundred Kroner, the city was waiting for him with old accounts outstanding, and when those were paid, well, he had to get a proper walking-stick, and not the remains of an umbrella.

Ready to go himself, too, by the look of it; in a fine blue suit, white collar, galoshes, and a walking-stick.

The chimpanzee generally walks upright, supported by the branch of a tree, after the manner of a walking-stick.

It made one think of a college town at home on the eve of the great game, so keen and happy seemed all these fit young menofficers swinging by with their walking-sticks, soldiers spinning yarns in smoky cafesfor the great game of war.

I am, however, of the walking-stick order, and think I am thinner than I was at home.

Walters wrapped his severe figure in a frock-coat and brushed his hair, and allowed himself the dignity of a walking-stick.

And then he saw to his amazement that Miss Cuyler was still with him, standing by the curb and beating it with his heavy walking-stick as calmly as though she were playing golf, and looking keenly up and down the street for possible aid.

Pretty then had the bitter misery of seeing his good sword wrenched from his hand and broken across the knee of the Senior, who very magnificently told him that he must never appear on the campus again with a walking-stick.

It was now Pretty who came to him for the advance of cash enough to buy a walking-stick of the following superb description: a thoroughly even, straight-grained bit of hickory-wood, tapered like a billiard-cue, an inch and a half

But while Pretty was flicking the dirt at the end of his toe with his walking-stick, and wondering if he really cared to go any farther, the tramps moved toward him quickly.

You may grow a walking-stick here, but you must import a wooden leg."

Mr. Heath came and went from the city where her father was, without receiving any other notice than she would have bestowed on a peaceful walking-stick; his attentions to her during his visits were unequivocal; she accepted them as nonchalantly as from a waiter at table.

"Did you notice if he was carrying anything?" "He had a walking-stick in his hand.

"What sort of walking-stick?" "I couldn't see very distinctly.

Now, young men about town, on two walking-sticks, in the year of grace 1900, meant only one thing.

[Footnote 53: My staff was always the handle of an ax an inch or two longer than an ordinary walking-stick.

In he stappit her into a closit, and, after shutting the door on her, he sat down upon a chair, pretending to be asleep in the twinkling of a walking-stick.

"Well, what I noticed was the fact that as soon as he entered the place he put his walking-stick into the umbrella-stand over there by the door, close by where he stood, a most unusual thing for a casual caller to do, before even knowing whether you were in.

Of course, when I first missed the tracings, they were in this walking-stick, safe enough, and I was tearing my hair out within arm's reach of them!"

On reaching the leviathan, the passengers rushed up hastily, and, armed with walking-sticks or umbrellas, planted themselves like sentries on the deck.

A certain number of blows, if given with a dog-whip, would inflict no injury beyond the momentary pain, whereas the same number inflicted with a heavy walking-stick might lame a man for life.

There is no closet in which walking-sticks, umbrellas, and cloaks are deposited; the women have their hair all in confusion like a poodle dog, and the kerchief perched on the top of the head, or in a knot tied in front with the corners in a rosette, or if you prefer it, a cockade, which threatens the eye in the same manner as those of the country mules.

Nae sooner had I spoken the word, than the twa, looking round the shop, spied the beastie sitting upon the shelf girning at them, and putting out his tongue, and wiggle-waggling his walking-stick ower his left elbow, as if he had been playing upon the fiddle.

In passing he stumbled heavily against Kent; there was a thick-tongued oath, and Loring struck out smartly with his walking-stick.

It was the mark of a woman's boot, only to be distinguished from that of a walking-stick by its semicircular form.

He cut off the clover tops with his walking-stick.

The young men among the slaves wear white trousers, black stocks, broad-brimmed hats, and carry walking-sticks; and from the bowings, curtseying and greetings in the highway one might almost imagine one's self to be at Hayti and think that the coloured people had got possession of the town and held sway, while the whites were living among them by sufferance."

"I beg pardon?" "Never mind, I merely wanted to assure you that I have some olive spats, a high hat, and a walking-stick, but I left them at my hotel.

If St. Paul's begins to totter it is no good propping it up with half a dozen walking-sticks, and small palliatives have no legitimate place at all in this discussion.

Oh, they know too well in Parisa rataplan from the walking-stick on his back, that would be the answer; and a, 'My good fellow, we are not hiring professors of patience, but legs.'

The grisini are bread idealized, bread under the form of walking-sticks a third of a little finger in diameter, and from which every the least particle of crumb has been carefully eliminated.

He came down again with his lips hard set, knocking each step sharply with his walking-stick.

Mr. Ruddiman never carried a walking-stick; that would have seemed to him to be arrogating a social position to which he had no claim.

When I look at that face as white as chalk, no bigger than my fist, those feet like walking-sticks, and that shrunken figure, wrapped up in a plaid during the hottest of weathers, I am truly sorry for him.

That beautiful house of the Cossar boys was just like a walking-stick thrust into a wasps' nest, in no time.

He found himself in a kind of hall similar to the faรงade with a Gothic fireplace of alabaster imitating oak, great jars of porcelain, pipes the size of walking-sticks, and old armor adorning the walls.

In one hand he carried his walking-stick and his hat, which he had removed, and the other hung heavily by his side.

Great numbers of walking-sticks are made of it, as for this purpose no other native wood equals it in beauty and strength.

Their badge of authority was a walking-stick and a piece of paper fluttering from a buttonhole.

So Gadabout took plenty of time to run up Back River, feeling her way cautiously with a sounding-pole, like some fat old lady with a walking-stick.

Near the close of his life he wrote in his will: "My fine crabtree walking-stick with a gold head, curiously wrought in the form of a cap of Liberty, I give to my friend, and the friend of mankind, General Washington.

With a stout walking-stick in one hand, and in the other a book, he strode forward, still more swiftly as it seemed at every stride.

She had her hat on, and was taking her walking-stick from the stand.

He has on a black, broad-brimmed hat, and carries a walking-stick.

He said that an actor who was to perform the character of Kent in the play of "King Lear," had dressed himself like a doctor, with a large grizzle wig, having a walking-stick, which he held up to his nose, and a box under his arm.

We're a wonderful people, Burgess; we'll beat our walking-sticks into bayonets if Mr. Beauregard insists on saying boo to us too many times in succession. . . .

Berkley swung around, levelled his walking-stick, and indicated the pit of his servant's stomach: "Your face is talking now; wait till that begins to yell.

he hummed to himself, walking-stick under his chin, his new hat not absolutely straight on his well-shaped head.

Through it as through an aureole one saw that twelve inches of green wood had been cut in two as neatly as a thistle-stem is severed by a sharp blow from a walking-stick.

Not satisfied with this success, Bob went indoors and looted the hall of three walking-sticks and Margery's new sunshade.

In her hand she held a walking-stick.

Trove was idly brushing the mat of grass with a walking-stick.

It was like visiting some imposing British Museum and finding its galleries and glass cases filled with specimens of London mud, of common mortar, of broken walking-sticks and cheap tobacco.

In his opponent's biceps, or shall flick His shoulders with a slender walking-stick.

His hat, collar, tie, and waistcoat were awry; his boots were slung on the walking-stick over his shoulder; stuck in his mouth and lit was a twist of root-fibre, such as country boys use for lack of cigars, and he himself had used, forty years before.

"I tell you, Agricole, you didn't have it with you; Frowenfeld, you haven't seen a big knotted walking-stick?"

Frowenfeld was sure no walking-stick had been left there.

A familiar instance of this action is afforded by a flexible walking-stick.

For the doctor had hardly been gone a half hour when I found my husband, deep in thought but of a cheerful countenance, sitting in his room and examining a walking-stick which he had ferreted out of a closet full of old things.

I was wet to the skin and in no amiable humor; and not being able to find bell-pull or knocker, or even a door, I belabored the side of the house with my heavy walking-stick.

The goblin went down into the hold of the ship, but soon came up with a walking-stick in his hand, and pointed it at the canoe.

I ran into my room, found a heavy walking-stick and set off for Batesโ€™

He carried an umbrella little thicker than a walking-stick, and wrote out his list of dishes with a massive gold pencil.

First, a small outer chamber which he dignified with the title of Salle d'Attente, but which, as it was mainly furnished with old boots, umbrellas and walking-sticks, and contained, by way of accommodation for visitors only a three-legged stool and a door-mat, would have been more fitly designated as the hall.

"Ah!" said a much older, grey-headed man, who had been listening sitting with his hands reposing on his walking-stick before him, and who spoke with a sort of patient, long-expecting hope and a deep sigh, "ah!

As the gate had opened and closed, on the bricks of the pavement was heard only the tap of his stout walking-stick; for he was gouty and wore loose low shoes of the softest calfskin, and these made no noise except the slurring sound of slippers.

As he did so, everything in the roomthe chairs, the curtains, the rugs, the card-table, the punch-bowl, the other walking-sticks, and the rubbers and umbrellas-seemed to say in an affectionate chorus: "Well, now that you are in safe for the night, we feel relieved.

When William Morris, for example, says that 'love is enough,' it is obvious that he asserts in those words that art, science, politics, ambition, money, houses, carriages, concerts, gloves, walking-sticks, door-knockers, railway-stations, cathedrals and any other things one may choose to tabulate are unnecessary.

Adaptive evolution of cryptic coloration: the shape of host plants and dorsal stripes in Timema walking-sticks.