90 examples of wall-paper in sentences

Leon Beauchene, the founder of the works, had been dead a year, and his son Alexandre had succeeded him and married Constance Meunier, daughter of a very wealthy wall-paper manufacturer of the Marais, at the time when Mathieu entered the establishment, the master of which was scarcely five years older than himself.

The wall-paper was gloomy, and the furniture was of dark mahogany upholstered in faded blue nankeen, but there were numerous candles in candelabra upon the tables and in sconces upon the walls which gave an air of festivity even to these sombre surroundings.

Her eye fastened on a circular portion of the wall-paper pattern, and she felt that the whole room was revolving about her.

"It was the pattern of the wall-paper that made me feel dizzy."

That one in which Adam names the animals is so delightfully naive that it ought to be reproduced as a nursery wall-paper.

The room was ugly in a pleasant Putneyish way, with a couple of engravings after B.W. Leader, R.A., a too realistic wall-paper, hot brown furniture with ribbed legs, a carpet with the characteristics of a retired governess who has taken to drink, and a black cloud on the ceiling over the incandescent burners.

The New Spiritthat is, the devilis in that wall-paper.

Not that she was coldthe small room, which looked even smaller on account of its huge flaming furniture and the enormous roses on its carpet and wall-paper, was as hot as a furnacebut because she was abashed by her own speech and by his curious reception of it.

And I want you to take the money from that particular little corner of your purse where my carpet and wall-paper and curtains, that were to new-furnish my room on my leaving school, are metaphorically rolled up.

"Well, it's a courtesy title," I said, "but really in these hard times we have reduced economy to such a fine art that I thought a wall-paper with body in it might help matters.

Wall-paper as usual during the War.

A shell hole of large proportions had rent a gash in the outer front wall, leaving the window woodwork, bricks and wall-paper piled up in a heap on the floor, partially obliterating a large writing desk.

The wall-paper looked like pale green silk, and the candles were reflected in it as they were reflected in the crystals of the chandelier.

The white wall-paper evidently concealed squared logs.

The effect of the pallor of a bedroom wall-paper against smoke-blackened masonry, where some corner of a house sticks up like a tall, serrated column out of the confusion, remains obstinately in the memory, symbolising, somehow, the grand German deed.

The audience could see directly through the glass, and the wall-paper would still destroy the illusion.

He was indifferent to mere visible luxury, or how could he have endured the shabby drugget, the cheap, country wall-paper with its design of dreadful roses on a white watered ground?

Down the white ground of the wall-paper an endless succession of pink nosegays ascended and descended between parallel stripes of blue.

There is no colour in the dark, but as soon as light is admitted, a thing that we call green, such as a leaf or a wall-paper, has the power of selecting and reflecting the green rays, and rejecting all rays that are not green.

I made a piller for her out'n some rolls of wall-paper, but the Major had to get along as best he could.

" He left the room, leaving Bogle alone, to listen to the melancholy rustle of peeling wall-paper within and the steady crackling of bullets without.

The rooma large and high onewas furnished barely and like an officewith a red flock wall-paper, a brown linoleum on the floor, and in the centre of the linoleum a bulky roll-top desk and a Windsor chair.

He saw innumerable carafes and basins and beds, the wall-paper whistling, the rats scuttling, and lines of cigarette-ends, black and yellow, moving in trails like worms across the boards.

She counted the lines and dots on the wall-paper.

Roses and nightingales recur in their poetry with the monotonous elegance of a wall-paper pattern.

90 examples of  wall-paper  in sentences
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