638 examples of waltzing in sentences

The two rose and made ready for the dance; Conroy placing Johnnie in waltzing position, and instructing her solicitously.

This waltzing andand such thingsought to be stopped.

These burst open, and out of each football of white paper came kittens, turtles, snakes, chickens, ducks, and finally two white rabbits with silly pink eyes that began gravely waltzing round and round the room.

cried Mollie, taking Amy in a waltzing hold and whirling about the room with her, while she hummed a dreamy song.

His eyes, however, soon had pleasanter occupation; for as soon as Rosa touched the piano, Floracita began to float round the room in a succession of graceful whirls, as if the music had taken her up and was waltzing her along.

He couldn't talk the theatre, for he hadn't time to go, And, though he knew that hay was high, and butter rather low, He couldn't say the airy things that other men rehearse, While his waltzing was so rusty that he didn't dare reverse.

And his waltzing divine.

To where she stood came the strident sounds of the mechanical piano-player, for some of the gay party were waltzing in the hall.


She wore a white satin gown, short in the skirt, for the luxury of freedom in waltzing, and made with Quaker-like simplicity, the bodice high to the throat, fitting her like a sheath.

Waltzing is the only sort of dance in fashion at Dresden, excepting now and then a Polonaise.

Miss Moses of the Minories, With Mr. Wicks of Wapping, May love such light tracasseries, Such shuffle shoe and hopping: Miss Hicks, the belle of Holywell, And pride of Norton Falgate, In waltzing may the world excel,

The music again struck up, and dancing was resumed with fresh vigor,the waltzing of all other couples being quite eclipsed by that of Young New York and little Straw-Goods, who had effectually got rid of her tipsy persecutor ever since the ground-swell, and was keeping rather in the background of late, with a sober-minded lady whom she called "aunty.

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A rich, single aunt, but not on terms, on account of No. 14's love of waltzing.

Has a great objection to waltzing.

I paid a visit in the course of the afternoon to the fencing-room; but being the hour of recreation, I found about thirty lusty cadets, votaries to Terpsichore, all waltzing and polking merrily to a fiddle, ably wielded by their instructor: as their capabilities were various, the confusion was great, and the master bewildered; but they all seemed heartily enjoying themselves.

The performance was wonderful, but I could not help thinking of all these poor animals had gone through in learning all these incredible feats; each horse responding to his own name, each dog barking in response to his; two dogs hanging a third, cutting him down, when he lay apparently dead, other dogs driving in, in a cart, and carrying away the body; others waltzing on their hind legs, and others jumping the rope.

Light as the waves foaming white on the bar, We dance to the mandolin, harp, and guitar; One, two, three, waltzing we glide round the room, Would you were bride, and ah, would I were groom!

you'll pardon me now, Being so near them suggests, you'll allow, That the happiest thing e'er a mortal could do, Would be to be ever thus waltzing with you.

The skull of the waltzing clowns.

At the garden gate; The rainbow; Waltzing mice.

TAMARA Where waves of the Terek are waltzing In Dariel's wickedest pass, There rises from bleakest of storm crags An ancient grey towering mass.

Minister Wu made no comment at the time, but in the evening when he was a spectator at a ball given in his honor, after watching the waltzing and two-stepping for half an hour, he remarked to his host: "Why don't you make the negroes do that for you, too?"

638 examples of  waltzing  in sentences