7920 examples of wander in sentences

In those speeches the new academician did ample justice to the memory of his predecessor; and though his harangue was decorated with the colours of eloquence, and was, for that reason, called panegyric, yet, being pronounced before qualified judges, who knew the talents, the conduct, and morals of the deceased, the speaker could not, with propriety, wander into the regions of fiction.

I was surprised, for I knew that in this part of the world young women, at least those of the upper classes, to which the costume and tastes of this one showed her to belong, were not allowed to wander about the country by themselves; but although I stood still and watched the young lady for some time, no companion appeared upon the scene.

She had seen it when a little girl, but never since, and had been afraid to wander very far in this direction by herself.

Sundays were the longest days of all, days when he was forced to idleness and weary thoughts; nothing to do but wander about over the place, counting up all that should have been done.

And oft within a little day 'Mid comets fierce 'tis mine to stray, And wander o'er the Milky-way To catch a Poet's dream.

And Dionysushimself the centre of all joywas persecuted by the Queen of Heaven and compelled to wander in the world.

There was one who used to wander through the woods that bordered the mountains in whose shadow stood Domrémy,one whose works had glorified her name in the England and the France that made a martyr of her.

I declare, there is something eminently beautiful in the idea of making the Jew yield his wealth up to Andronic, and saying he will wander from Venice,his staff his only wealth.

And then I see all frightful shapeslank ghosts, Hydras, chimeras, krakens, wastes of sand, Herbless and void of living voicetall mountains Cleaving the skies with height immeasurable, On which perchance I climb for infinite years; broad seas, Studded with islands numberless, that stretch Beyond the regions of the sun, and fade Away in distance vast, or dreary clouds, Cold, dark, and watery, where wander I for ever!

And so it was that I won the heart to wander far and near, Caring neither for land nor lassie, but the bonnie dun deer.

And then another dream; A flashso quick, I could not bear the blaze; I could not see the smoke among the light To wander out through unknown lands, and lead You by the hand through hamlet, port, and town, On, on, until we died; and stand each day To glory in you, as you preached and prayed From rock and bourne-stone, with that voice, those words, Mingled with fire and honeyyou would wake, Bend, save whole nations!

The afternoon's wander to windward, To meet the dear boy coming back; And to catch, down the turns of the valley, The last weary chime of the pack.

This must be a sort of easy style, and yet not utterly without rules, so that it may seem to range at freedom, not to wander about licentiously.

"If I am banished the house, I shall wander round it night and day like a ghost.

" "Want me to let him wander around loose and kill another manin self-defence?"

And the bright band now around me, from their home perchance will rove, In their strength no more depending on my constant care and love; But my first-born still shall wander, from the sky in dreams to rest Their soft cheeks and shining tresses on an earthly mother's breast.

To tread the silent grove oft wander I, When all's asleep.

Add to these, That having gain'd a virtuous maiden's love, One fairly priz'd at twenty times his worth, He let her wander houseless from his door To seek new friends and find elsewhere a home.

On her route, where the river curved around the foot of a gentle sloping hill in the shadows of old forest trees, was made a rural cemetery; so pleasant were its quiet paths and its cool shades in summer, that the living loved to wander there.

The Grave Yard. Let us wander by this winding road to the place of graves, the great charnel house where so many, who were formerly actors on life's busy stage, have laid them down in the sleep of death.

Why should we wander in the fields of fiction, to cull fancy's flowers to feast a morbid imagination, when there are so many thrilling incidents in the pathway of human life, calculated to awaken the most refined emotions, and stir the deepest currents of the human soul?

" Contemplations in a Grave Yard. 'Twas on one pensive even tide, When restless toil and day had fled; I laid all airy scenes aside, To wander o'er the silent dead.

As he continued to gaze up long and earnestly into the starry sky, his thoughts began to wander over the past and the present at random, and a cold shudder warned him that it was time to return to the hut.

There there were spaces where he might wander for miles, and over these spaces he wandered.

He would wander over the Downs as far as the hill above Wreckstone, but not farther, because there he came upon cultivated land, and the people, by reason of his depredations upon their root-crops, and inspired moreover by a sort of hostile timidity his big unkempt appearance frequently evoked, always came out against him with yapping dogs to drive him away.

7920 examples of  wander  in sentences