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641 examples of  wanderings  in sentences

641 examples of wanderings in sentences

It did not last, long, for to my dizzy brain there came the air which Elspeth had sung, that song of Montrose's which had been, as it were, the star of all my wanderings.

It was a curious pain which he had never felt in his sturdy little legs before in all his wanderings.

She also made him tell her the story of how he had got lost and of all the wonderful things that had happened to him in his wanderings in the wildernessthe people of the Mirage, and old Jacob and the savages, the great forest, the serpent, the owl, the wild horses and wild man, and the black people of the sky.

What impels them to these occasional wanderings it is difficult to guess; it is obviously not mere stress of weather; for in 1836, as I have remarked, they came early in autumn and continued resident until late in the spring; and their food, being mainly the buds of resinous trees, must have been as easy to get elsewhere as here.

To his daughter the Sachem was equally considerate, and none but the lightest toils of domestic Indian life were ever required from her; nor was any burden more weighty than her own bow and quiver ever laid upon her slender and graceful shoulders, when she followed her father in his frequent wanderings.

No wonder, then, that a high-spirited and active-minded youth of Henrich's age, should often forget that his wanderings were compulsory; and should feel cheerful, and even exhilarated, as he roamed through the boundless primeval forests, or crossed the summits of the ranges of lofty hills that occasionally lifted their barren crags above the otherwise unbroken sea of foliage.

Some Riverdale lads were beating about the woods, looking for lost cattle, and in their wanderings came to an old stone quarry that had been disused for years.

Will you see what we have done, and, perhaps, bring home, after long wanderings, a message for your country which may help to unravel the tangled web of this strange time?' 'I will,' said Lancelot, 'now, this moment.

She went, the apostle of her own unquiet heart, to renew the wanderings of past years.

O Thou, to whom I have looked in my furthest wanderings," continued the Quaker, raising his agitated eyes to Heaven, "inflict not upon the bloodiest of our persecutors the unmitigated agony of my soul, when I believed that all I had done and suffered for thee was at the instigation of a mocking fiend!

The tragic and interesting part of the novel is a vivid painting of the terrible sufferings of the ruined girl in her desolate wanderings, and of her trial for abandoning her infant child to death,the inexorable law of fate driving the sinner into the realms of darkness and shame.

" Europe and America were thrilled by the simple narrative of those twenty-two thousand miles of wanderings that brought into the light of day millions of human beings who had been as much unknown to us as though they inhabited Mars.

And this I do tell unto you; that thereby may you have some knowledge of the strangeness and the bitter loneliness of that place; which, in verity, did seem the expressing of all the lonesomeness of my wanderings.

The owner had stumbled, in his forest wanderings, on a spot where two mountain streams, after nearly meeting, parted again, and enclosed in a ring a hill some hundred feet high, before they finally joined each other below.

She had not been at all enthusiastic at his return, and she had inquired but little about his wanderings.

The words were: "DEAREST HEART,Your letter came to me after several wanderings.

Barnaby was acclaimed by a man in the ranks, Hugh, the rough hostler of the Maypole, whom Barnaby in his frequent wanderings had long known.

Once in their earlier wanderings they had made friends with a village schoolmaster, and now, when all hope seemed gone, it was this schoolmaster who brought the travellers into a peaceful haven.

Rarely in our wanderings did we find a German soldier of whatsoever rank who referred to his superior officer by name.

Read his description of his journey to the ancient Aragonese town of Tarazona, picturesquely situated on the River Queiles, of his mule trip over the glorious Moncayo, of the peacefulness and quiet of the old fortified monastery of Veruela, and you will surely feel inspired to follow him in his wanderings.

Roe immediately left with another party, and, after experiencing trouble in tracking the erratic wanderings of the unfortunates, came upon most of them hopelessly regarding a face of rock that stopped their march along the beach, unable to muster sufficient strength to climb it.

This, we were told, was the Tomb of Joseph, whose body, after having accompanied the Israelites in all their wanderings, was at last deposited near Shechem.

Wanderings on the prairieA war partyChased by IndiansA bold leap for life.

Landmark after landmark of peak or bold ridge took the angle of some recollected view of his five years' wanderings.

His wanderings therefore were in the districts of Rungpore and Dinajpur.]

And here I am with my large detachment, all well and merry, and all at dear beloved home again after our wanderings.

" His brother Sidney was at this time also in Europe with his wife and some other members of his family, and the brothers occasionally met in their wanderings to and fro.

From "The Wanderings of a Pilgrim.

Thou dost appear to-day as one of those earliest leaders, Who through deserts and wanderings guided the emigrant nations.

If we attempt to trace a particle of matter, we shall find its wanderings endless.

I never heard him quote a line, either his own or another's, nor indulge in a single poetic observation concerning the objects which met us in our wanderings.

In the midst of her mental wanderings she became conscious that Fleck was speaking to Carter.

During these wanderings, he wrote some of his most beautiful psalms.

The Bruce's wife, now Queen of Scotland, with several other ladies, accompanied her husband and his few followers during their wanderings.



And thus all these familiar forms of vegetable life, which we notice in our wanderings, but never understand, come and go, perish and rise againso quickly, too, that we have no time to listen to what they say; we only feel that the song which they sing along the waysides of the world is ever joyous and ever sad.

In the first place he appealed by virtue of his subject-matterthe desultory wanderings of Childe Harold traversed ground every mile of which was memorable to men who had watched the struggle which had been going on in Europe with scarcely a pause for twenty years.

With these sagacious hints for the consideration of my countrymen, I postpone for the present the subject of railways, and, in excuse for the length of my remarks, have only to plead a desire to make railway travelling in England more safe, and my future wanderings more intelligible.

What use the Crowns of Europe coming croppers If we are still to be the slaves of 'toppers'? "It speaks to me of many an ancient sore Of calls and cards and Sunday afternoon; Of hideous wanderings from door to door And choking necks and patent-leather shoon; 'The War is won,' as Mr. ASQUITH said, And all these evils are or should be dead.

" These words need to be supplemented by the verses with which he prefaced the "Wonderland": All in the golden afternoon Full leisurely we glide; For both our oars, with little skill, By little arms are plied, While little hands make vain pretence Our wanderings to guide.

Williams was acting as host, and listening with interest to Roy's account of their wanderings across the peninsula.

Since you are to share with me such foot-notes as may be made on the pages of my life during this summer's wanderings, I should not be quite silent as to this magnificent prologue to the, as yet, unknown drama.

To-morrow, therefore, we leave Romehere is, at last, the limit of our wanderings.

They seem like abodes of the Beautiful, which the soul in its wanderings long ago visited, and now recognizes and loves as the home of a forgotten dream.

If they were too often a moving cloud of smoke to me by day, yet they were always a pillar of fire throughout the night, during my wanderings through the wilderness of doubt, and enabled me to skirt, without crossing, the sandy desert of utter unbelief.

The next day, Sunday, at 10 A.M., she reached, in her wanderings, the house of John Beebe, near a place called Evans, having traveled constantly eighteen hours, and a distance of not less than twenty-five miles.

Text of 1818) Was it some sweet device of Faery That mocked my steps with many a lonely glade, And fancied wanderings with a fair-hair'd maid?

While I forlorn do wander reckless where, And 'mid my wanderings meet no Anna there.

Be witness for me, Lord, I do not ask Those days of vanity to return again (Nor fitting me to ask, nor thee to give), Vain loves and wanderings with a fair-hair'd maid, Child of the dust as I am, who so long

not those 'merrier days,' not the 'pleasant days of hope,' not 'those wanderings with a fair-hair'd maid,' which I have so often and so feelingly regretted, but the days, Coleridge, of a mother's fondness for her school-boy.

Among all "the strange dyes, strange colours, and curious odours, and work of the artist's hands," one never misses "the face of one's friend"; and, in all its wanderings, the soul never strays far from the white temples of the gods and the sound of running water.

In this first book of his, he tells of his wanderings during the first year of the war, as he tried (in vain) to witness the fighting in France.

We had to keep the Inca in our room in the hotel, and ..." Ferragut was not interested in the wanderings of the poor Indian monarch, snatched from the repose of his tomb....

"A rude noise broke on these fine ripplings and whisperings, at once so far away and so clear: a positive tramp, tramp; a metallic clatter, which effaced the soft wave-wanderings; as, in a picture, the solid mass of a crag, or the rough boles of a great oak, drawn in dark and strong on the foreground, efface the aerial distance of azure hill, sunny horizon, and blended clouds, where tint melts into tint.

the Pine Rat sometimes treads the streets of cities,nay, even extends his wanderings to the banks of the Delaware and the Hudson, to Philadelphia and Trenton, to Jersey City and New York.

Hence, I am now in the position of the fugitive Queen in the well-known passage, who, "haud ignara mali" herself, had learned to sympathise with those who were inheritors of her past wanderings.

Wanderings of a spiritualist.

A brief account of the wanderings of Albion Press no.6551.

A brief account of the wanderings of Albion Press no.6551.

SEE VANDERBILT ADVERTISING, INC. DE WATTEVILLE, VIVIENNE. Speak to the earth; wanderings and reflections among elephants and mountains.

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (PWH); 2Jan68; R426220. KINKEAD, MARGARET P. Walden's wanderings, by Henry Thoreau Walden, pseud.

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (PWH); 2Jan68; R426220. KINKEAD, MARGARET P. Walden's wanderings, by Henry Thoreau Walden, pseud.

In these moments, and with this spectacle before him, and contemplating these immeasurable consequences consciously for the last time that could allow him a retreat,impressed also by the solemnity and deep tranquillity of the silent dawn, whilst the exhaustion of his night wanderings predisposed him to nervous irritation,Caesar, we may be sure, was profoundly agitated.

And both attired in one cloth and wearied with hunger and thirst, in course of their wanderings, at last they came to a sheltered shed for travellers.

Or, perhaps he may come here of his own accord in course of his wanderings.

Mitchell in his wanderings saw several girls with beautiful features and figures.

After the great Teutonic wanderings were over, there came a long lull, until, with the discovery of America, a new period of even vaster race expansion began.

Finally, however, among these hunters one arose whose wanderings were to bear fruit; who was destined to lead through the wilderness the first body of settlers that ever established a community in the far west, completely cut off from the seaboard colonies.

Boon's claim to distinction rests not so much on his wide wanderings in unknown lands, for in this respect he did little more than was done by a hundred other backwoods hunters of his generation, but on the fact that he was able to turn his daring woodcraft to the advantage of his fellows.

It is curious that none of the Tennessee annalists have noticed the departure of this expedition; very, very few of the deeds and wanderings of the old frontiersmen have been recorded; and in consequence historians are apt to regard these few as being exceptional, instead of typical.

The wide wanderings of Boon and his fellow hunters made the country known and awakened in the minds of the frontiersmen a keen desire to possess it.

Let us make a slight acquaintance with this outer history of the Gauls; for it is well worth while to follow them a space upon their distant wanderings.

My "wilderness wanderings," oh, I fear they must be exceedingly protracted ere the hosts that have come out of Egypt with me fall; ere I can find in myself that blessed possession of the promised inheritance, which, I believe, in this life is the portion of the thorough Christian: "they that believe do enter into rest."

I should gratefully acknowledge the loving-kindness and tender mercy which, after all my wanderings, has again been shown: "I will prepare their heart, I will cause their ear to hear," was sweet to me this morning.

I have thought of the Israelitish wanderings, caused by faithless folly in refusing to "go up and possess the land."

He found on inquiry that he was several miles distant, his wanderings having covered more ground than he supposed.

Moreover, Josephine was at heart a royalist, and considered the Count de Lille, who, after so many agitations and wanderings, had found an asylum at Hartwell, in England, the legitimate King of France.

But though in pigmy wanderings dull I scour the deserts of his skull, I never find the face, eyes, teeth.

"In Miss Dillaye's work one sees the influence of her wanderings in many lands; the quaintness of Holland landscapes, the quiet village life in provincial France, the sleepy towns in Norway, and the quietude of English woods.

Some doubt or fear had crossed her mind, and her hands were folded together in a hopeless kind of way as, at Aunt Barbara's urgent request, she began the story of her wanderings.

In his narrative poem, "The Wanderings of Usheen", as well as in his plays and lyrics, he is of the best of thoseamong them we may mention by the way Dr. John Todhunter, Nora Hopper (Mrs. W.H. Chesson), and William Larminiewho have revealed to our day the strange beauty of the ancient creations of the Gaelic imagination.

She had, therefore, served some years' apprenticeship to the military life before these wanderings began; and she herself was destined to live to a good old age.

In the "autumn of this year, or the spring of the next"Sterne's memory failing in exactitude at the very point where we should have expected it to be most precise"my father obtained permission of his colonel to fix me at school;" and henceforth the boy's share in the family wanderings was at an end.

Only those who have bound themselves down on a European tour to an itinerary can understand the freedom and delight of idle wanderings such as ours.

He wished vaguely that the wanderings of Dill would bring them back to the Double-Crank country, instead of leading them always farther afield.

So I then turned westward, for I knew that I had crossed no road in my wanderings of the night, and I also knew that the main road from Warwick Court-House to Lee's Mill was at the west.

She has blundered along through the centuries, missing much of the work she was sent to do, and staining her garments not seldom with the soilure of greed and the blood of the innocent; but through all these generations the patient love of her Lord has been chastening her, and through many wanderings and stumblings she has come down to this hour.

By the time she reached Vienna on her restless wanderings, her health, shattered by hardships and by her anxiety for her friend, broke down completely.

Women are naturally as well fitted for swimming as men, since specific buoyancy is here more than a match for strength; but effort is often needed to secure for them those opportunities of instruction and practice which the unrestrained wanderings of boys secure for them so easily.

Rosa Bonheur, with her wanderings among mountains and pastures, alternating with the vigorous work of the studio, needed no other appliances for health.

ร†NE`AS, a Trojan, the hero of Virgil's "ร†neid," who in his various wanderings after the fall of Troy settled in Italy, and became, tradition alleges, the forefather of the Julian Gens in Rome. ร†NEAS SILVIUS

Ulysses and his companions in their wanderings landed on their shores, but the soothing influence of the lotus fruit so overpowered them with languor, that they felt no inclination to leave, or any more a desire to pursue the journey homewards.

The object of his wanderings through the English counties was, he said, to recruit his health, which had become affected by too close application to business, and to gratify his taste for angling, sketching, and so on.

Often and often, during her wanderings, had her thoughts dwelt anxiously on his discontents and calamities; she had made her sister or her father write to him when she could not write herselfthough Lord Findon indeed had been for long much out of patience with him; and during the last few months she herself had written every week.

Messrs. Percy Smith and Edward Tregear edit the valuable journal of the Polynesian Association; the former has made a special study of the origin and wanderings of the Maori race, the latter has produced the Comparative Maori-Polynesian Dictionary.

If one may judge by appearances, it is but slightly used by travelers, for it seems to lead nowhere, and is quite content in its wanderings, winding through caรฑons, over hills, and down valleys.

I wished to avoid a ploughed field, to the edge of which my wanderings had brought me; but my dash into the woodland, though unpunished by an encounter with snakes, brought me only into a marsh as full of land-crabs as an ant-hill is of ants, and from which I had to retreat ingloriously, finding my way home at last by the beach.

Not yet were his wanderings over.

In their wanderings she led the way into the old camp of Injun Jim.