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102948 example sentences with  wanter

102948 example sentences with wanter

Then I didn't wanter come out, for I was afeard.

"And I wanter to thank all o' ye for givin' me sech a pleasant evenin'.

he was saying, with a grin; "an' we can keep it as long as we wanter.

The boys don't seem to wanter do nuthin' without big pay."

Trouble in the distance seems all-fired big Sorter makes you shiver when you look at it a-comin'; Makes you wanter edge aside, er hide, er take a swig Of somethin' that is sure to set your worried head a-hummin'.

"The bloodless shades without either body or bones wanter." 1009.

She had that grand contempt for sordid wealth which is common to young people who have never known the want of money.

'You know how glad I am, and that I want to hide my gladness,' answered Mary, radiant and blushing like the rich red roses in the porch.

'Oh, no, you will want to be roaming about the hills with Mary, discussing your plans for the future.

I want to have a serious talk with him.'

'What does her ladyship want with me, darling?

I don't want every street Arab in London to recognise me.'

I'm sure I don't want one.'

Do you suppose I never want to be alone?

what more could he want?

One drops in for so many good things; and they never want any return in kind.

It was by that time very clear that white men would want to occupy all lands within the present limits of the United States.

When told of the establishment of schools and churches for the improvement of the freedmen, the colonizationists replied that schools might be provided, but the planters could have no interest in encouraging education as they did not want an elevated class of people but bone and muscle.

He would say that in spite of the unfailing aid which philanthropists gave the blacks, they seldom kept themselves above want and, therefore, became a public charge, afflicting their communities with so much poverty, disease and crime that they were considered the lepers of society.

They were made victims of fraud in signing contracts which they could not understand and had to suffer the consequent privations and want aggravated by robbery and murder by the Ku Klux Klan.

He had not been back there and did not want to go.

They cannot speak out for what they want.

That 's wot I wanter know."

I ain' said nuffin' ter you 'bout it, Mars Dick, fer I did n' wanter 'sturb yo' min'; but I don' like it, suh; no, suh, I don'!

"S'pos'n', den, jes' fer de argyment, me an' my ole 'oman sh'd fall out en wanter separate, how could I git a defoce?" "That would depend on what you quarreled about.

"Got ter make time ef yer wanter make money.

"Now look a-hyuh, Doctuh Price," returned the old woman in an unctuous whisper, "you don' wanter come talkin' none er yo' foolishness 'bout my not takin' keer er Mis' '

You kin come ez soon ez you wanter an' stay ez long ez you mineter.'

An' den 'way back yander jes' after de wah, w'en de ole Carteret mansion had ter be sol', Adam Miller bought it, an' dis yer Janet an' her husban' is be'n livin' in it ever sence ole Adam died, 'bout a year ago; an' dat makes de majah mad, 'ca'se he don' wanter see cullud folks livin' in de ole fam'ly mansion w'at he wuz bawn in.

W'at we gwine ter do, dat's w'at I wanter know."

I didn't wanter sell it

She sent word up here she take anybody whut wanter work.

She takes a few white hands too if they wanter work.

If you don't I wanter meet you all in heaben.

They had a song no niggers ever made up, 'I wanter be free.'

I would vote for the worst kinder officers maybe and I wouldn't wanter make times harder on us all 'an they is.

"Grandpa said he didn't wanter be sold but they never ax 'em no diffurence.

They wanter be going all the time.

My husband was a Yankee soldier and he decided he wanter come to this country.

My mother left me and my little brother cause she didn't wanter sleep in the house where the soldiers was.

Sandy's marster wuz one er dese yer easy-gwine folks w'at wanter please eve'ybody, en he says yas, he could len' 'im Sandy.

b'lieve it's no sin fer ter do; en ef you doan wanter be sent roun' fum pillar ter pos', en ef you doan wanter go down ter Robeson, I kin fix things so you won't haf ter.

b'lieve it's no sin fer ter do; en ef you doan wanter be sent roun' fum pillar ter pos', en ef you doan wanter go down ter Robeson, I kin fix things so you won't haf ter.

Ef you'll des say de word, I kin turn you ter w'ateber you wanter be, en you kin stay right whar you wanter, ez long ez you mineter.'

Ef you'll des say de word, I kin turn you ter w'ateber you wanter be, en you kin stay right whar you wanter, ez long ez you mineter.'

Den Tenie ax 'im ef he doan wanter be turnt inter a rabbit.

I wanter be turnt inter sump'n w'at'll stay in one place.'

Tenie tried ter make some 'scuse fer ter git away en hide 'tel night, w'en she would have eve'ything fix' up fer her en Sandy; she say she wanter go ter her cabin fer ter git her bonnet.

Den Tenie say she wanter git her bes' frock; her mistiss say no, she doan need no mo' frock, en w'en dat one got dirty she could git a clean one whar she wuz gwine.

He mus' eat it befo' mawnin', sho', ef he doan wanter be sol' erway ter Noo Orleens.'

I 'd meet you alone in de woods some time, I mought wanter ha'm you.

"You en Mis' Annie would n' wanter b'lieve me, ef

Mars Jim was stan'in' in front er Sandy Campbell's bar-room, up by de ole wagon-ya'd, w'en a po' w'ite man fum down on de Wim'l'ton Road come up ter 'im en ax' 'im, kinder keerless lack, ef he did n' wanter buy a mule.

He raise' up on one shoulder en look' roun', w'en w'at should he see but de noo mule's head stickin' in de winder, wid his lips drawed back over his toofs, grinnin' en snappin' at Dan des' lack he wanter eat 'im up.

Den de mule went roun' ter de do', en kick' erway lack he wanter break de do' down, 'tel bimeby somebody come 'long en driv him back ter de pastur'.

No,' sezee, 'I's much erbleedzd, but I doan raise niggers; I raises hosses, en I doan wanter be both'rin' wid no nigger babies.

"Kunnel Pen'leton did n' wanter hu't Becky's feelin's,fer Kunnel Pen'leton wuz a kin'-hea'ted man, en nebber lack' ter make no trouble fer nobody,en so he tol' Becky he wuz gwine sen' her down ter Robeson County fer a day er so, ter he'p out his son-in-law in his wuk; en bein' ez dis yuther man wuz gwine dat way, he had ax' 'im ter take her 'long in his buggy.

"But Aun' Nancy had l'arn' ter lack little Mose, en she did n' wanter hab 'im tuk up ter de big house.

Meanw'iles Dan's marster had said dey could git married ef dey wanter, en so Dan en Mahaly had tuk up wid one ernudder, en wuz libbin' in a cabin by deyse'ves, en wuz des wrop' up in one ernudder.

I dunno who killt 'im, en I doan wanter know, fer I 'd be mos' sho' ter fin' out dat my boy had sta'ted de fuss.

"Co'se Mahaly wanter see w'at had happen' ter Dan, en so she sta'ted down de road wid de cunjuh man.

"'I doan wanter talk ter no nigger,' says she, 'w'at be'n whip' fer stealin', en w'at gwine roun' wid sich a lookin' thing ez dat hung roun' his neck.

Wiley wuz shot so bad he wuz sho' he wuz gwine ter die, so he up'n says ter ole marster: "'Mars Dugal',' sezee, 'I knows I's be'n a monst'us bad nigger, but befo' I go I wanter git sump'n off'n my mine.

I wanter git dat Persimmon Hill trac' all pick' ober ter-day.'

I didn' wanter open de do', fer w'ite folks is monst'us pertickler 'bout dey smoke-'ouses; en ef de oberseah had a-come up en cotch me in dere, he mou't not wanter b'lieve

I didn' wanter open de do', fer w'ite folks is monst'us pertickler 'bout dey smoke-'ouses; en ef de oberseah had a-come up en cotch me in dere, he mou't not wanter b'lieve

Cindy didn't 'pear ter wanter come much.

Nobody didn' 'pear ter wanter own 'im.

"'Git out'n de road, you fool nigger,' says Mars Marrabo, 'does yer wanter git run ober?

I reckon youer some 'stracted nigger, tun't out by some marster w'at doan wanter take keer er yer.

I wanter buy me some shoes.

If a woman wanter vote it's all right.

"'Aw,' said the soldier, with a leer, 'I've got de lapsy-palls, and I wanter go to de horspittle, I do.'

She uster box my ears, stick pins in me and tie me ter de cedar chest and whoop me as long as she wanter.

One white man uster say ter nuther white man, "My nigger man Sam wanter marry yer nigger gal Lucy what does yer say en if he said hit war all right why dat couple war supposed to be married.

"Ho I haint neber seed a ghost or hant but I sho don wanter see one neither.

One night es I war going home from work de tallest man I eber seed followed me wid de prettiest white shirt on en den he passed me, en waited at de corner I war a feeling creepy en wanter run but jes couldn't git my laigs ter move en wen I'se git ter de corner war he war

D'youse all wanter be blown ter pieces wid dem pipes and cigarettes?

But I want you to know how I feel, and if there's any reparation, apology, anything, that you'd like, I'll" Madge interrupted my speech there by holding out her hand.

"I am sure that whatever else I have of yours you have given me without even my asking, and if you want it back you've only got to say so."

"I hate people who force a present on one," she continued, "and then, just as one begins to like it, want it back."

I want to see you and Verdun Royal, not a crowd of strange faces.

I want to talk to you, Madaline.

Her head ached for want of sleep, her heart was stirred by a hundred varied emotions.

"Wanter knowmerried?"

After Thorn had kicked and rolled and yelled a little of the joy out of his system, he started to take a drink of the water, but Jim stopped him with: "Taste her if you wanter, but she's one of them min'rul springs which leaves a nasty smack behind."

"Don't wanter sleep; wanter lie down," said the patient.

"Don't wanter sleep; wanter lie down," said the patient.

Why should I mention the want of discipline, and of a sideboard at the altar, with complaints of other great abuses and defects made by some of the priests, which no man can think on without freethinking, and consequently rejecting Christianity?

Origen, who was the first Christian that had any learning, has left a noble testimony of his freethinking; for a general council has determined him to be damned; which plainly shews he was a freethinker, and was no saint; for people were only sainted because of their want of learning and excess of zeal; so that all the fathers, who are called saints by the priests, were worse than atheists.

In fact, I want to consult you about a few little bitsthey can hardly be called anything so definite as 'pieces'but I am in doubt about their arrangement.

Presently he burst out into talk: "I don't want to say anything affected," he began, "but a day like this, out in the country, gives me a stronger feeling of what I can only describe as worship than anything else in the world, because the scene holds the beauty of life so firmly up before you.

What dat mans wanter free us niggahs when we so happy an not nothin to worrify us.

but I wanter tell you why I am cripple today: "I had to tote tater vines on my haid, me and Fred' rick and de han's would be a callin fur em all over de field

SONNY"Aw, pop, I don't wanter study arithmetic."

they is a lot of them New York people that doan' wanter be found on that mornin'.

"I don't wanter get in trouble."

"Young man," he said, plucking his sleeve, "I wanter go to Central Park."

Throughout life, some people are forced to work a certain job that allows them to put food on the table, but that job isnโ€™t always what we want it to be.

At Kentucky, Stoops, wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt at a rally, told his players: โ€œWeโ€™re not going to tolerate any more racism โ€ฆ we want to make a difference and be a part of the solution.