63764 examples of wanter in sentences

"And I wanter to thank all o' ye for givin' me sech a pleasant evenin'.

Trouble in the distance seems all-fired big Sorter makes you shiver when you look at it a-comin'; Makes you wanter edge aside, er hide, er take a swig Of somethin' that is sure to set your worried head a-hummin'.

"The bloodless shades without either body or bones wanter.

That 's wot I wanter know.

I ain' said nuffin' ter you 'bout it, Mars Dick, fer I did n' wanter 'sturb yo' min';

"S'pos'n', den, jes' fer de argyment, me an' my ole 'oman sh'd fall out en wanter separate, how could I git a defoce?"

"Got ter make time ef yer wanter make money.

Tenie tried ter make some 'scuse fer ter git away en hide 'tel night, w'en she would have eve'ything fix' up fer her en Sandy; she say she wanter go ter her cabin fer ter git her bonnet.

Den Tenie say she wanter git her bes' frock; her mistiss say no, she doan need no mo' frock, en w'en dat one got dirty she could git a clean one

He mus' eat it befo' mawnin', sho', ef he doan wanter be sol' erway ter Noo Orleens.'

ef I 'd meet you alone in de woods some time, I mought wanter ha'm you.

he wanter eat 'im up.

Den de mule went roun' ter de do', en kick' erway lack he wanter break de do' down, 'tel bimeby somebody come 'long en driv him back ter de pastur'.

"'Git out'n de road, you fool nigger,' says Mars Marrabo, 'does yer wanter git run ober?

I reckon youer some 'stracted nigger, tun't out by some marster w'at doan wanter take keer er yer.

She uster box my ears, stick pins in me and tie me ter de cedar chest and whoop me as long as she wanter.

One white man uster say ter nuther white man, "My nigger man Sam wanter marry yer nigger gal Lucy what does yer say en if he said hit war all right why dat couple war supposed to be married.

D'youse all wanter be blown ter pieces wid dem pipes and cigarettes?

" "Wanter knowmerried?"

" After Thorn had kicked and rolled and yelled a little of the joy out of his system, he started to take a drink of the water, but Jim stopped him with: "Taste her if you wanter, but she's one of them min'rul springs which leaves a nasty smack behind."

" "Don't wanter sleep; wanter lie down," said the patient.

" "Don't wanter sleep; wanter lie down," said the patient.

Again the negro fell into a brown study, and then he raised his head and his eyes twinkled merrily, and he said in a soft voice: "Meanin' no offense, sah, but from what Ah have heard about New York I kinder calcerlate they is a lot of them New York people that doan' wanter be found on that mornin'." NEWS

"I don't wanter get in trouble.

"Young man," he said, plucking his sleeve, "I wanter go to Central Park.

63764 examples of  wanter  in sentences