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357 example sentences with  warburton

357 example sentences with warburton

'If (said he) I had written with hostility of Warburton in my Shakspeare, I should have quoted this couplet: "Here Learning, blinded first and then beguil'd, Looks dark as Ignorance, as Fancy wild.

But you did not write against Warburton.'

An excursion was arranged to see Warburton's, situated some few miles off, and notable for many oddities.

For instance, we had not done the Warburton Library, which was a most singular apartment, as we were informed, I don't know how many stories high, at the top of a very singular tower, with as many languages in it as the Tower of Babel itself, and very nearly as tall.

Lord Byron inquired what the doctor thought of the theory of Warburton, that the Jews had no distinct idea of a future state?

And yet, he added, had Warburton read his Bible with more simplicity and attention, he would have enjoyed a more solid and honourable fame.


Warburton's powers of invective.

Contest between Warburton and Lowth.

Warburton is an exception; though his learning alone did not raise him.

He was first an antagonist to Pope, and helped Theobald to publish his Shakspeare; but, seeing Pope the rising man, when Crousaz attacked his Essay on Man, for some faults which it has, and some which it has not, Warburton defended it in the Review of that time.

Dr. Gerard told us that an eminent printer was very intimate with Warburton.

'Warburton has accustomed himself to write letters just as he speaks, without thinking any more of what he throws out.

When I read Warburton first, and observed his force, and his contempt of mankind, I thought he had driven the world before him; but I soon found that was not the case; for Warburton, by extending his abuse, rendered it ineffectual[290].'

When I read Warburton first, and observed his force, and his contempt of mankind, I thought he had driven the world before him; but I soon found that was not the case; for Warburton, by extending his abuse, rendered it ineffectual[290].'

He told me, when we were by ourselves, that he thought it very wrong in the printer to shew Warburton's letter, as it was raising a body of enemies against him.

He thought it foolish in Warburton to write so to the printer; and added, 'Sir, the worst way of being intimate, is by scribbling.'

He called Warburton's Doctrine of Grace a poor performance, and so he said was Wesley's Answer. '

Warburton, he observed, had laid himself very open.

I know not how the Major contrived to introduce the contest between Warburton and Lowth.

'Warburton kept his temper all along, while Lowth was in a passion.

Lowth published some of Warburton's letters.

Warburton drew him on to write some very abusive letters, and then asked his leave to publish them; which he knew Lowth could not refuse, after what he had done.

So that Warburton contrived that he should publish, apparently with Lowth's consent, what could not but shew Lowth in a disadvantageous light.'

'When a Scotchman was talking against Warburton, Johnson said he had more literature than had been imported from Scotland since the days of Buchanan.

'Warburton, whatever was his motive, undertook without solicitation to rescue Pope from the talons of Crousaz, by freeing him from the imputation of favouring fatality, or rejecting revelation; and from month to month continued a vindication of the Essay on Man in the literary journal of that time, called the Republick of Letters' Johnson's Works, viii.

Pope wrote to Warburton of the Essay on Man:'You understand my work better than I do myself.'

Warburton not only married his niece, but, on his death, became in her right owner of Prior Park.

Mr. Mark Pattison (Satires of Pope, p. 158) points out Warburton's 'want of penetration in that subject

It is of Warburton that Churchill wrote in The Duellist (Poems, ed. 1766, ii.

A letter was produced, when he had perhaps himself forgotten it, in which he tells Concanen, "Dryden, I observe, borrows for want of leisure, and Pope for want of genius; Milton out of pride, and Addison out of modesty."' [290] 'Goldsmith asserted that Warburton was a weak writer.

"Warburton," said Johnson, "may be absurd, but he will never be weak; he flounders well.

In the next ten years were published five editions of Hanmer's Shakespeare, and two of Warburton's, besides Johnson's Observations on Macbeth.

"' Warburton on Pope, iv. 159, quoted in Person's Tracts, p. 345.

The best line of route to the upper part of the Wickham is near Mount Warburton, as the sandstone hills which form the rocky gorge are detached; the day was cool and cloudy, with a strong easterly breeze in the morning, and it commenced raining at sunset.

It is observed by Dr Warburton (note on "Romeo and Juliet," act i. sc. 1), that to carry coals was a phrase formerly in use to signify bearing of injuries; and Dr Percy has given several instances in proof of it.

Warburton afterwards expressed a wish that Johnson would give the original on one side, and his translation on the other.

These observations were favourably mentioned by Warburton, in the preface to his edition; and Johnson's gratitude for praise bestowed at a time when praise was of value to him, was fervent and lasting.

Yet Warburton, with his usual intolerance of any dissent from his opinions, afterwards complained in a private letter to Hurd, that Johnson's remarks on his commentaries were full of insolence and malignant reflections, which, had they not in them "as much folly as malignity," he should have had reason to be offended with.

His Majesty having observed to him that he supposed he must have read a great deal; Johnson answered, that he thought more than he read; that he had read a great deal in the early part of his life, but having fallen into ill health, he had not been able to read much, compared with others: for instance, he said, he had not read much, compared with Dr. Warburton.

Upon which the King said, that he heard Dr. Warburton was a man of such general knowledge, that you could scarce talk with him on any subject on which he was not qualified to speak; and that his learning resembled Garrick's acting, in its universality.

His Majesty then talked of the controversy between Warburton and Lowth, which he seemed to have read, and asked Johnson what he thought of it.

Johnson answered, "Warburton has most general, most scholastic learning; Lowth is the more correct scholar.

Warburton must be ordered to do so.

In fact, a list of the boys there, in 1732, furnished to Eliot Warburton, contains the names of Walpole, Selwyn, Edgecumbe, and Conway, all in after-life intimate friends and correspondents.

It is quite unfair to compare them, as Warburton does, with the hebdomadal trash of 'Punch,' though perhaps they would stand the comparison pretty well.

[Footnote 1: Discourses on Prophecy, in which are considered its structure, use and inspiration, being the substance of twelve Sermons preached in the Chapel of Lincoln's Inn in the Lecture founded by the Right Rev. William Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester.

To this club Wilkes also belonged; and, in indulgence of tastes in harmony with such a brotherhood, he had composed a blasphemous and indecent parody on Pope's "Essay on Man," which he entitled "An Essay on Woman," and to which he appended a body of burlesque notes purporting to be the composition of Pope's latest commentator, the celebrated Dr. Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester.

Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester, denounces Wilkes.

Lamb says that she was one of four sisters, daughters of a Welsh clergyman, who all became nurses at Mrs. Warburton's, Hoxton, whither, I imagine, Mary Lamb had often retired.

Lord Ribblesdale, Adelaide Lister (Mrs. Drummond), Isabel Lister (Mrs. Warburton), Elizabeth Lister (Lady Melvill).

Among the works of his opponents the following deserve mention: William Warburton's Divine Legation of Moses, and Samuel Chandler's Vindication of the History of the Old Testament.


It was Bill Warburton, who used to go to school with me up there on the hills.

"'I thanked her and promised to assume all responsibility, and Mrs. Warburton was to get the old house ready at once.

She said that Mrs. Bill had met them in the grounds that day, an' she told how the little three-year-old boy had exerted his charms upon my lady Warburton, who had spent half an hour leading him through the gardens.

[Illustration: The boy had exerted his charms upon my lady Warburton.]

What confusion will spread among them when they learn that Mrs. William Henry Warburton, the richest woman in Fairfield County, and the daughter of a bishop, has been doin' her own work!

Mrs. Warburton fell in love with the kids, and they with her.

"Meanwhile Mr. an' Mrs. Bill Warburton were hot on the trail of Lizzie.

He moved a couple of chairs to give him more room, an' went on: "Now, there's Bill Warburton.

Will Warburton, chap.

[Footnote 27: With unconscious recollection, it may be, of Pope's notable phrase in regard to Shakespeare, he speaks in his last novel of woman appearing at times as 'a force of Nature rather than an individual being' (Will Warburton, p. 275).

Will Warburton: a Romance of Real Life.

A little man named Warburton, who knew it all, persuaded Perry to superman her, to get a marriage license and go up to the Medill house and tell her she'd have to marry him at once or call it off forever.

But a little man named Warburton, who knew it all, found it necessary to hazard an opinion: "It came in with Mr. Tate.

The three parts of Henry VI. are suspected, by Mr. Theobald, of being supposititious, and are declared, by Dr. Warburton, to be certainly not Shakespeare's.

Dr. Warburton gives no reason, but I suppose him to judge upon deeper principles and more comprehensive views, and to draw his opinion from the general effect and spirit of the composition, which he thinks inferiour to the other historical plays.


This reflection arose in my mind upon the consideration of Mr. Crousaz's commentary on the Essay on Man, and Mr. Warburton's answer to it.

Independent of its intrinsic merits, this translation is interesting as illustrative of Johnson's early fondness for voyages and travels; the perusal of which, refreshed Gray when weary of heavier labours, and were pronounced by Warburton to constitute an important part of a philosopher's library.

America's capacity to consume, by Maurice Leven, Harold G. Moulton & Clark Warburton.

Mrs. Peter Warburton (C); 31Oct67; R420882.



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Sir Christopher Wren's account of a Saracenic origin was vague and unsupported; and Warburton's deduction from groves and interlacing boughs, though ingeniously illustrated by the late Sir James Hall, has more prettiness than probability.

With the Warburton River tribe (Curr, II, 18) "the women go quite naked, and the men have only a belt made of human hair round the waist from which a fringe spun of hair of rats hangs in front."

In the fifteen years between my "Essay on the Study of Literature" and the first volume of the "Decline and Fall," a criticism of Warburton on Virgil and some articles in "Mรฉmoires Littรฉraires de la Grande Bretagne" were my sole publications.

Home's "Siege of Aquileia""Tristram Shandy"Bishop Warburton's Praise of it 57.

Xerxes is frightened out of his senses; Sysigambis has sent an express to Luton to forbid Phraates coming to town to-morrow; Norton's impudence has forsaken him; Bishop Warburton is at this moment reinstating Mr. Pitt's name in the dedication to his Sermons, which he had expunged for Sandwich's; and Sandwich himself isat Paris, perhaps, by this time, for the first thing that I expect to hear to-morrow is, that he is gone off.

WARBURTON, WILLIAM, an English divine, born at Newark; was bishop of Gloucester; was author of the famous "Divine Legation of Moses," characterised by Gibbon as a "monument of the vigour and weakness of the human mind"; is a distracted waste of misapplied logic and learning; a singular friendship subsisted between the author and Pope (1698-1779).

Edwards published Supplement to Warburton's Edition of Shakespeare, in later versions of The Canons of Criticism.

Geophysical anomalies and quartz deformation of the Warburton West structure, central Australia.

"It was a very tense meeting," former Sutherland Shire mayor Carole Provan, who was also present, said at the time, describing Warburton as a "very cranky young man".

Julie Wilson at her Warburton property.

Liam Burt being sent on by Mark Warburton for his Rangers debut in 2016.

Lily Collins as Lauren Monroe and Patrick Warburton as Archer Monroe in the thriller โ€œInheritance.โ€

Meanwhile Mr Warburton's other plans to turn around the business, including a merger with Prime Media Group and the sales of magazine operation Pacific, have been stalled.

Weโ€™ve taken cost out, weโ€™ve completely reset the content,โ€ Warburton told yesterday.