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Warburton's arguments on the alliance between church and state turned on the same point, as did the once-famous Bangorian controversy.

Will Warburton, chap.

[Footnote 27: With unconscious recollection, it may be, of Pope's notable phrase in regard to Shakespeare, he speaks in his last novel of woman appearing at times as 'a force of Nature rather than an individual being' (Will Warburton, p. 275).

Will Warburton: a Romance of Real Life.

But a little man named Warburton, who knew it all, found it necessary to hazard an opinion: "It came in with Mr. Tate.

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Of the last line of this speech, which is certainly, as it is now read, unintelligible, an emendation has been attempted, which Dr. Warburton and Mr. Theobald have admitted as the true reading: our duties Are to your throne and state, children and servants, Which do but what they should, in doing every thing Fiefs to your love and honour.

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America's capacity to consume, by Maurice Leven, Harold G. Moulton & Clark Warburton.

In the fifteen years between my "Essay on the Study of Literature" and the first volume of the "Decline and Fall," a criticism of Warburton on Virgil and some articles in "Mémoires Littéraires de la Grande Bretagne" were my sole publications.

319 examples of  warburton  in sentences