Do we say wares or wears

wares 539 occurrences

In these windows that you pass, the merchants have set their choicest wares.

Rather, this man who was so swelled with titles, eked a living by selling coins and stamps, and he was on his way to Europe to replenish his wares.

Grocery carts jog around and throw out their wares.

It is but a decent cautionnow that Spring is herethat the rascal does not call his wares by moonlight.

I have wondered as I have observed the housewives lingering at their windowsfor my window also looks upon the parkI have wondered that these melodious street cries are not used generally for calling the wares of wider sale.

But he still made a pretext of working at his job and called his wares to ease his conscience from idleness.

Tradesmen laid down their wares to get a look at him.

I am not an editor, nor am I an agent for these wares.

It hawked its wares into public notice by sensational articles and personal vilification.

There was a madness in the place for things from England, and unless a man could label his wares "London-made," he could not hope to catch a buyer's fancy.

I also offered to provide shipment in the autumn for tobacco and other wares, and I fixed the charge for freighta very moderate onein advance.

"The hucksters their wares.

Here, too, that bluff John Bull, whose blood boils high At such base wares of foreign luxury; Who scorns to revel in imported cheer, Who prides in perry, and exults in beer: On these his surly virtue shall regale, With quickening cyder, and with fattening ale.

Mama was sold on the block and cried off I heard them say when they lived at Wares in Mississippi.

That was at Wares in Mississippi.

Then the enormous crowd was quiet, the band was still, even the noisy programme venders ceased calling their wares, and the photographer stood quietly beside his camera, the motor humming, his hand on the switch that starts the internal machinery.

Now you want the ring, and will exchange for it your wares.

After selling their wares, they buy fish and other necessaries, and return home loaded as they came.

Prices in the several communities tended of course to be equalized partly by a slender intercolonial slave trade but mainly by the Guineamen's practice of carrying their wares to the highest of the many competing markets.

I am afraid the building now occupying the spot where the second house stood will be equally disappointing," I said ruefully, as we recrossed the street to where a Chinese butcher and vegetable vender was displaying his wares.

The name by no means implied, originally, a dealer in silks: for mercery included all sorts of small wares, toys, and haberdashery; but, as several of this opulent company were merchants, and imported great quantities of rich silks from Italy, the name became applied to the Company, and all dealers in silk.

As Harry's wares were exceedingly cheap in price, he speedily effected a sale of them to the soldiers and servants of the officers.

Still it was bought, like empiric wares, or charms, Hard words seal'd up with Artistotle's arms.

In this low ebb our wares to you are shown; By you those staple authors' worth is known; For wit's a manufacture of your own.

Still it was bought, like emp'ric wares, or charms, Hard words sealed up with Aristotle's arms.

wears 1339 occurrences

She can nock the spots off from any woman who wears a waterfall, gettin' up a good square meal.

A representative of the people who wears the collar of the special interests has touched bottom.

But when they come to be retired it will be of little use to replace an unfaithful public servant who wears the collar by another public servant with the same collar around his neck.

Her hair is black asmy shoe, and she wears it waved right down over her earsyou wouldn't know she had any ears!

I began soon to repent the expense, by which I had procured no advantage, and to suspect that a shining dress, like a weighty weapon, has no force in itself, but owes all its efficacy to him that wears it.

SIR, As little things grow great by continual accumulation, I hope you will not think the dignity of your character impaired by an account of a ludicrous persecution, which, though it produced no scenes of horrour or of ruin, yet, by incessant importunity of vexation, wears away my happiness, and consumes those years which nature seems particularly to have assigned to cheerfulness, in silent anxiety and helpless resentment.

it glowed with such a lustre as only it wears after answering recent prayer.

He is no longer the raw student with embarrassed air, awkward manner, bony frame and dilapidated costume; but a stout young man, with a broad chest, active and graceful form; though his features are decidedly Scotch, they are handsome; his eyes, less brilliant than formerly, are animated with a more attractive thoughtfulness, and the naval uniform, which he still wears, sets off his person to advantage.

And yet his forehead wears rather the character of hope and fortitude than of discouragement; it is more than resignation, it is pride.

Ah, joyless is our 'ingle nook,' Its genial warmth we own no more; Our fireside wears an alter'd look, A gloom it never knew before; The converse sweetthe cherish'd lore That once could cheer our stormiest day, Those revels of the soul are o'er; Those simple pleasures past away.

"She don't know enough to lie, and you can't trust a guy that wears his collar backwards.

He wears himself out in the struggle, an' is apt to be a nervous wreck before the day arrives.

There are pictures of him by the million on magazine covers and book jackets, looking into the eyes of The Womanhe does it from a distance of about six incheswith that snoopy earnest expression of brainlessness that he always wears.

She wears superb clothesthe last word in richness and the elegance of perfectionclothes that no man can declaim over, stimulating himself the while with shot after shot of that most insidious of all dope, self-pity.

The countenance wears that half-smile, "so coldly sweet and sadly fair," which so often throws a beauty over the face of the dead, and the light pall reveals the fixed yet graceful outline of the form.

Isabella "wears like gold."

Her dress is linsey-woolsey, and for outside garment she wears a black silk half-handkerchief, as do all the rest.

But animosity against such articles wears itself out quickly, and it may be expected that the little ornament will be seen in the houses of the Suffolk gentry among whom Mr. Smirkie is so popular.

" "God is so good, He wears a fold Of heaven and earth across his face Like secrets kept, for love, untold.

Into the forest's deep recesses The solemn Prophet-Maiden pass'd, And, scornful, from her loosen'd tresses, The sacred fillet cast! "To all its arms doth Mirth unfold, And every heart foregoes its cares; And Hope is busy in the old; The bridal-robe my sister wears.

War, war, not peace, Is Austria's wish; and therefore, because I Endeavor'd after peace, therefore I fall, For what cares Austria how long the war Wears out the armies and lays waste the world!

Moralhave no confidence in the man who wears his religion on his coat sleeve or necktie; but try the spirits whether they are of Christ.

Them jack-rabbits et up my little garding patch; the coyotes gathered at nights and sung me selections from the ghost dance; the Chinamen sprung every con-cussed trick on me that a man who wears his whiskers down his back can think of; and day and night alike, Mrs. Scraggs, from one to eighteen, informed me what I'd ort to do.

"Red and me differs there, I know, but his idees gets sifted through that crop of red alfalfa he wears, whilest I present a clean proposition to any idee that comes boundin' o'er the lee, or to wind'ard, or any direction she chooses to bound.

The hue of blood, they say, its blossom wears, And all the instruments of human malice Used at the crucifixion still it bears In miniature within its tiny chalice.

Do we say   wares   or  wears