89 examples of warningly in sentences

he said warningly.

"Keep mum, Hetty," said Smith, warningly.

"Mind your chips, Toady, and take care what you say to Aunt Kipp, or you'll be as poor as a little rat all the days of your life," said Polly, warningly.

But no trifling, mind you, for it is a jealously guarded daisy and not to be picked by any idle hand," said Sophie warningly, as she recalled Ruth's blushes and Randal's compliments at dinner.

Howard sprang to his feet with an exclamation of alarm; but Sir Stephen held up his hand warningly, moved slowly to one of the tables, poured out a glass of liqueur and drank it.

"You must never do that again," Marianne interrupted Sally, raising her finger warningly.

he said warningly.

here cometh the 'bride,'" some one exclaimed warningly; for none of Fra Paolo's friends had the courage for frivolity in his grave presence, harmless as it might appear in his absence, and this watchword was often heard in the cloister as he approached.

She felt his fingers close upon her warningly, checking her slight start; and she knew with an odd mixture of relief and dismay that this was the beginning of the game.

"'But you knew this man Kershaw,' persisted his Honour, 'since you wrote to him?' "'Pardon me, your Honour,' said the accused quietly, 'I have never, to my knowledge, seen this man Kershaw, and I can swear that I never wrote to him.' "'Never wrote to him?' retorted his Honour warningly.

Graham glanced at Bobby warningly.

"And when my young friend comes with his pipe you'll be in another room," he concluded, warningly.

"In other words, on some pretext or other, he was lured in, then made prisoner, and!" He paused suddenly and his hand met Miss Thorne's warningly.

" The warden's right hand was raised above the desk top, and the revolver in it clicked warningly.

The Judge looked up warningly, when his eye caught the fact that the Colonel had again winced at this mirth.

" "You'd better say no more," says Axel warningly.

"Have you never heard of Paul Coquenil?" smiled Matthieu, kicking Papa Bonneton warningly under the table.

Mr. Bradlaugh's voice was heard warningly from time to time, bidding customers not to crowd, and everything went well and smoothly, save that I occasionally got into fearful muddles in the intricacies of 'trade price'; I disgusted one customer, who muttered roughly 'Ritchie', and who, when I gave him two copies, and put his shilling in the till, growled: 'I shan't take them'.

The telephone at Sadie's right buzzed warningly.

Night is not far off," she said warningly.

The woman, her eyes on Grimshaw's face, said warningly: "Ssh!

The other day, as we were talking, she tapped the edge of her Ivanhoe with a slate-pencilfor she is also studying the Greatest Common Divisorand said, warningly, "You must not make epigrams; for if you succeeded you would be brilliant, and everything brilliant is tiresome.

"Span," he said warningly, "be a good dog and behave yourself!

" "I should be very angry with you," Grizel said warningly, "if I thought you teased the poor old man.

The hand upon his shoulder tightened warningly; but there came no other reply.

89 examples of  warningly  in sentences