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89 examples of  warningly  in sentences

89 examples of warningly in sentences

"Yes, you do," retorted Dave warningly.

Only," she added warningly, as they sighed with relief, "there is one thing you will have to do.

he said warningly.

"Keep mum, Hetty," said Smith, warningly.

The woman put her finger to her lips, warningly.

She put her fingers to her lips warningly, and coming quite near her whispered, as she had seen people do on the stage: "Don't make any disturbance; don't faint.

I beg you not to lose your self-control; it is essential neither of us should lose our heads," he said, warningly.

He's not a fellow who sticks at trifles," said Jack warningly.

"Don't interfere," he said warningly.

Do you wish to retract?to apologize?" "Apologize to youyou" Whatever the word was, it didn't get out, for in the same instant Darrin cried warningly: "Guard yourself!" Midshipman Jetson threw up his hands, but Darrin's right fist landed across his offending mouth with such force as to fell the sulky midshipman flat to the earth.

Miss Prudence's words came to her, warningly.

"Say, Jerry, you want to look out for him!" cried Larkspur warningly.

"Tom!" cried Dick warningly.

"Besides," I continued warningly, "you are within the enemy's lines now, and you may find me a help.

"Mind your chips, Toady, and take care what you say to Aunt Kipp, or you'll be as poor as a little rat all the days of your life," said Polly, warningly.

But no trifling, mind you, for it is a jealously guarded daisy and not to be picked by any idle hand," said Sophie warningly, as she recalled Ruth's blushes and Randal's compliments at dinner.

Next morning, Marston rode into the old-fashioned town, at the further end of which the dingy and grated front of the jail looked warningly out upon the rustic passengers.

Howard sprang to his feet with an exclamation of alarm; but Sir Stephen held up his hand warningly, moved slowly to one of the tables, poured out a glass of liqueur and drank it.

The dainty and delicate Lady Orme was to hear nothing" Sir Stephen rose and stretched out his hand half warningly half imploringly.

Mr. Heatherbloom whispered warningly in his excellency's free ear, emphasizing the caution with a significant pressure from his right hand.

"You must never do that again," Marianne interrupted Sally, raising her finger warningly.

he said warningly.

The certain result of disclosing his knowledge to his Uncle Billy flashed warningly across his mind.

here cometh the 'bride,'" some one exclaimed warningly; for none of Fra Paolo's friends had the courage for frivolity in his grave presence, harmless as it might appear in his absence, and this watchword was often heard in the cloister as he approached.

" "Be careful," said she warningly.

She felt his fingers close upon her warningly, checking her slight start; and she knew with an odd mixture of relief and dismay that this was the beginning of the game.

that does not soften his heart so thoroughly that he does not warningly ejaculate, "Right foot," and then comes poor Nell's turn.

"'But you knew this man Kershaw,' persisted his Honour, 'since you wrote to him?' "'Pardon me, your Honour,' said the accused quietly, 'I have never, to my knowledge, seen this man Kershaw, and I can swear that I never wrote to him.' "'Never wrote to him?' retorted his Honour warningly.

She held up one finger warningly.

After a long time the latch of the drawing-room door cracked warningly.

Man, in his private capacity, consoles the instinctive apprehension of his heart with the idea that his condition is different from what warningly strikes his mind.

"It means business," said his captor warningly.

Graham glanced at Bobby warningly.

"And when my young friend comes with his pipe you'll be in another room," he concluded, warningly.

"And when my young friend comes with his pipe you'll be in another room," he concluded, warningly.

As one of the gentlewomen passed near him, he asked modestly "How much, please?" She dropped a flake of paper on to his table without arresting her course, and said warningly: "You pay at the desk.

The timekeeper raised one hand warningly.

"In other words, on some pretext or other, he was lured in, then made prisoner, and!" He paused suddenly and his hand met Miss Thorne's warningly.

" The warden's right hand was raised above the desk top, and the revolver in it clicked warningly.

The Judge looked up warningly, when his eye caught the fact that the Colonel had again winced at this mirth.

Now and then one would whistle shrilly and warningly close at hand, and then flatten himself out on his rock as the big bear passed, and for a few moments no whistling would break upon the gentle purring of the valley.

" "You'd better say no more," says Axel warningly.

LAURA (warningly, as she sits down again and prepares for narrative).

" Charley put his hands warningly on both their arms.

She looked up at him warningly, and he waited an instant before speaking.

Only," she went on warningly, "always see that you lay your curl flat on the table before you iron it.

"Not a step in any direction," said Sterry, warningly; "if you attempt to retreat, advance, or move aside, I'll fire.

"Have you never heard of Paul Coquenil?" smiled Matthieu, kicking Papa Bonneton warningly under the table.

Mr. Bradlaugh's voice was heard warningly from time to time, bidding customers not to crowd, and everything went well and smoothly, save that I occasionally got into fearful muddles in the intricacies of 'trade price'; I disgusted one customer, who muttered roughly 'Ritchie', and who, when I gave him two copies, and put his shilling in the till, growled: 'I shan't take them'.

They were so near that they could see the fire that flashed over the pale darkness of the young preacher's face as his brother preacher bent down for the second time and touched him warningly, and whispered again.

The telephone at Sadie's right buzzed warningly.

Night is not far off," she said warningly.

He was a man of few words, and those not the most polite in tone, for when the General began with a banal remark about the weather, M. Baume replied, shortly: "I wish to have no talk;" and when Sir Charles pulled out his cigarette-case, as he did almost automatically from time to time when in any situation of annoyance or perplexity, Baume raised his hand warningly and grunted: "Not allowed.

"Don't try any tricks on me," he cried, warningly.

The woman, her eyes on Grimshaw's face, said warningly: "Ssh!

The other day, as we were talking, she tapped the edge of her Ivanhoe with a slate-pencilfor she is also studying the Greatest Common Divisorand said, warningly, "You must not make epigrams; for if you succeeded you would be brilliant, and everything brilliant is tiresome.

With rare fervour he rallied the company from these attacks, pointed out the divine source of the hand-cart plan, prophesied blessings and abundance upon them for their faith in starting, and dwelt warningly upon the sin they would be guilty of should they disobey their leader and refuse to start.

The woman, looking anxiously back over her shoulder to the line of men, spoke warningly to the boy as the line moved slowly forward.

"Span," he said warningly, "be a good dog and behave yourself!

"Look out, you'll break the bottle, dumping the wheelbarrow over like that," he remarked warningly.

he called warningly.

Nevertheless, as he stood there, he was thinking to himself that he must have done with wandering; the old saw that a rolling stone gathered no moss was cropping up sharply, warningly, in his mind.

But out on the river the fog yet lay dense; and two boats somewhere in the impenetrable whiteness were calling warningly to each other.

MAIRE Ah, what do I know about Brian MacConnell, except that he's a man of quarrels and broken words? Conn holds up his hand warningly.

CRILLY (warningly) Albert, don't clap hands behind the bird.

" "I should be very angry with you," Grizel said warningly, "if I thought you teased the poor old man.

" "I feel very much the same," he replied warningly.

"Don't speak my name," I said, warningly, as he struggled to his feet; and then in the fewest possible words I told him what I wanted of himto find if the pony I had ridden (Camp's or Baldwin's) was in town and, if so, to learn where it was, and to get the letters on the quiet from under the saddle-flap.

But the priest continued warningly: "As you obey, so hope for the mercy of Venice.

But both the great warriors look down warningly at us.

"First thing you do, you put the paper back where you got it from," he said, warningly.

Only, once more the terror of its possible meaning dropped upon him, and the little black serpents of fear shot warningly across this brighter background of his hopes.

Max, who was riding a hundred yards in advance, suddenly stopped and held up his hand warningly.

Yolanda laughed despite the danger, but covered her mouth with her hand when I frowned warningly.

I placed my hand on the boy's arm and warningly spoke his name: "Max!"

Then with my finger lifted warningly for silence I forced a smile of greeting to my lips as Lillian Underwood saw me and came swiftly toward me.

"Listen to her, John," said Peter, warningly.

Suddenly Mukoki stopped, and a hand was held out behind him warningly.

Now it spoke loudly, warningly; now that it was too late.

I hope you will never make him angry," she said, laying her hand warningly on my father's; "

"Do you realize that you are playing with fire?" I said, warningly.

M. Grandissime shook his head warningly.

The hand upon his shoulder tightened warningly; but there came no other reply.

Piggy was shaking his head warningly at her with much earnestness.

Through his best hexameter spectacles he surveyed the dark-eyed daughter of the Nile who was telling his fortune with a strong Irish accent; all went smoothly until the prophetess happened to see the Professor's sunburnt nose, fiery red from the four days' run in wind and rain, and said warningly, "You are too fond of good eating and drinking; you drink too much, and unless you are more temperate you will die in twenty years.

Meanwhile the cavaliere, who had returned to his seat near her, had watched the moment when no one was looking that way, had given her a significant glance, and placed his finger warningly upon his lip.

He lifted a hand warningly and nodded sidewise toward the path.

I thought you saidโ€”โ€ Mrs. Taylor glanced at her sister warningly, and they both looked at me.

Another clock in a dignified church tower also struck ten, but with far greater solemnity, as though reminding the town clock that time is not to be measured out to man as a mere matter of business, but intoned savingly and warningly as the chief commodity of salvation.