89 examples of warningly in sentences

He's not a fellow who sticks at trifles," said Jack warningly.

Do you wish to retract?to apologize?" "Apologize to youyou" Whatever the word was, it didn't get out, for in the same instant Darrin cried warningly: "Guard yourself!" Midshipman Jetson threw up his hands, but Darrin's right fist landed across his offending mouth with such force as to fell the sulky midshipman flat to the earth.

Miss Prudence's words came to her, warningly.

But no trifling, mind you, for it is a jealously guarded daisy and not to be picked by any idle hand," said Sophie warningly, as she recalled Ruth's blushes and Randal's compliments at dinner.

Howard sprang to his feet with an exclamation of alarm; but Sir Stephen held up his hand warningly, moved slowly to one of the tables, poured out a glass of liqueur and drank it.

The dainty and delicate Lady Orme was to hear nothing" Sir Stephen rose and stretched out his hand half warningly half imploringly.

"You must never do that again," Marianne interrupted Sally, raising her finger warningly.

" "Be careful," said she warningly.

She held up one finger warningly.

Graham glanced at Bobby warningly.

"And when my young friend comes with his pipe you'll be in another room," he concluded, warningly.

"In other words, on some pretext or other, he was lured in, then made prisoner, and!" He paused suddenly and his hand met Miss Thorne's warningly.

" The warden's right hand was raised above the desk top, and the revolver in it clicked warningly.

The Judge looked up warningly, when his eye caught the fact that the Colonel had again winced at this mirth.

LAURA (warningly, as she sits down again and prepares for narrative).

She looked up at him warningly, and he waited an instant before speaking.

They were so near that they could see the fire that flashed over the pale darkness of the young preacher's face as his brother preacher bent down for the second time and touched him warningly, and whispered again.

Night is not far off," she said warningly.

The woman, her eyes on Grimshaw's face, said warningly: "Ssh!

With rare fervour he rallied the company from these attacks, pointed out the divine source of the hand-cart plan, prophesied blessings and abundance upon them for their faith in starting, and dwelt warningly upon the sin they would be guilty of should they disobey their leader and refuse to start.

The woman, looking anxiously back over her shoulder to the line of men, spoke warningly to the boy as the line moved slowly forward.

But out on the river the fog yet lay dense; and two boats somewhere in the impenetrable whiteness were calling warningly to each other.

I hope you will never make him angry," she said, laying her hand warningly on my father's; "

Piggy was shaking his head warningly at her with much earnestness.

I thought you said Mrs. Taylor glanced at her sister warningly, and they both looked at me.

89 examples of  warningly  in sentences
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