569 examples of warped in sentences

The dampness of a seaside town had cracked and warped the furniture, and had turned the mirrors into sad mockeries.

As Rohrbach and Wiedenfeld point out, this political understanding underlies all Germany's economic efforts in Western Asia, and we can see how it has warped them from their proper ends.

Their sense of justice had become warped, as had love for their great native land.

At length, by wholesome dread of statutes bound, The poets learned to please, and not to wound: Most warped to flattery's side; but some, more nice, Preserved the freedom, and forbore the vice.

Hints of a duel, of a reason warped, of disinheritance, and many other unauthorized rumors, fluttered up and floated off, while he became recluse, and, some say, began incidentally to betray the unmanly habit which we have already noticed.

Why should we be astonished at the warped, cold, unhappy, suspicious natures we see about us, when we reflect upon the number of unwished-for, unwelcomed children in the world;children who at best were never loved until they were seen and known, and were often grudged their being from the moment they began to be.

Is there a gentleman in this house, who is not convinced that this power has been warped, for some time past, towards the interest of France?

" October moonlight shone clearly on the solitary tree, draped with gray moss, scarred by lightning and warped by wind, looking like a venerable warrior, whose long campaign was nearly done; and underneath was posted the guard of four.

Your personal interest in the lady might have warped your usually excellent judgment, else, be assured, we should have summoned you to the conference.

His weather-stained clothes fitted badly his warped shoulders.

Unfortunately, the dry weather had warped the scale of the thermometer to such an extent that it broke the tube.

The swing door between the café and the pantry had warped on its hinges and would not stay quite shut.

In this wise we opened out, presently, the end of the hill; but feeling now the force of the breeze, we bent a kedge to the hawser, and, the bo'sun carrying it seawards, we warped ourselves to windward of the island, and here, in forty fathoms, we vast heaving, and rode to the kedge.

He was vacillating in his policy, and his judgment was easily warped by fanciful ideas.

She saw that everybody hated her, and thirsted for her blood; nay, many kind-hearted creatures that would have pitied her profoundly as regarded all political charges, had their natural feelings warped by the belief that she had dealings with fiendish powers.

In a second he had leaped upon a horse, and, holding the young girl before him, galloped away in the direction of a stream running into the Columbia,a stream of fierce torrents, navigable only at one place, and that by flat-bottomed boats or scows, in which passengers warped themselves across by a grass rope stretched from bank to bank.

A warped frame is fatal.

She raised the drooping head with its matted locks, its fixed, white, rigid face, and pressed it hard against her bosomhard to her wayward, ignorant, warped, but loving heart.

Under the influence of this compelling desire, assisted by obsolete land laws warped from their original purpose, we are facing in the public-land States west of the Mississippi the great question whether the Western people are to be predominately a people of tenants under the degrading tyranny of pecuniary and political vassalage, or free-holders and free men; and there is no exaggerating the importance of the decision.

Yet death, and death alone, has been the key from bondage of millions of souls that have lived before mine; and there are menmen, toowhose lives have been warped and destroyed because death did not come to save them.

The basic principle held good in both cases, it seemed to him, and Doctor Thomas's refusal to share in the coming legacy struck him as silly; it was the result of a warped and unsound philosophy.

Since those conflicts and differences did arise, the hatred which sprang, from terror and suffering, on the European side, has naturally warped the whites still farther from justice.

It is possible, that these researches may, by their very nature, have in some degree warped the Editor's taste, and induced him to consider that as curious which was only scarce, and to reprint quotations, from the adversaries or contemporaries of Dryden, of a length more than sufficient to satisfy the reader of their unworthiness.

Genius, ambition, firmness, courage, all these she had, but insincerity and suspicion warped a noble nature.

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569 examples of  warped  in sentences