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569 examples of  warped  in sentences

569 examples of warped in sentences

The old prejudices, the old foregone conclusion of earth that this was a world of punishment, had warped my vision and my thoughts.

Now that the war is becoming a memory, even to those who were actors in it, the facts distorted and the incidents warped to serve partisan ends or personal pique, the photograph of the time may have its value.

The dampness of a seaside town had cracked and warped the furniture, and had turned the mirrors into sad mockeries.

We read that divers of the nuns, "being warped with a malicious desire of revenge, took advantage of the night and strangled the lady abbess, who was the object of their fury and passionate animosities, in her bed; and after, to conceal so execrable an assassination, threw her body into a pit, which afterwards contracted the traditional appellation of Nun-pit."

Do, do write to me, and do some good to my mind, already how much "warped and relaxed" by the world!

As Rohrbach and Wiedenfeld point out, this political understanding underlies all Germany's economic efforts in Western Asia, and we can see how it has warped them from their proper ends.

Their sense of justice had become warped, as had love for their great native land.

At length, by wholesome dread of statutes bound, The poets learned to please, and not to wound: Most warped to flattery's side; but some, more nice, Preserved the freedom, and forbore the vice.

Hers was a state of overwrought nerves which forbade clear thinking, which distorted and warped and magnified.

Hints of a duel, of a reason warped, of disinheritance, and many other unauthorized rumors, fluttered up and floated off, while he became recluse, and, some say, began incidentally to betray the unmanly habit which we have already noticed.

Why should we be astonished at the warped, cold, unhappy, suspicious natures we see about us, when we reflect upon the number of unwished-for, unwelcomed children in the world;children who at best were never loved until they were seen and known, and were often grudged their being from the moment they began to be.

Is there a gentleman in this house, who is not convinced that this power has been warped, for some time past, towards the interest of France?

" October moonlight shone clearly on the solitary tree, draped with gray moss, scarred by lightning and warped by wind, looking like a venerable warrior, whose long campaign was nearly done; and underneath was posted the guard of four.

Your personal interest in the lady might have warped your usually excellent judgment, else, be assured, we should have summoned you to the conference.

His weather-stained clothes fitted badly his warped shoulders.

On a market-day the streets in the vicinity of the old church, builtpartly in the 12th and finished between the 15th and 16th centuriesby the Templars, assume a wonderfully gay appearance, and towards the back of the church we noticed one old house whose balconies, if a trifle warped and weather-beaten under the thin covering of white paint, were nevertheless bright with pots of geraniums, wallflowers, and stocks.

Warped with labour and twisted by toil, bent double by week-long work in the cramped coal galleries or half-blinded with years spent in front of white-hot fluid metal, these men still gilded their harsh and hopeless lives by their devotion to sport.

Unfortunately, the dry weather had warped the scale of the thermometer to such an extent that it broke the tube.

Under the thick cover of the autumn night two massive silent forms, which had crept with all lights out into the Sound after their long fast voyage from the northern mists, were warped into dock; the supporting shores were fitted, and the water around them run out.

The swing door between the cafรฉ and the pantry had warped on its hinges and would not stay quite shut.

In this wise we opened out, presently, the end of the hill; but feeling now the force of the breeze, we bent a kedge to the hawser, and, the bo'sun carrying it seawards, we warped ourselves to windward of the island, and here, in forty fathoms, we vast heaving, and rode to the kedge.

How our life has been warped by books!

He was vacillating in his policy, and his judgment was easily warped by fanciful ideas.

Certain English sailors, probably of Rodney's menand numbering, according to the pleasure of the narrator, three hundred, thirty, or threeare said to have warped themselves up it by lianes and scrub; but they found the rock-ledges garrisoned by an enemy more terrible than any French.

She saw that everybody hated her, and thirsted for her blood; nay, many kind-hearted creatures that would have pitied her profoundly as regarded all political charges, had their natural feelings warped by the belief that she had dealings with fiendish powers.

Down here upon the grass walked a man warped and perverted out of his natural course.

It's the warped grain in our nature, And St. Paul has written it true: "The good that I would I do not; But the evil I would not I do.

On 5th April 1767 the Grenville had completed her refit, warped out of dock, and was at anchor waiting for the tide to turn in order to drop down to Woolwich, when the Three Sisters, a Sunderland collier, Thomas Boyd, Master, "fell athwart her hawse and carried away her bowsprit, cap, and jibboom," which had to be replaced.

However this may be, if there are any who think it worth while to censure Marcus because, after all, Commodus turned out to be but "a warped slip of wilderness," their censure is hardly sufficiently discriminating to deserve the trouble of refutation.

In a second he had leaped upon a horse, and, holding the young girl before him, galloped away in the direction of a stream running into the Columbia,a stream of fierce torrents, navigable only at one place, and that by flat-bottomed boats or scows, in which passengers warped themselves across by a grass rope stretched from bank to bank.

His eye, too, showed he was not without wholesome native sympathies, though education and his habits might have warped them from their true direction.

A warped frame is fatal.

But it was right; here was a strong and healthy woman, sensible enough, but spoiled and warped by long confinement in an artificial airand she had butted into a man who stood firmly on his feet.

He beheld every natural affection crushed when inconsistent with slavery, or warped and distorted to fit the necessities and promote the interests of the institution.

A human life the money of the world cannot buy; nor can it redeem one which is misspent; nor can it make full and complete and beautiful a life which is dwarfed and warped and ugly.

Arising first not in any desire to explain the principles of art, but in the endeavor to defend an individual painter from injustice, they have been colored throughout, nay, continually altered in shape, and even warped and broken, by digressions respecting social questions, which had for me an interest tenfold greater than the work I had been forced into undertaking.

Or was the impulse of the mind less likely to be true and sound when it arose from high thought and warm feeling, than afterwards, when it was warped and debased by the example, the vices, and follies of the world?

She raised the drooping head with its matted locks, its fixed, white, rigid face, and pressed it hard against her bosomhard to her wayward, ignorant, warped, but loving heart.

Something warped and thwarted the emotion which would have been love in another, no doubt; but that such an emotion was striving with her against all malign influences which interfered with it the old woman had a perfect certainty in her own mind.

The lower story, a single room which they peered into through a crack in a warped unhinged door, seemed unpromising enough, a dark cobwebby place, cumbered with wooden chutes from the floor above by which, Graham explained, they rolled the apples down into barrels after they had been sorted up-stairs.

So she carried her rubber tub, her sponge and a bath-towel out to the warped wooden platform and bathed en plein air, water and sun together.

the cutter was warped out of Oyster Harbour; and, as the wind was from the eastward, we profited by it: after beating out of the Sound we steered along the coast, and at eight o'clock were abreast of West Cape Howe.

The anchor was dropped as soon as the cutter was inside, and she was afterwards warped to a more convenient situation out of the strength of the tide.

The next morning the two vessels were warped into the port; and by eleven o'clock were anchored within a few yards of the south shore, and secured to trees near the beach, close to a fresh-water stream which ran into the sea.

But early the next morning the cutter was warped in, in doing which she grounded on the north side of the bar in eight feet.

Sylvia looked down at his thoughtful, clean face and reflected wonderingly that he seemed the only person not warped by money.

'You are self-deceived, Miller; your prejudice has warped your judgment.

Under the influence of this compelling desire, assisted by obsolete land laws warped from their original purpose, we are facing in the public-land States west of the Mississippi the great question whether the Western people are to be predominately a people of tenants under the degrading tyranny of pecuniary and political vassalage, or free-holders and free men; and there is no exaggerating the importance of the decision.

" Such is the testimony of a witness in no wise warped by prejudice in favor of the anti-slavery party.

" Such is the testimony of a witness in no wise warped by prejudice in favor of the anti-slavery party.

The brilliant conjectures of Copernicus paved the way for Galileo, and the warped and narrow cosmology which conceived the earth as the centre of the universe, suffered a blow that in shaking it shook also religion.

All the sonorousness, beauty and dignity of the poetry and the drama which followed them would have been lost had they succeeded in their object, and their verse would have been constrained into the warped and ugly forms of Sternhold and Hopkins, and

Yet death, and death alone, has been the key from bondage of millions of souls that have lived before mine; and there are menmen, toowhose lives have been warped and destroyed because death did not come to save them.

I was becoming sinister, warped, peculiar, capricious, unaccountable.

The slender black stipes are very susceptible to changes of light and warped and twisted fronds result.

The Noa-Noa was warped to the wharf, and I was within a few feet now of the welcoming crowd and could discern every detail.

" "Yes," continued Mrs de Lacey, slowly following the footsteps of the governess, who had already moved from beneath the ruin; "whole fleets have often been towed to their anchors, and there warped, waiting for wind and tide to serve.

His nature has been warped by bad training, and, at first, he is both selfish and exacting; but the troubles and hardships he undergoes in "Eden" completely transform him, and he becomes worthy of Mary Graham, whom he marries.

The basic principle held good in both cases, it seemed to him, and Doctor Thomas's refusal to share in the coming legacy struck him as silly; it was the result of a warped and unsound philosophy.

Since those conflicts and differences did arise, the hatred which sprang, from terror and suffering, on the European side, has naturally warped the whites still farther from justice.

He also said, in his subsequent narrative to the Entablature of Truth: "You know I've always took Brother Rae for jest a natural born not, a shy little cuss that could be whiffed around by anything and everything, but when I drove off he had a plumb ornery fighting look in them deep-set eyes of his, and blame me if I didn't someway feel sorry for him,he's that warped up, like an old water-soaked sycamore plank that gits laid out in the sun.

It is possible, that these researches may, by their very nature, have in some degree warped the Editor's taste, and induced him to consider that as curious which was only scarce, and to reprint quotations, from the adversaries or contemporaries of Dryden, of a length more than sufficient to satisfy the reader of their unworthiness.

He felt a large pagan tolerance for those warped souls pent in small towns.

For purest pity is the eye of love, Melting at sight of sorrow; and to grieve Because it sees no sorrow, shows a love Warped from its truer nature, turned to love Of merest habit, like the miser's greed.

It was to this shout that we warped away from the jetty and made for the open sea.

It is true that often husband and wife fit each other like two warped boards, and yet jog through life contentedly enough; but this would not be enough for me.

Genius, ambition, firmness, courage, all these she had, but insincerity and suspicion warped a noble nature.

He was so warped by his religious training as to have become a fatalist as well as a fanatic.

Same Story Slightly Warped XXIII.

On her face, written in the acid of pain, was the history of the blows and cruelty that had warped her active body.

" None but a man whose mind had been warped by the too constant contemplation of one particular subject, as Mr. Owen's mind has been warped by the eternal consideration of the Utopian republic, could suppose the practicability of carrying those plans into full effect during the existence of the present generation.

" None but a man whose mind had been warped by the too constant contemplation of one particular subject, as Mr. Owen's mind has been warped by the eternal consideration of the Utopian republic, could suppose the practicability of carrying those plans into full effect during the existence of the present generation.

His understanding warped and turned backward.

The timber was used for various ordnance purposes, and while it was found to have its life extended, as would naturally be expected from the known character of the antiseptics used, its strength was so far impaired, and it checked and warped so badly, that the process was abandoned in 1844.

These fierce antipathies warped his judgment in strange and unexpected ways.

If only local time can be established, the possibility of a warped time-planethe curvature of timeis directly opened up.

In whatever direction my judgment is warped, it is warped in favor of that belief.

In whatever direction my judgment is warped, it is warped in favor of that belief.

For even now, poor drowsy creature that I am, it is but occasional sensibility, with the intervals buried in vain dreams; and even at such times, my poor warped affections, and busy imaginations, crowded with a multitude of images, refuse to yield to the command, "Be still, and know that I am God."

The keen appreciation of the beauties of sculpture, painting, and architecture, which one would have expected to find in so deep a religious nature, was wanting, warped, no doubt, by her early Quaker training.

He draws for us an inimitable picture of the working lawyer, and of his life of bondage; he shows how this bondage from his youth up has stunted and warped him, and made him small and crooked of soul, encompassing him with difficulties which he is not man enough to rely on justice and truth as means to encounter, but has recourse, for help out of them, to falsehood and wrong.

Their Minds are so warped with their constant Attention to Gain, that it is very difficult for them to give their Souls another Bent, and convert them towards those Objects, which, though they are proper for every Stage of Life, are so more especially for the last.

We must rise superior to those conventional ideas of Duty whereby Life is warped and crippled.

Our leaders had caught a few half-truths, which, in their minds, were speedily warped into errors.

My being Sir Robert Walpole's son warped me to praise, instead of censuring Lord Bolingbroke.

All my life has been warped by the knowledge.

Not only an infinite variety of spotted, striped, variegated colors has been produced in these Fishes, but, especially among the Chinese, so famous for their morbid love of whatever is distorted and warped from its natural shape and appearance, all sorts of changes have been brought about in this single Species.

While he has undoubtedly glossed and warped the story of the shooting in a mistaken effort to make things look better for the man who did the killing, I can see no sufficient reason for holding him.

Three cigarettes he smoked, staring at a warped board in the stall partition opposite him.

Our judgment," he added deprecatingly, "is so apt to be warped by our likes and dislikes.

Religions are all which men have established in answer to those aspirations of the conscience, to satisfy that intuition which forces itself upon our mind so long as sophistry has not warped it.

As the channel here was narrow and difficult of approach, the ships were warped into their stations of anchorage, and a summons sent on shore, as the people had not here abandoned their town, but were found at their posts of defence, in a large and strong castle with many batteries, redoubts, &c.

The Panda was now warped out of the river and anchored off the negro town of Cape Lopez.

The two schooners were then warped in, when they discharged several broadsides, and covered the landing of the boats.

The Spanish guard-ship attacked the pirate, but Rackam being close in behind a little island, she could do but little execution where she lay; the Dons therefore warped into the channel that evening, in order to make sure of her the next morning.

Her rudder was burned clean off; her stern, warped, reeking with white fumes that drifted on the late afternoon air told of the fury that had blazed about her.

The children are waiting for the principal, and have exacted the income; and their lives have been warped for this reason.

But slavery had cast such a glamour over the Nation, and so warped the consciences of men, that they failed to read aright the legible transcript of Divine retribution which was written upon the shuddering earth, where the blood of God's poor children had been as water freely spilled.

Weird, and wise, and witty as Aesop was this child, like him deformed; and to draw out his quaint remarks, read him fresh from his Maker's handthis warped, and tiny, imperfect volume of humanitywas to me an ever-new puzzle and delight.

Day by day I saw the little, wistful face relaxing from the hard-knot expression, so to speak, of sour and serious suffering, and assuming something akin to baby joyousness, and the small, warped figure, so low that it walked under my dropped and level hand, acquiring security of step and erectness of bearing.