98 examples of wart in sentences

Another old remedy is to prick the wart with a gooseberry thorn passed through a wedding-ring; and according to a Cornish belief, the first blackberry seen will banish warts.

" "Who's Mr. Effingham, I would like to know?" cried Joe Wart.

I shall be very terse about Tuppy, giving it as my opinion that in all essentials he is more like a wart hog than an ex-member of a fine old English public school.

"And a curious wart on his left cheek.

[convexities on skin] pimple, zit [Slang]; wen, wheel, papula [Med.], pustule, pock, proud flesh, growth, sarcoma, caruncle^, corn, wart, pappiloma, furuncle, polypus^, fungus, fungosity^, exostosis^, bleb, blister, blain^; boil &c (disease) 655; airbubble^, blob, papule, verruca.

They would by no means make as lovely a picture; for Nancy's upper jaw projects, and she has a wart on her nose, very stiff black hair, and a shingle figure, none of which adds grace to a scene; and Hiram went off in the Slabtown stage, with a tin-box on his knees, instead of in a shell-shaped boat with silken sails; but I know Nancy reads love-stories with great zest, and I know she had a slow fever after Hiram was married.

What followed was seen by only one person, that is, the sacristan's wife, a big, hard-faced woman with a faint mustache and a wart on her chin, who sat by the great column near the door dispensing holy water out of a cracked saucer and whining for pennies.

" "If you're sore because I been foolin' round with that little wart of a Donahue" She turned wise eyes up to him, trying to make them limpid in the darkness.

His grandfather and his father had borne the same three namesthe last an inheritance from some forgotten ancestor, who had either been successful in the cultivation of vetches (cicer), or, as less complimentary traditions said, had a wart of that shape upon his nose.

It's the time for stories of twins joined at birth and how a routine trip to the hospital to have a wart removed leads to three-years incarceration.

Die Gegen-wart, 1874, Freidrich Speilhagen.

"The Emperor at present was engaged; Some other time he would attend to us!" I turn'd away, and passing through the hall, With heavy heart, in a recess I saw The Grand Duke John in tears, and by his side The noble lords of Wart and Tegerfeld, Who beckon'd me, and said, "Redress yourselves.

However this may be, the duke gave ear To the ill counsel of his friends in arms; And with the noble lords, Von Eschenbach, Von Tegerfeld, Von Wart and Palm, resolved, Since his demands for justice were despised, With his own hands to take revenge at least. FÜRST.

It occurred to us, furthermore, that it is a dolorous thing to live on a lonely little island, tied up like a wart on the face of civilization,no healthful stream of life coming and going from the great body of the main land,the same moral air to be breathed over and over again, without renewal,the same social elements turned and returned in one tiresome kaleidoscope.

They had reformed every drunkard in the Parliamentary division, changed all the beer and alcohol to water (Mr. Maydig had overruled Mr. Fotheringay on this point); they had, further, greatly improved the railway communication of the place, drained Flinder's swamp, improved the soil of One Tree Hill, and cured the vicar's wart.

Not a wart, or a wrinkle was to be left out.

Let Spiritualistic reproaches of investigators for lack of zeal and patience be heaped up hereafter till 'Ossa becomes a wart;' I care not; my withers are unwrung.

This Cathedral seems to us enormous because underneath its naves we seem like ants; but, nevertheless, the Cathedral seen from far is only an insignificant wart; compared with the piece of land we call Spain it is less than a grain of sand, and on the face of the earth it is a mere atomnothing.

Doch gauckelet's witers und witers, Groblet uf alle Vieren, und stellt si wieder uf d' Beinli, Schlieft in d' Hürstiez such mer's eisldört güggelet's use, Wart, i chumm!

To cure Warts, the following charm is used:A wedding-ring is procured, and the wart touched or pricked with a gooseberry thorn through the ring.

Well, that was originally intended for a bump, and, as you see, just succeeded in becoming a wart.

"Can you make aught o' yonder fearsome thing, like a wart-toad scrabbling on two legs?" Dorothy, teeth set, drove her heels into her gray's ribs and forced him to where my mare stood all a-quiver.

He was a man of sixty, with a round head, and a large, tender wart on one cheek; the two tusks under his upper lip suggested a walrus.

Once Norman Stanbury came very near, losing her favor for having a wart on his finger; another time, she banished him from her presence for weeks, for having stained his hands, beyond the power of soap-and-water or vinegar to efface, in gathering walnuts.

Sword of Ecke, 117. ECK'E-WART I. Escorts Kriemhild, 64; remains with Kriemhild, 70; accompanies Kriemhild to Hungary, 72; warns Burgundians, 76.

98 examples of  wart  in sentences