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152 example sentences with  wart

152 example sentences with wart

Another old remedy is to prick the wart with a gooseberry thorn passed through a wedding-ring; and according to a Cornish belief, the first blackberry seen will banish warts.

Maybe I could transform you into a little brown wart on the left foot of a slimy old toad?

The following is a simple cure:On breaking the stalk of the crowfoot plant in two, a drop of milky juice will be observed to hang on the upper part of the stem; if this be allowed to drop on a wart, so that it be well saturated with the juice, in about three or four dressings the warts will die, and may be taken off with the fingers.

The wart touched lightly every second day with lunar caustic, or rubbed every night with blue-stone, for a few weeks, will destroy the largest wart, wherever situated.

The wart touched lightly every second day with lunar caustic, or rubbed every night with blue-stone, for a few weeks, will destroy the largest wart, wherever situated.

" "Who's Mr. Effingham, I would like to know?" cried Joe Wart.

You are sure you didn't see a tall, thin young man, with a wart on his chin, that was cut up?" "What do you mean, the wart or the young man?" asked Tom, who was bound to have his fun.

You are sure you didn't see a tall, thin young man, with a wart on his chin, that was cut up?" "What do you mean, the wart or the young man?" asked Tom, who was bound to have his fun.

"Why, the young man o' course; although I allow if he was cut up the wart would be, too.

We know that Jimmie's got a wart, anyway," observed Tom, and he said this so dryly his brothers had to laugh.

All non-ruminant ungulates have from four to six incisors in the upper jaw; the canines are present, and sometimes, as in the wart hogs, reach an extraordinary size.

Falstaff.Is thy name Wart?

Thou art a very ragged wart.

I would Wart might have gone, too, sir.

The village miller is not forgotten in this motley crowd,rough, brutal, drunken, big and brawn, with a red beard and a wart on his nose, and a mouth as wide as a furnace, a reveller and a jangler, accustomed to take toll thrice, and given to all the sins that then abounded.

I shall be very terse about Tuppy, giving it as my opinion that in all essentials he is more like a wart hog than an ex-member of a fine old English public school.

"And a curious wart on his left cheek.

Be buried quicke with her, and so will I. And if thou prate of Mountaines; let them throw Millions of Akers on vs; till our ground Sindging his pate against the burning Zone, [Sidenote: 262] Make Ossa like a wart.

[convexities on skin] pimple, zit [Slang]; wen, wheel, papula [Med.], pustule, pock, proud flesh, growth, sarcoma, caruncle^, corn, wart, pappiloma, furuncle, polypus^, fungus, fungosity^, exostosis^, bleb, blister, blain^; boil &c (disease) 655; airbubble^, blob, papule, verruca.

'Tis not, O surely not, for such as these Those baby limbs are flung in lightsome capers; Those puny bleatings were not meant to please Facetious writers for the daily papers; Let baser beasts inspire the obvious wheeze, Wombats and wart-hogs, tortoises and tapirs; These lack the subtle spell thy presence flings About the spirit tuned to higher things.

The Crises here are excellent good; The proportion of the chin good; the little aptness of it to sticke out good; and the wart above it most exceeding good.

Here we may see models for Cellini's Perseus in bronze and wax and also for the relief of the rescue of Andromeda, under the statue; his Cosimo I, with the wart (omitted by Bandinelli in the head downstairs, which pairs with Michelangelo's Brutus); and various smaller works.

They soon make themselves visible, as the body swells up with the blood they suck until they resemble small soft warts about as big as a pea.

They would by no means make as lovely a picture; for Nancy's upper jaw projects, and she has a wart on her nose, very stiff black hair, and a shingle figure, none of which adds grace to a scene; and Hiram went off in the Slabtown stage, with a tin-box on his knees, instead of in a shell-shaped boat with silken sails; but I know Nancy reads love-stories with great zest, and I know she had a slow fever after Hiram was married.

She's some cross, I guess, and has two warts on her nose.

[Footnote 1: The names of these men were Paulding, Williams, and Van Wart.] %155.

presidential nominee favors 10 hours system Van Born, General Van Rensselaer's expedition Van Wart Venezuela boundary question Vengeance Vera Cruz battle of Vermont admitted passes Personal Liberty Law Vespucci, or Vespucius, Amerigo.

What followed was seen by only one person, that is, the sacristan's wife, a big, hard-faced woman with a faint mustache and a wart on her chin, who sat by the great column near the door dispensing holy water out of a cracked saucer and whining for pennies.

"If you're sore because I been foolin' round with that little wart of a Donahue" She turned wise eyes up to him, trying to make them limpid in the darkness.

His grandfather and his father had borne the same three namesthe last an inheritance from some forgotten ancestor, who had either been successful in the cultivation of vetches (cicer), or, as less complimentary traditions said, had a wart of that shape upon his nose.

It is only dreadfully affected people who talk of "Tully"; the sensible all cling to the familiar "Chick-Pea" or Cicero, by which the wart-faced orator was distinguished.

It's the time for stories of twins joined at birth and how a routine trip to the hospital to have a wart removed leads to three-years incarceration.

Die Gegen-wart, 1874, Freidrich Speilhagen.

I turn'd away, and passing through the hall, With heavy heart, in a recess I saw The Grand Duke John in tears, and by his side The noble lords of Wart and Tegerfeld, Who beckon'd me, and said, "Redress yourselves.

However this may be, the duke gave ear To the ill counsel of his friends in arms; And with the noble lords, Von Eschenbach, Von Tegerfeld, Von Wart and Palm, resolved, Since his demands for justice were despised, With his own hands to take revenge at least.

These actual inhabitants of the city,enormous lizards with green backs covered with black warts,ran in all directions.

The protruding glands, the warts, the curving backs, take on the colorings of jewelry.

It occurred to us, furthermore, that it is a dolorous thing to live on a lonely little island, tied up like a wart on the face of civilization,no healthful stream of life coming and going from the great body of the main land,the same moral air to be breathed over and over again, without renewal,the same social elements turned and returned in one tiresome kaleidoscope.

The picture represented a man of swarthy countenance, with signs of the bottle glowing through the dark skin; small fierce pig eyes, a rather flat pendulous nose, and a grim forbidding mouth, with a large wart a little above it.

They had reformed every drunkard in the Parliamentary division, changed all the beer and alcohol to water (Mr. Maydig had overruled Mr. Fotheringay on this point); they had, further, greatly improved the railway communication of the place, drained Flinder's swamp, improved the soil of One Tree Hill, and cured the vicar's wart.

Not a wart, or a wrinkle was to be left out.

Nor are we to suppose, that Cromwell himself, however great a man, was displeased to think that his warts and wrinkles had been found less inimical to pleasingness of aspect, than might have been looked for.

Let Spiritualistic reproaches of investigators for lack of zeal and patience be heaped up hereafter till 'Ossa becomes a wart;' I care not; my withers are unwrung.

"It is not force of intellect," as George Eliot has said, "which causes ready repulsion from the aberration and eccentricities of greatness, any more than it is force of vision that causes the eye to explore the warts in a face bright with human expression; it is simply the negation of high sensibilities."

This Cathedral seems to us enormous because underneath its naves we seem like ants; but, nevertheless, the Cathedral seen from far is only an insignificant wart; compared with the piece of land we call Spain it is less than a grain of sand, and on the face of the earth it is a mere atomnothing.

In the time of Fabius Maximus Berucosus ("full of warts") the Romans did this, after burying in the middle Of the Forum a Greek and a Gallic couple, man and woman: they were frightened by a certain oracle which said that Greek and Gaul should occupy the city.

Doch gauckelet's witers und witers, Groblet uf alle Vieren, und stellt si wieder uf d' Beinli, Schlieft in d' Hรผrstiez such mer's eisldรถrt gรผggelet's use, Wart, i chumm!

To cure Warts, the following charm is used:A wedding-ring is procured, and the wart touched or pricked with a gooseberry thorn through the ring.

He'd set 'er down for wot he called a white witch, which is the best kind and on'y do useful things, such as charming warts away or telling gals about their future 'usbands; and the next arternoon, arter telling 'is wife's mother that fresh air and travelling was the best cure for the yellow jaundice, he set off to see 'er.

The one before" "Excuse me for the interruption," said Mrs. Frump, suddenly, "but I can't help saying how much Mr. Maltboy looks like Dr. Warts.

"Like Dr. Warts!" exclaimed Miss Whedell.

Well, that was originally intended for a bump, and, as you see, just succeeded in becoming a wart.

Neither spot has he, nor wart, nor blemish 'pon his body; and when she pays 'en his wages, Saturday evenin's, he says 'Thank 'ee, ma'am,' wi' a voice that's the very daps o' his father's.

"I declare I thought I should ha' died," panted a robust-looking woman with a wart on her cheek, and a yard of crape hanging from her bonnet.

"Can you make aught o' yonder fearsome thing, like a wart-toad scrabbling on two legs?" Dorothy, teeth set, drove her heels into her gray's ribs and forced him to where my mare stood all a-quiver.

If the Native gentry could obtain the aid of tasteful gardeners, I would recommend that the level land should be varied with an occasional artificial elevation, nicely sloped or graduated; but Native malees would be sure to aim rather at the production of abrupt round knobs resembling warts or excrescences than easy and natural undulations of the surface.

"There is a wart upon it," said Yi Chin Ho.

"There is a wart upon it," said Yi Chin Ho.

He was a man of sixty, with a round head, and a large, tender wart on one cheek; the two tusks under his upper lip suggested a walrus.

The juice also is used successfully for sore eyes, removing warts, &c.

These are useful in removing warts and excrescences, if bruised and laid thereon.

Now and then we know he has a caustic thing or two to say about women; but it is lunar-caustic for a wart.

Among the people who came alongside the ship one day we noticed two cases of that kind of elephantiasis called Barbadoes Leg, in one combined with enormous distension of the scrotum, which was larger than a man's head, and studded with warts.

One of these unfortunate objects had both legs much swollen, especially about the ankle, where the skin was almost obliterated by large scab-like warts, the other, besides the diseased leg, had a huge tumour on the inner side of the right thigh.

Once Norman Stanbury came very near, losing her favor for having a wart on his finger; another time, she banished him from her presence for weeks, for having stained his hands, beyond the power of soap-and-water or vinegar to efface, in gathering walnuts.

ECK'E-WART I. Escorts Kriemhild, 64; remains with Kriemhild, 70; accompanies Kriemhild to Hungary, 72; warns Burgundians, 76.


It has a greyish brown skin covered with wart-like lumps.

As there are many types of viruses in the HPV family, there are also many types of wart.

Usually, applying pressure to a wart causes pain.

Getting rid of a wart that way usually takes several weeks.

Iโ€™d say โ€œwarts and all,โ€ but come on: Those are artful tattoos and elegant beauty marks.

In a bottle of water, add in some Nether Wart.

Interferon alfa-2b is generally used to treat cancers like hairy cell leukemia, malignant melanoma, Kaposiโ€™s sarcoma caused by AIDS, and certain types of genital warts.

In the absence of a close examination of oneโ€™s warts and all, a clear voice with a deliberate perspective does a lot of heavy lifting.

It's a warts-and-all look that rings so very true; the government would try and control the one person with superpowers.

So Iโ€™m hoping her child receives all the love & help in the world, and Iโ€™m hoping Kellyanne Conway gets a wart on her nose.โ€

The company said it was guided by the principle that โ€œpeople should be able to hear from those who wish to lead them, warts and all, and that what they say should be scrutinized and debated in public.โ€

The vaccination protects against human papillomavirus, a group of viruses that cause cervical cancer and genital warts.

Titled โ€œI Love Me,โ€ the song is a reckoning of sorts: a coming-to-terms acceptance of herself, warts and all.

Ever since I ended up driving in a blizzard from Saskatoon to Lloydminster that was so bad I had to hole up in a North Battleford hotel one night, I am a bit of a worry wart about driving long distances on the highway in the winter.

Have you or your child ever had a wart?

He hoped she'd get a wart on her nose.

He started to back away, but because he had made the entrance to his place so grand, the lion would have no difficulty in following Wart Hog right in. "Ahhhh," panicked Wart Hog, "Bhubesi will eat me in my own lounge!

He started to back away, but because he had made the entrance to his place so grand, the lion would have no difficulty in following Wart Hog right in. "Ahhhh," panicked Wart Hog, "Bhubesi will eat me in my own lounge!

If left untreated, warts may resolve on their own, remain unchanged, or increase in size or number.

Instead, it's a tattoo-knuckled, head-shaven, less-than-friendly Mr. van Wart who is seemingly caught off-guard by their arrival.

Like the liquid nitrogen method used by the general practitioner, Wartner freezes the wart, causing the wart to fall off after about ten days.

Like the liquid nitrogen method used by the general practitioner, Wartner freezes the wart, causing the wart to fall off after about ten days.

Nursing appointment (i.e. injections, allergy shots, wart treatment etc.) - $10.

A revealing, warts-and-all portrait of a man of great talent trying to design a career and a life while being buffeted around by a cacophony of contradictory voices and impulses.

The American toad lacks teeth but has extremely warty skin with each wart being a compact mass of thick white poison.

A small "wall wart" supply powers the circuitry.

As the pea rots, so the wart will go away.

Then you have a duty to preserve the concert as an historical document โ€“ warts, coughs, and all.

The Standing Committee Agriculture, Forestry & Environment was directed by the Legislative Assembly to complete a full examination on the potato wart crisis.

Wart hog had made himself a lovely, spacious home in an old termite mound that an aardvark* had cleared out.

Warts may also clear without treatment.

'Warts' on both the siphon and mantle were observed in geoduck clams from all of the sampling areas but occurred more frequently on the siphon than on the mantle.

We always recommend pedal-specific, transformer-isolated wall-wart power supplies or multiple isolated-output supplies.