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97 examples of  was able to be  in sentences

97 examples of was able to be in sentences

He has made your house his home, but I certainly feel that Wesley and I should go elsewhere, now that he is able to be about.

When he was able to be about, he feigned a desire to go to his friends in Arrowfield County, south of the James, and was bidden hearty Godspeed.

"Hello," I said, "so you're able to be up, are you?"

And Mandy was coming downstairs to her breakfast this morningshe's able to be afoot

Short Allowance Five men had deserted from the fort trusting to the promises made by General St. Leger, and one had returned, after having suffered more than death, rejoicing because he was able to be once again with those whom he had betrayed.

As soon as Hector was able to be moved, he was carried up to the Ruins, and there nursed by everybody.

He tells us that "he saw before him almost the very things which he had heard from the messengers and by letters"; but he adds that only "about forty ships were lost, the remainder being able to be repaired with much labour."

Thus Chichester got a shrine of its own, which became exceedingly famous and attracted vast crowds of pilgrims, and thus indirectly brought so much money to the church that great works, such as the transformed Lady Chapel, and the many chapels which the Cathedral boasts, were able to be undertaken.

Calf's ears have, in common with the feet and cervelles, the advantage of being able to be eaten either fried or ร  la poulette; and besides, can be made into a farce, with the addition of peas, onions, cheese, &c.

In such a land, so like a great part of Mesopotamia, canals have introduced in a few years nearly a million of inhabitants, and the resurrection of the country has been so rapid that its very success was jeopardised by a railway not being able to be made quickly enough to transport the enormous produce.

She supposes that because I am an astronomer, I must be able to be a clock-maker, while I do not handle a tool if I can help it!

"He is able to be up and about his stateroom.

They could go out on the crust by the time that he was able to be about

When Dupont half murders me and I'm laid up on your hands for nearly a month, our friends with designs on your jewels thoughtfully wait before they strike till I am able to be up and about, consequently in a position to be accused of a crime which no one would put past the Lone Wolf.

Fortunately, no bones were broken, the only injury was to the head; and Captain and Mrs. Harville insisting on her being taken to their house, she recovered health so steadily that before Anne and Lady Russell left Kellynch Lodge for Bath there was talk of the possibility of her being able to be removed to Uppercross.

" "What does he mean by that?" "He means," said Bellingham, fixing me with a ferocious scowl, "that if the body should turn up at any future time, so that the conditions as to burial should be able to be carried out, he should still retain the property and pay me the four hundred a year.

"I am most favourably impressed by both the father and the daughter, and I only trust that we may be able to be of some service to them."

When he was able to be shipped home I went down to the train to see him off and as he kissed me goodby he said, 'Don't you worry, kid, I won't forget this.'

For a week after Piers' arrival, Jeanie was better, so much better that she was able to be carried downstairs and into the garden where she loved to lie.

He dared not read it until he was sure of being able to be alone for hours.

I cannot be lover and culprit at once, as you are able to be lover and accuser, or judge.

'I'm glad I was able to be of use,' she said.

I have always been much attached to Miss Angela, and I felt that it would afford me great pleasure were I to be able to be of service to her.

Marie Antoinette, as we have seen, had been anxious that their departure from Paris should not be delayed beyond the end of May, and De Bouillรฉ had agreed with her; but enterprises of so complicated a character can rarely be executed with the rapidity or punctuality that is desired, and it was not till the 20th of June that this movement, on which so much depended, was able to be put in execution.


He that demands a greater certainty than this, demands he knows not what, and shows only that he has a mind to be a sceptic, without being able to be so.

I'll fetch a surgeon now, and you'll be able to be removed by the morning.

But none the less a man ought to be prepared in a manner for this also (being alone), to be able to be sufficient for himself and to be his own companion.

They all have an infinity which is angered by not being able to be satisfied.

Let this "pool" be once drained off, wages will rapidly rise, since the combined action of workers will no longer be able to be defeated by the eagerness of "outsiders" to take their work and wages.

If I have in the past been able to be of any little service to Lady Heyburn, I assure you I am only too delighted.

Thus it was that the Lady Belle Isoult saved the life of Sir Tristram, for in a little while he was able to be about again, and presently waxed almost entirely hale and strong in limb and body.

Accordingly, he was able to be very quick and alert in his movements.

"In the meantime, Paul, who began to recover his senses, was taken to a house in the neighbourhood, till he was able to be removed to his own habitation.

I am dreadfully afraid the Vicomte won't be able to be at the Ralli to-day, although he did whisper when he was putting on my cloak that nothing should keep him away, and that then I would believe the extent of his devotion.

because Lord Valmond told me, when he left Chevenix on Saturday, that he had to go to another party in Yorkshire, and was as cross as a bear because he would not be able to be at the Grassfield ball.

I have in my other contracts been able to be far within my estimates to Government, and I had hoped to be able to present to the Secretary the contract for trenching likewise reduced.

I think that every woman, and man too, should be prepared for the reverses of fortune by being taught how to do some one thing thoroughly so as to be able to be a worker in the world's service, and not a pensioner upon its bounty.

I am put on the sick list for a few days so I shall be able to be with you.

As you know, boats from the ships often land at some of the deserted places along there in search of loot; so that we ought to be able to be taken off.

in which, even if one's master be not tyrannical, yet it is a most miserable thing that he should be able to be so if he chooses.

Can you think that men whom we could hardly bear when they were not yet polluted with such parricidal treasons; will be able to be borne by the city now that they are immersed in every sort of wickedness?

That is common, which appears to be able to be adapted no less to one side of the argument than to the other.

But a narration will be able to be open, if those actions are explained first which have been done first, and if the order of transactions and times is preserved, so that the things are related as they have been done, or as it shall seem that they may have been done.

That will be able to be managed if we not always enter upon our argumentation in a similar manner.

And again, some suspicion will be able to be inferred from the intention; for intention is a deliberate determination of doing or not doing something.

They will be able to be derived from the affair, if we diligently consider those circumstances which have been attributed to such affairs.

[Footnote 32: Lepidus had not in reality done any particular service to the republic (he was afterwards one of the triumviri), but he was at the head of the best army in the empire, and so was able to be of the most important service to either party, and, therefore, Cicero hoped to attach him to his side by this compliment.]

His doctrine in regard to the training of the mind "was that men are able to be made only by putting youth under the responsibilities of men."

If I ought to be so I must be able to be so; but if I were matter I would not be able.

We are intelligence in order that we may be able to be will.

That's so very largely how we live, we nice people (it's why we're able to be nice, of course)that we get perfectly blind to it.

"It was the first day I was able to be out of bed, and I went over to a piano in a corner against the wall, sat down, and began playing very softly, more to myself than anything else.

The great hall had seemed familiar to her already as she stepped across it on her way to the stairs, her feet had pressed the rugs with assurance, she had been able to be quite nonchalant about refusing the services of the maid who offered to help her dress.

" The baby was christened some six weeks after its birth, by which time Mrs. Carteret was able to be out.

When the spring came, Ellen's husband was able to be about again, and she began to hope that Edward would be more industrious, and they would be able by strict economy to repair the loss occasioned by his winter's illness, which had put them so far behind-hand.

In the period when the pyramids were built it was firmly believed that the deceased, in some form, was able to be purified, and to sit down and to eat bread with it "unceasingly and for ever;" and the KA who was not supplied with a sufficiency of food in the shape of offerings of bread, cakes, flowers, fruit, wine, ale, and the like, was in serious danger of starvation.

Unless the teacher is interested in his work, and loves it beyond all other work, he will not be able to be really one-pointed.

" The Major left her, and went, feeling for Charlotte to the bottom of his heart, but not being able to be sorry for the fate of the poor child.

Why was it that the Mongols were able to be so much more successful than their predecessors?

So now we can all go to heaven, and the reason we try to be good is to please Jesus because He has loved us, and the reason we are able to be good is because Jesus helps us to be, and He can fight the devil better than we can.

As the days began to shorten, Roy grew so much stronger that he was able to be carried downstairs, and the first evening he was in the drawing-room, he asked Miss Bertram for the song of the two little drummer boys.

When the spring came, Ellen's husband was able to be about again, and she began to hope that Edward would be more industrious, and they would be able by strict economy to repair the loss occasioned by his winter's illness, which had put them so far behindhand.

I don't want to hear any more about itor, we might not be able to be even friends.

" Arthur had none of that mean envy which can endure the prosperity of strangers only; he would not even have been able to be jealous of his wife's getting on better than did he.

" "He came out of the forest and learned to stand up, to walk without using his hands, and he got a thumb, and pretty soon he was able to be a small-town mayor or run a nice decent saloon and argue about politics.

He was presently back at his case, embalming for posterity the knowledge that Grandma Milledge was able to be out again these sunny days after a hard tussle with her old enemy sciatica.

The fields around are all square and all flat, all mostly arable, and are often so deep in mud that a stranger wonders that a plough should be able to be dragged through the soil.

For some time I have been questioning myself how it is possible that a man absorbed by a great feeling should be able to be so watchful, so calculating about ways and means, and to account for everything as if somebody else did it for him.

I'm sorry the wife was no wi' me; had I been able to be sure o' getting the show Tom Tinsley gied me I'd ha' had her doon.

Of his sixteen children, ten were living; and all but two of them were able to be with him in these last days.

It is a power given to your cold and selfish nature in place of the capacity for being able to be loved, with which women not a hundredth part as beautiful as you are dowered, and you have a raging desire, Alice, to exercise it over me as over the others; but you can't.

I like to be able to be alone and to have my little stronghold; but that is because the presence of conventional and unsympathetic people bores and tires me.

Not being able to be otherwise settled, the quarrel was at last referred to the king, and representatives of both sides went to England to plead their cause.

I've enjoyed Signor Gennaro's singing often enough at the opera to want to render him this service, and I'm only too glad to be able to be of service to all honest Italians; that is, if I succeed in carrying out a plan I have in mind.

No stranger came near the place of their meeting until the result of their deliberations had been able to be submitted to the scrutiny of the great prince, who then, with the wisdom he had received from God, adopted a resolution which all obeyed.

'Whosoever,' said the charter, 'shall desire to enter this commune shall not be able to be received as a member of it by a single individual, but only in the presence of the jurymen.

Merindol was understood to be the principal retreat of the sectaries; by decree of November 18, 1540, the Parliament ordered that "the houses should be demolished and razed to the ground, the cellars filled up, the woods cut down, the trees of the gardens torn up, and that the lands of those who had lived in Merindol should not be able to be farmed out to anybody whatever of their family or name."

At this first juncture, the king saved from the massacre none but his surgeon, Ambrose Pare, and his nurse, both Huguenots; on the very night after the murder of Coligny, he sent for Ambrose Pare into his chamber, and made him go into his wardrobe, says Brantome, "ordering him not to stir, and saying that it was not reasonable that one who was able to be of service to a whole little world should be thus massacred."

" [Footnote 1: La Bruyรจre also says:"All mischief comes from our not being able to be alone; hence play, luxury, dissipation, wine, ignorance, calumny, envy, forgetfulness of one's self and of God.

As soon as I was able to be about the house, I fell into my old round of drudgery, but with hope and pride shut out of it.

When I was able to be out it was not thought safe for me to do sonot even to cross the street and sit on the high green bank which overlooked the river.

Nevertheless, Raff was able to be present and talk at some of the anti-imperialist meetings, our political friends introducing him as a friend from the committee (at Hongkong) and as an advocate of the cessation of the war over there in order that our sacred rights may be given consideration by them.

He added that when he had carried his master home and had sent the servants to call a doctor, whom they brought back with them quickly, he trusted that it might seem reasonable to us that he had waited to attend upon the doctor rather than come to notify us at once, and while he had not been able to be of any service to his master, who had given up the ghost in a few minutes, yet he hoped we might approve his conduct.

At the time when the double misfortune above recorded befell him at the hands of Lucina and the War Office, his father had been some years dead; but Simon Sterne's widow was still mistress of the property which she had brought with her at her marriage, and to Elvington, accordingly, "as soon," writes Sterne, "as I was able to be carried," the compulsorily retired ensign betook himself with his wife and his two children.

"But just as soon as they are able to be removed, I will come, I promise.

It was part of his business to be able to be present in various places almost at the same time, and not to attract notice in any of them.

I'm glad to see you're able to be aout.

" At the end of a fortnight Mr. Scarborough had so far recovered his strength as to be able to be moved down to Tretton, and thither he went.

If you can get Tyrrwhit to help you you will be able to be sure of doing so.

By this means the more intricate work is able to be more carefully executed, and the close grain and rich tint of Turkey boxwood (perhaps next to ivory the best medium for rendering fine carving) tells out in relief against the ebony of which the body of the cabinet is constructed.

"I must make arrangements for him to be put into one as soon as he is able to be moved.

] At this time we were able to be of the right use to each other.

These insoluble mixtures developed a fuliginous vapor across which philosophic and literary influences jostled, without being able to be regulated in the author's brain when he wrote the prolegomenae of this work which could not have embraced less than seven volumes.

At least he was able to be present on the field of battle with the King and witness part of the campaign.

I took the sugared miniature pillsthe novel medicine he had left for mefaithfully, through ministry of Mrs. Clayton's, and was benefited by them; and, when he came again, as before, in the twilight, I was able to be installed in the great cushioned chair he had sent up for me, and to bear the light of a shaded lamp in one corner of the large apartment.

But I have been able to be present the last two Sundays, and I cannot refrain from saying with how much pleasure I listened yesterday to your discourse on charity.