190 examples of water-color in sentences

Like a water-color landscape-painter, he pauses above the box of crude materials which others have made, takes a dab here and a dab there with his brush, rarely takes all of one color, blends them, eyes the result judicially, and flashes in the combination with swiftness and certainty of touch.

Of the rare floral specimens and perishable tints, my mother made pencil and water-color studies, having in view the book she was preparing for publication.

But who will draw hence the conclusion of the Professor with regard to the fluid used on the Collier folio, that it is "a water-color paint rather than ink,"unless "ink" is used in a mere technical sense, to mean only a compound of nutgalls and sulphate of iron?[aa]

Then, with a smile at Conolly, she went out through the door leading to the water-color gallery.

Of all the English artists of that day with whom I became acquainted, Pyne impressed me as by a considerable measure the broadest thinker, and, except Turner in his water-color, the ablest landscape painter; old John Linnell in this respect standing nearest him in technical power, with a more complete devotion to nature and her sentiment.

To a Water-color.

LUTZ, ROYD C. Practical water-color sketching.

For the dance programs make covers from water-color paper cut and painted to look like oak or maple leaves.

Although her sketches in water-color are clever and attractive, it is as a sculptor that her best work has been done.

It is a water-color, valued at £50.

Member of New York Water-Color Club.

Painter of water-color pictures and miniatures.

Studied water-color painting in New York under an English artist, J. B. Wandesforde.

" Her water-color of "Clematis and Virginia Creeper" is in the Museum at Tunis.

"Empty," a child study in oils, 1897, and a water-color, "A Silver Latch," 1900, are among her important works.

Member of Society of American Artists, Women's Art Club, New York, American Society of Miniature Painters, and Water-Color Club, Boston.

Here the artist illustrated the Queen's poem, "Ada," with a series of water-color sketches, and painted two landscapes from Roumanian scenery.

Vice-president of Baltimore Water-Color Club.

In the Studio, March, 1901, in writing of the exhibition of the American Water-Color Society, the critic says: "In her two works, 'Cherries' and 'A Rose,' Mrs. Rhoda Holmes Nicholls shows us a true water-color executed by a master hand.

When the School of Applied Art was instituted at Palermo in 1887, she was put in charge of the drawing, water-color, and modelling in the Women's Section.

In the Water-Color Exhibition of the Boston Art Club, 1903, Mrs. Perry's portrait of Miss S. attracted much attention.

Member of the New York Water-Color Club, Boston Art Students' Association, National Arts Club, Boston Water-Color Club.

Member of Water-Color Club, Baltimore; Charcoal Club, Baltimore; L'Union des Femmes Peintres et Sculpteurs de France.

In 1893 she exhibited "Milly" and "Echo"; in 1894, "The Prodigal"; in 1895, a water-color, "Lilies"; in 1896, "Rejected"; in 1897, a portrait of Mrs. Laurence Phillips; in 1898, "The Song of Ages," reproduced in this book; in 1899, a portrait of Mrs. Arthur Strauss; and in 1900, one of Miss Vaughan.

"Lemonnier's an artistthe foremost man of the water-color school.

190 examples of  water-color  in sentences