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76 examples of  water-hole  in sentences

76 examples of water-hole in sentences

He'd just been down to the water-hole, and in the faint light he'd seen the Boy far down on the river-trail "leppin" like a hare in the direction of the Roosian mission.

Nobody else in sight but Yagorsha's daughter down at the water-hole.

When the others got to the water-hole, Anna turned and left the Boy without a word to go and recover her pail.

Many water-holes are no more than this detected by the lean hobo of the hills in localities where not even an Indian would look for it.

Venture to look for some seldom-touched water-hole, and so long as the trails run with your general direction make sure you are right, but if they begin to cross yours at never so slight an angle, to converge toward a point left or right of your objective, no matter what the maps say, or your memory, trust them; they know.

We came upon him often after that, threading the windy passes, or by water-holes in the desert hills, and got to know much of his way of life.

He used no gun, but he would set snares by the water-holes for quail and doves, and in the trout country he carried a line.

Yearly the spring fret floats the loose population of Jimville out into the desolate waste hot lands, guiding by the peaks and a few rarely touched water-holes, always, always with the golden hope.

At night they drop their loads beside the water-holes that mark the stages in the long march, and seek the nearest derelict ox or horse and prepare their meals, with relish, from the still warm entrails.

The bull-teams had taken up their steady forward push while the quails were still flying to and from their morning water-holes.

" The three adventurers were soon sleeping soundly in the bunks of the Gussie Brown, and far away, bobbing his head through a water-hole and shaking the icicles from his moustache, a great bull-walrus barked at the moon.

Wherever the beast was, in a small water-hole kept opened by himself, or a larger one formed by the shifting floes, their success would depend on Barney's ability to keep the rope free from jagged edges which might cut it, and Bruce's skill at quickly getting in a fatal shot.

"He's a moose!" whispered Bruce, as they crept close to the rather broad waters-hole and eyed the creature through a crack between upended ice-cakes.

With a sigh of relief, Dave gave the order to rise at the first water-hole.

Soon they would be lying motionless beneath the Arctic floe, as helpless as a dead whale; and should no dark water-hole appear before that time came, they were doomed.

If the water-hole was narrow; if they missed it!

Once a seal appeared in a water-hole.

"Now if we could only locate a seal in some water-hole, it would help out our scanty supply of food.

Huge unsightly water-holes, filled during the rains with the drainage of all the dung-heaps and mounds of offal and filth that abound in the village, swelter under the hot summer sun.

Sturt came at a period when the country lay faint under a prolonged drought and the rivers had dwindled down into dry channels, with here and there a parched and meagre water-hole.

One party, consisting of Swinden, Campbell, Thompson, and Stock, at about seventy miles from the head of Spencer's Gulf, found good pastoral country and a permanent water-hole called by the natives Pernatty.

The creek now gave promise of continuity, the water-holes taking on a more permanent appearance.


XXXVI AROUND THE WATER-HOLE Easy traveller had turned speedy traveller, on a schedule.

He must reach the water-hole as soon as Prather; for it was not unlikely that Prather might have fresh mounts waiting there to take him on to the nearest railroad station in Mexico.

" "And beyond that how many miles to the water-hole?" "Five or six.

They were nearing the clump of cotton-woods around the water-hole at the base of a tongue of the range which ran out into the desert, and Firio rode up to whisper in Spanish: "Seรฑor Jack, see there!

Horsemen!" Jack raised his head with a returning sense of his surroundings to see some mounted men, eight in all he counted, riding along the range trail a half mile nearer the water-hole than themselves.

"There is a basin beyond the water-hole and the seepage makes a little pasture," Jack explained.

He looked toward the water-hole significantly.

All the while he had kept watch on the water-hole, and he received Prather's announcement stoically as a confirmation of his suspicions.

"So, if you will take my advice, brother, the best thing for you to do is to ride back before we reach the water-hole, unless you prefer Leddy's company.

They were not yet at the water-hole, and he was within easy reach of that hand working on the reins in a way that promised an outburst.

When Jack looked away at the water-hole Prather's fingers slipped to his own six-shooter and rested there, twitching nervously; and in the rear Firio was watching both him and Nogales shrewdly.

The standing figures around the water-hole had sunk down.

"IIwas it Leddy that fired on us?" "Yes," said Jack over his shoulder, as he and Firio started up the bank of the arroyo facing the water-hole.

He get everything!" He turned on his heel and soon was another lump around the water-hole.

As Prather reached up a trembling hand to take his rifle from the back of his burro one of the lumps around the water-hole rose, possibly to change position.

" The lumps around the water-hole grew smaller.

Then he sprang to the top of the bank, fully exposed to the marksmen at the water-hole.

Leddy could well afford to curb his impatience as he camped comfortably by the water-hole, while his own horses grazed.

"Why, if Firio and I are to have water to make coffee for breakfast we must take the water-hole!"

He gave the sliver of ear an affectionate corkscrew twist before he and Firio, taking all their ammunition, crawled along the bottom of the arroyo and up the ridge where they settled down comfortably behind a ledge commanding the water-hole at easy range.

Two of the outstretched figures were lying head to head a few yards apart on either side of the water-hole.

It was out of such fragments as this that John Wingfield, Sr. had to piece the story of the fight for the water-hole.

In the big darkness, before we crawl down to the water-hole, he call out to Leddy to make quits.

Again, he was happily telling stories to the children; or tragically pleading with Leddy that there had been slaughter enough around the water-hole; or serenely planning the future which he foresaw for himself when the phantoms were laid: "I may not know how to run the store, but I do seem to fit in here.

"And since you took the water-hole your mind has been enjoying a little vacation, while we moved your body about as we pleased.

" "I took the water-hole, then!

A hundred yards from him, gathered about a small water-hole in the hollow, was a herd of goats.

One of them, a small one, wandered nearer, then, acting suddenly with purpose, walked to the water-hole.

At length, before prime, he came down-wind from a water-hole and galloped gladly to it.

In the morning, before we embarked, our barica was filled at a water-hole close at hand; on walking about a quarter of a mile back, we came to the borders of a large circular plain, about one mile in diameter, covered with reeds and other indications of its being a morass or lagoon.

And glad they were when they came to the water-hole, where only one white man had gone before, which the natives know as the camp of Bwona Khubla, and found the water there.

It lies three days from the nearest other water, and when Bwona Khubla had gone there three years ago, what with malaria with which he was shaking all over, and what with disgust at finding the water-hole dry, he had decided to die there, and in that part of the world such decisions are always fatal.

They clustered now in the false water-hole, silent, listless, as if they knew the uselessness of the urge of life on Au Fer reef.

Out to the south, as many miles as he should have strength to walk, away from any road or water-hole, a great thirst would come, and then delirium, perhaps bringing visions of cool running water and green trees.

He had purposely passed the water-hole, a half-mile south, after having watered the horse and refilled his canteen.

If the rurales were following, they would trail Dex to the water-hole.

" "Take him back to the water-hole.

Within the hour five rurales disembarked from a box-car and crossed to the water-hole, where one of them dismounted and searched for tracks.

But Waring, wise in his craft, knew that the man-hunters would search for tracks at every water-hole on the long northern trail.

Well, a mile beyond was the water-hole.

It was the water-hole.

Within a hundred yards of the water-hole the prisoner collapsed.

The man drank, and Lorry helped him up and across the sand to the rim of the water-hole.

He put High-Chin Bob out of business over by the water-hole yesterday.

The three ponies trotted to the water-hole, sniffed at the water, and, whirling, raced across the mesa, pitching and kicking in the joy of liberation.

We came to two water-holes, tanks the Arizonians called them, and they were vile mud-holes with green scum on the water.

Also they poison the water-holes.

A muddy water-hole, surrounded by thickets of willows, indicated their camping ground.

The return across the desert was even more terrible than the advance, for the two scant water-holes had been nearly exhausted by the Apaches, so that both beasts and human beings suffered horribly with thirst.

Once the suffering animals stampeded after water, and ran for several miles over plateaux of rock, dashing off burdens and riders, and only halting when they were plunged knee-deep in the water-hole which they had scented.

I saw that Spot fall through a water-hole.

Three hundred yards below was the big water-hole used by the hospital.

Spot crawled out of the hospital water-hole, licked off the water, bit out the ice that had formed between his toes, trotted up the bank, and whipped a big Newfoundland belonging to the Gold Commissioner.