1278 examples of wavered in sentences

That look of patient endurance may have eaten a little deeper the lines about his inky eyes, but I am sure his purpose had never wavered, nor his faith that he would win at last.

He met her eye to eye, and never wavered till her own fell.

It was in these lights that Jackson regarded his commander, and from first to last his confidence in and admiration for him never wavered.

For an instant he wavered.

It was wonderful that the Italian communities had not wavered, when Hannibal so palpably showed them the superiority of the Phoenicians and the nullity of Roman aid; but how long could they be expected to bear the burden of a double war, and to allow themselves to be plundered under the very eyes of the Roman troops and of their own contingents?

I love you as much as I ever loved you, and I swear to you that I have never once wavered.

She raised her fine eyes to his for a moment, and wavered beneath his inquiring gaze.

A prince's banner Wavered, then staggered backward, hemmed by foes.

In September, 1921, the amount of business wavered around a hundred dollars a week.

The light of the torches down the gulch wavered and disappeared.


"It was answered by all the guns on board the enemy craft and the single-seater wavered undecidedly.

The gray hall wavered like a flashing view in a film.

Up to the foot of the platform she wavered, and there the cripple joined her, laughing as always.

" She spoke the words with painful effort, her eyes wavered before his.

Stars wavered and wimpled in the black waters of the Hudson as a launch put out in silence from the foot of Twenty-seventh Street.

When Frederick William joined his army camped on the Rhine bank, Wilhelmine was by his side to counsel him as he wavered between war and peace.

Phoebe's eyes wavered and fell.

But his liking for Fenwick had never wavered through all the blare of Fenwick's success.

" The sharp glance of Barry wavered away.

It was Buck Daniels, and as he cleared the door the section of tottering wall which he had upheld to keep the way clear for the Three, wavered, sagged, and then sank in thunder to the floor, and the whole barn lay a flame-tossed mass of ruin.

The whistle wavered, ended, and in its place the long yell of a wolf cut the air.

He had loved my mother twice as well, found her ten times more attractive and interesting, devoted and congenial; admired her grace, recognized all her worth, not only in deed but in word, and with a fidelity of heart that never wavered even when he married again.

Terror-stricken, the Esthlanders wavered, then turned, and fled.

God bless the King of Denmark"; for in good or evil days they never wavered in their love and admiration for the king who was a son of the first Valdemar, and the heir of his greatness and of that of the sainted Absalon.

1278 examples of  wavered  in sentences