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401225 examples of we in sentences

But even allowing that Alexander's fine qualities were sullied by his complicity in these odious measures, we must still in justice admit that they were too much in the spirit of the times, and particularly of the school in which he was trained; and while we lament that his political or private faults place him on so low a level, we must rank him as one of the very first masters in the art of war in his own or any other age.

Opposed to Maurice in almost every one of his acts, was, as we have already seen, Barneveldt, one of the truest patriots of any time or country; and, with the exception of William the Great, prince of Orange, the most eminent citizen to whom the affairs of the Netherlands have given celebrity.

"Well, according to my calculations," said Tom, "we should be about quit of England and striking the Irish Sea at its junction with the Atlantic.

"What are you thinking about, Tom, for I can see a look in your face that we ought to know?

Have you an ideais there yet a hope that we can get a grip on this danger, and choke it?" Tom's face was still colorless, but there was a gleam in his eye, which Jack had discovered.

"Perhaps you'll both call it a wild idea, and think I'm crazy; but desperate cases call for equally desperate remedies, and at the worst we'll have a chance.

" "We'd have to drop a whole lot lower, so as to take a closer survey, and learn just how smooth the surface of the floe is," Tom continued.

I know we've landed on worse ground many a time, and without being wrecked.

"The main thing is that we did what we set out to do, and proved that the dream of all real airmen could be made to come true.

"The main thing is that we did what we set out to do, and proved that the dream of all real airmen could be made to come true.

We may live to see a procession of monster boats of the air setting out for over-seas daily, carrying passengers, as well as mail and express matter.

But hadn't we better be thinking of getting out of this soft marshy tract?"

"As quickly as we possibly can," Jack told him.

"We'll try to run across some Virginia farmer, black or white, who will have a horse and agree to take us to the nearest railroad station.

And it would be too bad if we missed seeing how dear Cousin Randolph takes his Waterloo.

We may form some idea of the religious spirit of the Middle Ages from the Gothic cathedrals, which had the same relative position in the world's architecture as Shakespeare's work does in literature.

A larger percentage of suffixes was retained, and we still have many words like "wholesome-ness," "child-hood," "sing-er.

The Saxon compounded the words for "tree," and "worker," and said tr=eow-wyrhta, "tree-wright," but we now make use of the single word "carpenter."

We have replaced the Saxon b=oc-craeft, "book-art," by "literature"; =aefen-gl=om, "evening-gloom," by "twilight"; mere-sw=in, "sea-swine," by "porpoise"; =eag-wraec, "eye-rack," by "pain in the eye"; leornung-cild, "learning-child," by "pupil."

In Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain we are given vivid pictures of King Lear and his daughters, of Cymbeline, of King Arthur and his Knights, of Guinevere and the rest of that company whom later poets have immortalized.

We may instance as types of this class almost all the prose writings of John Milton (1608-1674).

Among such, we may instance Molière (1622-1673), who stands next to Shakespeare in dramatic power. (3) Charles II.

For, provided that the mind retains its faculties, the amount of knowledge and experience we have acquired, together with the facility we have gained in the use of our powers, makes it then more than ever easy and interesting to us to pursue the study of any subject.

They had each been seeking for a place of refuge in case of danger, and they anxiously asked one another, 'What shall we do when they have put him to death?

When they had somewhat recovered themselves, Peter said warmly: 'Lord, I will call the others, that so we may defend thee.'

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