1775 examples of weaken in sentences

I believe he was pleased and hoped that a succession of incapable ministries and internal quarrels would weaken France still moreand prevent her from taking her place again as a great power.

It does not weaken the power of thought, nor stultify the brain.

I must keep their souls easy, for once they are scared there will be such a spate of letters to New York as will weaken the courage of our Northern brethren.

Therefore of a sudden Beltane put forth his strength, and wrestled mightily, seeking to break or weaken Roger's deadly hold.

It did weaken itweakened it to the point of collapse, if the counsel for the defence had fully acted up to his opportunity.

But it was not a part of Mr. Moffat's plan to weaken the effect of Carmel's testimony by offering any weak corroboration of facts which nobody showed the least inclination to dispute.

[Footnote: Fiske's "American Revolution."] "General Schuyler understood the importance of rescuing the stronghold and its brave garrison, and called a council of war; but he was bitterly opposed by his officers, one of whom presently said to another, in an audible whisper: "'He only wants to weaken the army!'

It will be needful, if it be wet weather, to clip their tails, lest these draggle, and so weaken the bird.

"That was fulish in me," he said, "to weaken like that; but I'm no' used to that white damp.

This irritating presence and delay weaken the stomach, so that when proper food follows, the enfeebled organ is ill prepared for its work.

Besides, those that are addicted to this slender way of discourse, for the most part, do so weaken and enfeeble their judgement, by contenting themselves to understand by colours, features, and glimpses; that they perfectly omit all the more profitable searching into the nature and causes of things themselves.

Nor did the friendship between Madame Récamier and the Due de Montmorency, the political rival of Châteaubriand, weaken the love of the latter or create jealousy, a proof of his noble character.

It is the wish of Germany, and her policy, to end once and for all the eastern disquiet, to weaken Russia so that she can no longer call herself the champion of the Slav races and uphold their barbarism against our culture.

"I would not leave anything to a man of action or industrial enterprise," he said to a friend with whom he was discussing the project of his will; "the sudden acquisition of a fortune would probably only damp the energy and weaken the spirit of enterprise of such a man.

He would show white men that to weaken, to debase, to dehumanize the negro, inflicted a more terrible wound on the South than would any strength the black man might develop.

Changes in the constitution weaken our respect for it.

Nay as an Episcopalian of the Church of England, I hold it an unsafe and imprudent concession, tending to weaken the governing right of the Bishops.

It is because a State Church is by its very conception hostile to such a principle, that we are justified in counting it apart from the private Churches with all their faults, and placing it among the agencies that weaken the vigour of a national conscience and check the free play and access of intellectual light.

SEE Don't weaken.

Part of the reluctance to study the subject seems to arise from the fear that if we deny the nonsensical idea that the British Empire would instantaneously fall to pieces were the Germans to dominate the North Sea for 24 hours we should weaken the impulse to defence.

During this time she may not approach or touch a horse, for the Indians believe that such contamination would impoverish or weaken the animal.

One little fluid particle in the crystalline prism of the solid universe! Weaken moral obligations?No, not weaken, but define them.

One little fluid particle in the crystalline prism of the solid universe! Weaken moral obligations?No, not weaken, but define them.

And when I compared the human will to a drop in a crystal, and said I meant to define moral obligations, and not weaken them, this was what I intended to express: that the fluent, self-determining power of human beings is a very strictly limited agency in the universe.

Nay, it was even concluded, although, as now appears, incorrectlyand it was not feared that the conclusion would weaken the American argumentthat the line from the northwest angle of Nova Scotia, at least as far as the sources of Tuladi, did pass through a country of that description.

1775 examples of  weaken  in sentences