75 examples of weaver's in sentences

A gal that's a peart weaver's mighty apt to find a man.

O Mairi Dhu, the weaver's wife, Will have the evil eye; The fear will come about my heart When she'll be passing by; She'll have the piercing look to wound The very birds that fly.

I am sorry that Coleridge has christened his "Ancient Marinere," a "Poet's Reverie;" it is as bad as Bottom the Weaver's declaration that he is not a lion, but only the scenical representation of a lion.

I found the poor weaver's wife very sensitive on this subject.

My friend and I left the weaver's cottage, and came down again into a part of Scholes where huddled squalor and filth is to be found on all sides.

See how his knees, flying like a weaver's shuttle, from one extremity of the saddle to another, destroy, in a pleasure-ride from Edinburgh to Roslin, the good, gray kerseymeres, which were glittering a day or two ago in Scaife and Willis's shop.

What had really happened was that Dunsey Cass, Squire Cass's second sona mean, boastful rascalon his way home on foot from hunting, saw the light in the weaver's cottage, and knocked, hoping to borrow a lantern, for the lane was unpleasantly slippery, and the night dark.

As the child grew up, one person watched with keener, though more hidden, interest than any other the prosperous growth of Eppie under the weaver's care.

One of the towersthe Carliol or Weaver's Towerwas pulled down to make room for the Central Free Library, opened in 1881.

A farmer's son becomes a farmer, a weaver's son becomes a weaver, and so on. 5.

Prodigious actions may as well be done By weaver's issue, as by prince's son.

So many devices for performing the functions of the early weaver's shuttle have been introduced of late, that the word shuttle, if it be used at all, must not be accepted as meaning "to shoot."

The long, weaver's kind of shuttle, originally used by Howe and Singer, had many drawbacks.

"I am awaiting with impatience the reflections of Pantophile Diderot on Tancrede," wrote Voltaire: "everything is within the sphere of activity of his genius: he passes from the heights of metaphysics to the weaver's trade, and thence he comes to the stage.

I have suggested to him that he should write songs on handicrafts, especially a weaver's song, for he has spent his life from youth amongst such folk, and he understands the subject through and through.

He wrote, in imitation of The Thresher, The Weaver's Miscellany, which failed producing the intended effect, and, 'tis said, never was reckoned by Mr. Banks himself as any way worthy of particular distinction.

And now, even the weaver's wife had not given me anything.

6, "My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and are spent without hope;" and chap.

The weaver's fingers fly: Gray dreams like frozen mists are set

In the hush of the weaver's eye; A voice from the dusk is calling yet, "Oh, come away, or we die!"

WARPING, BEAMING AND DRESSING There are a few distinct methods of preparing warp threads on the weaver's beam.

2. The warp is made in the form of a chain on a linking machine, and then beamed on to a weaver's beam.

28, and the full equipment demands the following four distinct kinds of apparatusa bank capable of holding approximately 300 spools, a frame for forming the weaver's lease and the beamer's lease, machine for drawing the threads from the spools in the bank and for measuring the length and marking the warp at predetermined intervals, and finally the actual machine which links the group of threads in the form of a chain.

31 is made so that all the six cylinders may be used to dry yarns from two banks, and all the yarns wound on to one weaver's beam, or all the yarns may be wound on to one of the beams in the machine in Fig.

Warping, beaming and dressing mill Washing Waste teazer Weaves or designs Weaving Weaver's lease Weeding of plants Weft winding Wilton carpet Winding (bobbin) machine from hank (large roll) machine (ordinary size from hanks) machine rolls and cops World's great war.

75 examples of  weaver's  in sentences
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