2208 examples of weaves in sentences

The dramatist takes the presence of the banjo as the central fact of his drama, and weaves his plot around it.

425 With dauntless step she seeks the winding shore, Hears unappall'd the glimmering torrents roar; With Paper-flags a floating cradle weaves, And hides the smiling boy in Lotus-leaves; Gives her white bosom to his eager lips, 430 The salt tears mingling with the milk he sips; Waits on the reed-crown'd brink with pious guile, And trusts the scaly monsters of the Nile.

Stern CLOTHO weaves the chequer'd thread of life; 125 Hour after hour the growing line extends, The cradle and the coffin bound its ends; [Paphian curves.

He makes his time an accountant to his memory, and of the humours of men weaves a net for occasion; the inquisitor must look through his judgment, for to the eye only he is not visible.

Some old sweet native sound Her spirit haply weaves; A harmony profound Of woods with all their leaves: A murmur of the sea, A laughing tone of streams: Long may her sojourn be In the music-land of dreams!

The traveller, as Brantôme quaintly tells us, "fait des discours en soi pour se soutenir en chemin"; and into these discourses he weaves something out of all that he sees and suffers by the way; they take their tone greatly from the varying character of the scene; a sharp ascent brings different thoughts from a level road; and the man's fancies grow lighter as he comes out of the wood into a clearing.

Choosing the slenderest branch of a tree, the parrot fastens a bulrush of about two spans long to its outer extremity, at the depending end of which rush it weaves its nest in a most beautiful manner, suspended like a ball, and having only one passage for entering.

Besides, he is a logician, has a theory in support of whatever he chooses to advance, and weaves the tissue of his sophistry so close and intricate, that it is difficult not to be entangled in it, or to escape from it.

It weaves all into one great system, so that if we consider the whole, the conflicts and contradictions which rule in particulars disappear, resolved into the most perfect harmony.

These she spins, weaves, and prints into draperies which exact a tribute from the world.

Oh! it is then that gentle Fancy weaves The vivid visions of the soul, which bless The poet's mind, and with sweet phantasies, Like grateful odours shed refreshfully From angels' wings of glistening beauty, tries To waken pleasure, and to stifle sighs!

For though you are more beautiful than she, yet true love is no wanderer; it gives a beauty that it does not find, and weaves a chain no other charms can break.

The caterpillar weaves its web from its mouth, finishes with the head downwards, and the head, with the six front legs, are thrown off from the chrysalis, and may be found dried up, but quite distinguishable, at the bottom of the web.

Yet, for aught I know, Arachne still lives and spins and weaves; and the very next spider that you see may be she herself.

And once again, they spring to life, The hopes and joys of other years; Fresh as before the world's rude strife Had changed their fount to bitter tears, Smiles, looks and words that long had been Erased from memory's tablet leaves, Come thronging o'er my soul again, Bright as the spell which Fancy weaves.

He was tireless, and could discern the finest prints and weaves at bad angles of light.

June weaves into this green foliage pendent clusters of flowers of mingled brown and white, filling the air with fragrance and enticing the bee with odors as sweet as from groves of citron and myrtle.'

Days that are heralded by an increased activity in dog circles, a mysterious fascination that weaves itself about all prospective entries to the races, and the introduction of a strange dialect called "Deep Dog Dope," which is the popular means of communication between all people regardless of age, sex or nationalityfrom the Federal Judge on the Bench to the tiniest tots in Kindergarten.

As our mind is not the bare sum of our sights plus our sounds plus our pains, but in adding these terms together also finds relations among them and weaves them into schemes and forms and objects of which no one sense in its separate estate knows anything, so the earth-soul traces relations between the contents of my mind and the contents of yours of which neither of our separate minds is conscious.

He never stops, but works right on, And weaves his web so fine.

The fact is, Mate, the missionaries are still afflicted with the work habit, and so subtle is its cheerful influence, it weaves a spell over all who come near.

The Periwinkle with its fan-like leaves All nicely levelled, is a lovely flower Whose dark wreath, myrtle like, young Flora weaves; There's none more rare Nor aught more meet to deck a fairy's bower Or grace her hair.

The spider that weaves its web down the wall, the swallow which perhaps flies a single time close under the panes there high up in the walleven the stranger's footstep in the gallery, as he passes the cell-doors, is an event in that mute, solitary life, where the prisoners' thoughts are wrapped up in themselves.

'Clotho spins, Lachesis weaves, and Atropos cuts,' I said, 'and the poor illusion vanishes; the loud laughter, the fierce wailing, die on pale lips; the foolish and the wise, the merciful and the pitiless, the workers in the vineyard and the idlers in the market-place, are huddled into one grave, and the heart of Mary Mother and of Mary Magdalen are one dust.'

Well, I always have believed that Fate weaves our destinies for us; and a curious pattern is the weaving, sometimes!

2208 examples of  weaves  in sentences
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