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95 examples of weekends in sentences

She planned a place for them where they could spend weekends or where they could rest when they were getting over sickness.

The State Department at Washington made me come down for several weekends and your Military Officer at home had me in on three successive days.

Thursdays, because weekends were unpredictable.

Not only that, he had spent months staring into his monitor, living on the Internet, reading the Wall St. Journal every day and Barrons every weekend, and dreaming about how he would invest $450,000.

What do you do on weekends?

I've got some orders I'm trying to get out by the weekend."

This weekend was a parent's reward; he accepted it gratefully.

My daughter got married this weekend.

He was letting go after the long weekend and was sorry to see her leave.

Joe sat on the last beach before Diamond Head, a place where he and Sally and Kate had often come on weekends.

"No problem," she e-mailed back, "we're out every weekend looking at houses."

" "There's supposed to be a party this weekend, Saturday, on the mountain.

"I'm going on a short tripthree days, maybe four, next weekend.

"What are weekends for?"

But the poor Turco might not unreasonably ask, after a weekend in Belgium, what more diabolical things he could do than the highly cultured Germans were doing themselves.

The long weekend, by Robert Graves & Alan Hodge.

The long weekend.

Weekend: a girl's guide to the college weekend.

Weekend: a girl's guide to the college weekend.

Frederick Nebel (A); 8Apr66; R383977. Weekend to kill.

Lines from the weekend tourist's heart.

Weekend: a girl's guide to the college weekend.

Weekend: a girl's guide to the college weekend.

It was all familiar ground; for in years gone by, when Grayson was in practice, we would come down together for weekends to his little demesne, and often I would stay on alone for a week or so and ramble about the country by myself.

"Ye'll be lookin' in again, I fancy, afore th' weekend?"

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