7055 examples of weeped in sentences

and I weep, too late made wise:

I know not if it be the longed-for light Of her first Maker which the spirit feels; Or if a time-old memory reveals Some other beauty for the heart's delight; Or fame or dreams beget that vision bright, Sweet to the eyes, which through the bosom steals, Leaving I know not what that wounds and heals, And now perchance hath made me weep outright.

Borne by these wings with thee I dwell for aye, And weep, and of my dead Urbino talk, Who, were he living, now perchance would be,

Soon comes the day when those grim giants fell, Famed through the world, dyed deep with sanguine hue, Whom with feigned flatteries you applaud, shall be Swept from the earth, and sunk in horrid Hell, Girt round with flames, to weep and wail with you, In doleful dungeons everlastingly.

they must sing and we must weep until the Eternal gates swing open.

As he surveyed the downward descent of Judah, which nothing apparently could arrest, he exclaimed: "Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the daughter of my people!"

And when they are gone, remember them at the home altar, and bless God that your country does not want defenders; and when your tears are dried up, and your cause is proclaimed triumphant, weep again tears of joy as you clasp the returning heroes to your arms!

Popes and bishops weep; barons and princes swear.

It seemed to him incredible that he should be thus suddenly abandoned; he tried to force an entrance into the store; but was given to understand that the official seals had been affixed; so he sat down on a stone, and giving way to his grief, began to weep piteously, deaf to the consolations of those around him, never ceasing to call his father's name, though he knew him to be already far away.

We travelled along with Baatu, down the banks of the Volga for five weeks, and were often so much in want of provisions, that my companion was sometimes so extremely hungry as even to weep.

With that she raynd such store of streaming teares, That could have made a stonie heart to weep; 110 And all her sisters rent* their golden heares, And their faire faces with salt humour steep.

Eftsoones* such store of teares shee forth did powre, As if shee all to water would have gone; 596 And all her sisters, seeing her sad stowre**, Did weep and waile, and made exceeding mone, And all their learned instruments did breake: The rest untold no living tongue can speake.

But when they see his glorious raies unclowded, With steddy steps they keepe the perfect way: So, while this Muse in forraine land doth stay, Invention weepes, and pennes are cast aside; The time, like night, deprivd of chearfull day; And few doe write, but ah!

He weepes for what is done.

His characters, though we laugh or weep or shudder at them, are sometimes only caricatures, each one an exaggeration of some peculiarity, which suggest Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour.

We shall see the barricades thrown up in our streets; we shall meet the horrid litters, from which hang hands black with powder; every woman will weep in the evening when her husband is late in returning home, and all mothers will be seized with terror.

Ah! you do not only make us tremble and weep, you make us laugh too.

and I tell how you talked to me awful kind for more than an hour, tryin' to keep me to stay at the school, and it wasn't till I got down on my knees and weeped that you agreed to take me to my kind father.

"Such holy drops her tresses steeped, Though 'twas an hero's eye that weeped."Sir

Wed, wedded or wed, wedding, wedded or wed. Weep, wept or weeped, weeping, wept or weeped.

Wed, wedded or wed, wedding, wedded or wed. Weep, wept or weeped, weeping, wept or weeped.

6. Write the irregular participles which are commonly preferred to the following regular ones: abided, bended, builded, bursted, catched, creeped, dealed, digged, dwelled, freezed, grinded, knitted, layed, meaned, payed, reaved, slided, speeded, splitted, stringed, sweeped, throwed, weaved, weeped, winded. EXERCISE VIII.ADVERBS, &c. 1.

"Such holy drops her tresses steeped, Though 'twas a hero's eye that weeped."Sir

The regular words, beseeched, blowed, bursted, digged, freezed, bereaved, hanged, meaned, sawed, showed, stringed, weeped, I admit for good English, though we find them all condemned by some critics.

Because Urania weepes to see Amyntas So restlesse and unquiet.

7055 examples of  weeped  in sentences