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11150 example sentences with  weighted

11150 example sentences with weighted

Mankind is weighted by every previous sin.

As I had anticipated it was thick and heavy enough to sink without being weighted.

CHAPTER XIV HOW BELTANE CAME NIGH TO DEATH Down went my Beltane, weighted in his heavy maildown and ever down through a world of green that grew dark and ever more dark, until, within the pitchy gloom beneath him was a quaking slime that sucked viciously at foot and ankle.

"Ha! roguerogue," panted Sir Pertolepe, "would'st leave me to die in a noose, unshriven and unannealed, my soul dragged hell-wards weighted with my sins?

The load of metal he carried was crushing, he could hardly drag his weighted boots across the deck, and at the top of the ladder he hesitated, watching the bubbles that marked the spot where the diver had vanished.

As he went up his dress got heavy and he was conscious of his weighted boots.

Each step seemed weighted with thought, or, at least, heavy with inner dissatisfaction.

But when the service ended and he stopped to exchange a word with father, I saw the face was indeed the same, though now writ over sadly by the hand of time weighted down with sorrow.

A stone struck Prometheus on the temple, drawing blood; a hundred hands went up, each weighted with a missile.

Some of the greatest have lived wild lives, but their wings were not weighted with the lead of the love of the world.

He starts men unequally in the race of lifesome heavily weighted with their father's sins and misfortunes, some helped in every way by their father's virtue and good fortuneand then He expects them all to run alike.

They may rise punished by their sins, and punished for a long time, heavily weighted by the consequences of their own folly, and heavily weighted for a long time.

They may rise punished by their sins, and punished for a long time, heavily weighted by the consequences of their own folly, and heavily weighted for a long time.

Sometimes half a dozen artificial birds are fastened to a little raft, and which is so weighted that the sham birds squat naturally on the water.

This was heavy, as though weighted with lead, but as I finally forced it backward, a hinge snapped, and permitted it to drop crashing to the deck.

Finally the weighted barrel was again pushed up to its appointed position and held there with the stake.

When he had saddled and returned to her Gloria was waiting with the various purchases in a barley-sack; she made a great pretence of being weighted down by the great bulk of provisions demanded by man's appetite.

Finding that the purchaser of the grocery was a female, he went with the urchin before her, and expressed a hope that she would intercede with the poor boy's master, in order to prevent his being over-weighted in future.

The straw should be weighted down in the water so that no part of it remains above the level of water.

When bubbles appear, the soaked straw, surrounded by the cloth bags, should be weighted down and fully immersed in water.

Westley Keyts's suggestion that Potts be weighted with pig-iron and dumped into the healing waters, drunk or sober, was the mere playfulness of an excellent butcher unpractised in sarcasm.

"Hรคhob!" exclaimed the mother, with a rising inflection, implying by the expletive that her child's buoyant spirit be not weighted with a denial.

Then the latter, taking a weighted coiled-up toe rope in his hand, went out into the ring.

Never had he skimmed the crust faster, but his feet seemed to be weighted with lead.

His shoes broke through the crust and clogged with the sludgy stuff so that his feet were greatly weighted.

No one without witnessing it can conceive the distress an infantry soldier suffers while marching in this hot climate, in a deep column, weighted down as he is even without his pack; and some rest seemed actually imperative.

You did not handle the box which is now upstairsit is carefully weighted, though it is empty.

Thus weighted down by his recollections, he travelled through many countries and arrived at a river which was dangerous, because of its violence and the slime that covered its shores.

Unhappily, however, the hearse was over-weighted, and they had not reached the cemetery before the spring broke, and the bottle with it.

He could hardly drag his weighted limbs along.

The branches of this tree, I perceived to be the cause of my inability to recognize it from a bush, until I had come close upon it; for they grew thin and smooth through all their length, and hung towards the earth; being weighted thereto by a single, large cabbage-like plant which seemed to sprout from the extreme tip of each.

The air was weighted with scent of the rรฉsรฉda and of the jasmine which climbed the wall and almost choked the roses.

Andy had this pretty well figured out, and knew just when to launch his weighted message.

About the cooking-fire, greatly improved with stones from the shore, we built a high stockade consisting of upright poles thickly twined with branches, the roof lined with moss and lichen and weighted with rocks, and round the interior we made low wooden seats so that we could lie round the fire even in rain and eat our meals in peace.

I will follow it no farther; I ask you to recognise the fact that M. Flaubert has not weighted his images and has done only one thing: he has touched with a firm hand the scene of degradation.

And he goes to his educational tasks not as a prisoner weighted down by ball and chain, but as an eager prospector infatuated by the lust for gold.

I never hear it even now on the street organ without a certain pleasurea pleasure mingled with pain, for its happy lilt comes weighted with the tremendous emotions of those unforgettable days.

An old hymn tune, or an old song, a turn of phrase, a scent in the garden, a tone of voice, a curve in the patheverything comes to us weighted with its own treasures of memory, bitter or sweet, but always significant.

A story weighted with the epic purpose could not proceed at all, unless it were expressed in persons big enough to support it.

The cable was weighted with pieces of lead fastened on every hundred yards.

His skimmed-milk eyes popped out over a waste of freckles which blurred his features and literally weighted down a weak, loosely-wired jaw and kept an astonished mouth opened for hours at a time.

There (leaning over the balustrade of the lowest terrace, under the willful branches of a big nonia-tree, weighted with fronds of scarlet trumpet-flowers, that hung out lazily from the wall, to which the stem was nailed)

By now, however, I was less weighted with my ball of Polar clothes, and stood almost slim in a Lap great-coat, a round Siberian fur cap on my head.

And very still they lay on a still sea, itself a dead thing, livid as the lips of death; and there was an intensity in the calm that was appalling: for the ocean seemed weighted, and the air drugged.

"I think I have already given you my assurance, weighted as it is by my age, my experience, my regard for your welfare, and, I hope, my authority as a parent, that both your honor and happiness will be secured by your obeying me, and forfeited by following your own headstrong inclinations."

They are like a horse set to run a race, tied by a strong rope to a tree, or weighted with ten tons of extra burden.

* * * * * There is no reckoning up the manifold impedimenta by which human beings are weighted for the race of life; but all may be classified under the two heads of unfavorable influences arising out of the mental or physical nature of the human beings themselves, and unfavorable influences arising out of the circumstances in which the human beings are placed.

You have known men who, setting out from a very humble position, have attained to a respectable standing, but who would have reached a very much higher place but for their being weighted with a vulgar, violent, wrong-headed, and rude-spoken wife.

Pugin, the great Gothic architect, designed various noble buildings; but I believe he complained that he never had fair play with his finest,that he was always weighted by considerations of expense, or by the nature of the ground he had to build on, or by the number of people it was essential the building should accommodate.

When that good missionary, Henry Martyn, was in India, he was weighted with an irresistible drowsiness.

But we have only indignation for the man weighted with far worse things, and things which, in some cases at least, he can just as little help.

One heavy burden with which many men are weighted for the race of life is depression of spirits.

The "sir" was weighted with so heavy an emphasis that the tactful Merle merely said "Oh!"

Dave Cowan, across the press, the sleeves of his pink-striped shirt rolled to his elbows, then let down a frame in which he had fixed a virgin sheet of paper, ran the bed of the press back under a weighted shelf, and pulled a mighty lever to make the imprint.

Darvell, who was a good sort of man in his way,slow rather than stupid, weighted with the ordinary respect which a servant has for his master,had heard it all, but showed no particular anxiety to hear more.

Framtree helped the Chinese carry forth the weighted body....

SHE, leaning back against the dusty cushions, dreams of the mountain she loves best and of the low house on it, weighted down with jasmine and virginia-creeper.

Jim, less weighted down and perhaps less discouraged, forged ahead up and down.

Barton, with every faculty of mind intensely strong and clear, and weighted with the great calamity to absolute gravity, had struck those he met as a marvel of clear apprehension and perception of all the surroundings and proprieties of his painful position.

Above all this gorgeousness sat the caballeros and the doรฑas, in velvet and silk, gold lace and Spanish, jewels and mantillas, and silver-weighted sombreros; a confused mass of color and motion; a living picture, shifting like a kaleidoscope.

He makes the case more difficult by laying his refusal chiefly on his own convenience; dilating on the much greater speed and ease with which he will be able to transact his business, if alone, than if weighted by a woman, and a woman's paraphernalia, and also on the desirability of having in me a locum tenens for himself at Tempest.

If it were Bobby that were coming, my mind would be weighted by the thought of the repression his spirits would need, but Algy's mirth is several shades less violent, and Barbara is never jarringly joyful.

Down through the perfume-weighted air fluttered the snowy fluffs of the cottonwoods.

The big brown eyes were set on space; the outer corners of the handsome mouth were drawn hard and tense as though weighted.

Sleep is thus a disembarrassment, the unloading of a burden wherewith we have weighted ourselves.

When she was dead, Christian Garth caused her to be wrapped in sail-cloth, weighted with chains, and, with a brief prayer, consigned to the deep.

The treaty was signed, and Bayard, with feet heavily weighted, was led to the middle of a bridge over the Seine, where the emperor had decreed that he should be drowned.

The Utilitarian writers of last generation, if they admitted the conflict of egoism and altruism, weighted every consideration on the side of altruism.

Despite a decline of 0.9% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in the bottom-line during FY13-FY19, Brinkerโ€™s diluted EPS (earnings per share) over the period has increased ~10.3% CAGR, as the diluted weighted average shares declined ~10.1% CAGR.

"Expected to produce between 3,000 mtV and 3,200 mtV, a 6 per cent to 13 per cent increase relative to FY2019, with volumes weighted towards H2 2020.

For the small study, Weakley took 12 semi-professional rugby players and gave them differently weighted barbells so they could all work to the same speed, exercising until they achieved velocity losses of 10, 20 and 30 per cent over different sessions.

A majority of the projectโ€™s output is backed by contracts with investment grade counterparties with a 12 year weighted average contract life.

In past articles, I have illustrated for Seeking Alpha readers how seven factor tilts or alternative weighting schemes to the traditional large capitalization-weighted index have produced historical outperformance.

Markets witnessed the highest weekly close since March 2020 as across the board buying frenzy weighted in. Nifty and Bank Nifty closed the week ~1.75% and ~3% higher, respectively, with major banking heavyweights making a comeback.

So-called weighted blankets are having a moment, as doctors and celebrities sing the praises of these hefty textiles.

The Basel III norms stipulated a capital to risk weighted assets of 8 per cent.

The FTSE All-World Index is a market-capitalisation weighted index representing the performance of the large- and mid-cap stocks from the FTSE Global Equity Index Series and covers 90-95 per cent of the investable market capitalisation.

โ€œThe future does indeed belong to you, but the abstract weighted responsibility to change it overnight very much does not.

The selection process will be by a weighted lottery system based on the urgency of financial need.

This animated movie received a weighted score of (scored by 221,623 users) and falls under the categories Comedy, Mystery, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, and Supernatural.

This sample was weighted according to gender, age, race, and education based on the American Community Survey, conducted by the U.S. Bureau of the Census, as well as 2016 Presidential vote and registration status.

Those stocks are then weighted based on their standard deviation over the past 180 trading days.

Though weighted toward the consumer market, much of whatโ€™s on display may also be useful to law enforcement, not to mention prying employers or heavy-handed governments.

To ensure that the results of this survey reflects a balanced cross section of the nation, the data are weighted to match the U.S. adult population by gender, age, education, race and ethnicity and other categories.

Under ideal conditions (i.e., the ETF owns only US stocks that are rankled by us), the portfolio weighted average Power Gauge rank is only 20% of the overall ETF rank.

Unlike other emerging markets, Indiansโ€™ daily hours spent on smartphones (3 hours and 30 minutes) is still below the weighted global average of 3 hours and 40 minutes.

When you reach a corner, that combination of all-wheel drive, adaptive dampers, and firmly weighted steering lend a feeling of precision and predictability.

Additionally, the fitting of non-Gaussian conditional distributions using Legendre polynomial series derived from weighted spatial cumulants is proposed and implemented in the algorithm for simulation with high-order statistics, HOSIM.

Collapsible Cones 8" to 36" with a variety of weighted bases stores under seat or in trunk comes with reflective tape and optional led light on top.

CPSC 601.08 will have equally-weighted assignments, with one associated with each module of the course (i.e., analytical methods, simulation methods, and experimental methods).

During the course of the data analysis, of unweighted, A-weighted, and G-weighted results, SACL noted that high wind speeds appeared to have compromised some of the data collection.

During the course of the data analysis, of unweighted, A-weighted, and G-weighted results, SACL noted that high wind speeds appeared to have compromised some of the data collection.

No. The two courses (ENPH456 and ENPH457) are weighted with enough units to replace ENPH 455 and two 4th year tech.

Our results show that for unranked data sources, weighted method performed a little better then un-weighted set covering algorithm.

Our results show that for unranked data sources, weighted method performed a little better then un-weighted set covering algorithm.

The effective dose is the sum of weighted equivalent doses in all the organs and tissues of the body.

The~result also holds for the Hardy and weighted Bergman spaces.

The variance of the ln(RR) for obese and nonobese individuals was calculated as a weighted sum of variances for each BMI group.

We can resolve this point and the relevant z's of wich q was the weighted median.

โ€œWhile most leaves are weighted by water, lotus leaves, even if in mud and water, arenโ€™t, so they remain fresh and clean forever,โ€ she said.