15 examples of weiss's in sentences

It gave cordial hearing and warm favour to the singer of Scottish melodiesit even played into Mr. Concert-Director Weiss's hands by according the local singer an encore.

Mr. Weiss's promise to send for me again soon was not fulfilled.

"Mr. Weiss's carriage is waiting, and he says will you come as quickly as you can because he's took very bad to-night.

It was practically certain that the poison had been administered by someone else, and, on Mr. Weiss's own showing, there was no one but himself and the housekeeper who could have administered it.

To begin with, Mr. Weiss's habit of appearing some time after my arrival and disappearing some time before my departure was decidedly odd.

Turning this question over, I suddenly remembered the peculiarity of Mr. Weiss's spectacles.

After puzzling over it for quite a long time, I had to give it up; which I did the less unwillingly inasmuch as the construction of Mr. Weiss's spectacles had no apparent bearing on the case.

I gave the number per minute of the patient's respirations and the exact quantity of coffee consumed on each occasion, with an exhaustive description of the cup from which it was taken; and I left no personal details unconsidered, from the patient's finger-nails to the roseate pimples on Mr. Weiss's nose.

Weiss's method's were not so unsound after all.

" [Illustration: The Track Chart, showing the route followed by Weiss's carriage.

B.Position of Mr. Weiss's house.

"Yes," said Thorndyke, laying down the dividers, "I think we have narrowed down the locality of Mr. Weiss's house to a few yards in a known street.

Mr Weiss's housekeeper still has the front-door key.

But a man of Weiss's type would almost certainly use an alkaloid, on account of its smaller bulk and more ready solubility.

"The importance of this conclusion emerges when we consider the exceptional character of Mr. Weiss's spectacles.

15 examples of  weiss's  in sentences