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83 examples of  well-born  in sentences

83 examples of well-born in sentences

His wife was an American, from Boston, Miss Thorndike, who always retained the simple, natural manner of the well-born American.

Such a perfect face as hers I had never before set eyes upon, so beautiful, so clear-cut, so refined, so eminently the countenance of one well-born, and yet so ineffably sad, so full of blank unutterable despair.

Do you suppose that a single man, of tolerable person, well-born, and with a hundred thousand francs of rentes, could entirely escape proposals from the ladies in Europe?" "This is so revolting to all our American notions, that, though I have often heard of such things, I have always found it difficult to believe them!"

She was young, beautiful, well-born, virtuous and good; if she had a fault, it was her high spiritnot high temper, but she was high-souled and proud.

In these tournaments the ancient heroism of the Germans revived; they were in reality founded upon the ancient pagan legends of the heroes who carried on an eternal contest in their Walhalla, in order to win the smiles of the Walkyren, now represented by earth's well-born dames.

HIS COMPANY That life may be more comfortable yet, And all my joys refined, sincere, and great; I'd choose two friends, whose company would be A great advance to my felicity: Well-born, of humours suited to my own, Discreet,

It's hard lines for Miss Ida, who is as well-born as any of the titled people in the county, and far better than most.

Though not a pious man, in the formal sense of the term, she felt sure he was religious according to that stained-glass and fragrant religion of the tastes which is an essential attribute of every gentleman,that is, of every well-born man of cultivated preferences and sensitive antipathies,and she had no doubt that gentlemen's souls could be saved by that arrangement just as satisfactorily, and so much more gracefully.

They wanted him to marry, and they wanted his wife to be well-born, no doubt; but to have a mere child set over them!

He was well-born, but not of noble ancestors.

"Of course, we don't employ well-born young Germans who are undergoing a period of rustication, as English spies, but we do get to know a bit what goes on there, and the reports that are coming in are just a little curious.

He is one of that type of Englishmen, clean-bred, well-born, full of reserve, taciturn, yet, I would swear, honourable.

But the opportunities were so few, by which a merchant or ceorle could thus exalt himself above his rank, that the law could never overcome the reigning prejudices; the distinction between noble and base blood would still be indelible; and the well-born thanes would entertain the highest contempt for those legal and factitious ones.

The man who lost his hand was taken; and was tempted by the promise of pardon to reveal his confederates; among whom was one John Senex, esteemed among the richest and best-born citizens in London.

He describes himself, in verses addressed to Allan Ramsay, as "A squire, well-born and six feet high.

Shadwell was of "Norfolcian" family, well-born, well-educated, and fitted for the bar, but drawn away from serious pursuits by the prevalent rage for the drama.

noble, exalted; of rank &c n.; princely, titled, patrician, aristocratic; high-, well-born; of gentle blood; genteel,

She was well-born, but poor, and had known many sorrows.

But he, after his father had sacrificed the camels in his stead, went straightway to the house of Amina, a maiden well-born and lovely, and remained there to complete his nuptials with her.

Of course it would not have mattered much had it been suspected, since it was only Phebe Lane after all who entertained it,little Phebe Lane, whose ancestors, though good and well-born enough, did not hail from Morocco, and who lived, not in the West End proper, but only on the borders of it, in a street where one could not get so much as a side peep at the lake.

Of course a fight ensued, in which the prince and his companions showed immense pluck against terrible odds, and in which, as one reads in the novels of the 'London Journal' or 'Family Herald,' the natural superiority of the well-born of course displayed itself to great advantage.

Added to this, he had got from Eton and Oxford, if not much learning, many a well-born friend, and he was toady enough to cultivate those of better, and to dismiss those of less distinction.

When I was at the opera, a few nights since, I saw in a private box a benevolent-looking gentleman of middle age, evidently well-born and accustomed to wealth.

It Is the Sacred Right of the Child To Be Well-Born If the child has any divine right in this world, it is the right to be well-born, to be brought into the world sound of body and whole in mind.

It Is the Sacred Right of the Child To Be Well-Born If the child has any divine right in this world, it is the right to be well-born, to be brought into the world sound of body and whole in mind.

The first vital concern of parents, therefore, should be to see that the child is not robbed of his sacred birthright to be well-born.

What does the expression "being well-born" mean to you?

If he did anything rightly it would be by instinctinstinct implanted by generations of his father's well-born, well-bred ancestorsrather than from knowledge of what was conventionally the "proper thing."

He had saved her brother's life while out West half a dozen times at least, from all accounts; and he was rich, and well-looking, and well-born, and rapidly becoming famous.

What a girl, well-born and well-dressed, could be doing at such an hour in such a neighborhood aroused his curiosity; but it was rather with a feeling of noblesse oblige, and a hope of being of use to one of his own people, that he crossed to the opposite side of the street and followed her.

He himself had been "raised" in comparative poverty, and had laid the foundations of his fortune by hard work; and while he despised the ladder by which he had climbed, he could not entirely forget it, and unconsciously manifested, in his intercourse with his son, some of the poor man's deference toward the wealthy and well-born.

Bernard McKey was not well-born.

As for personal merit, quite as fair a proportion of talent is found among the well-born as among the low; and he is but an ad captandum vulgus sort of a philosopher who holds the contrary doctrine.

Cicero, in his speech in support of the appointment of Pompey, mentions that well-born children had been carried off from Misenum under the very eyes of a Roman praetor.

The Republican tells us, that they are not laboring Loco Focosbut "drones" and "consumers"the "rich and well-born," of course; men who have leisure and means, and a disposition to employ the latter, to equalize whites and blacks in the slaveholding States.

The Republican tells us, that they are not laboring Loco Focosbut "drones" and "consumers"the "rich and well-born," of course; men who have leisure and means, and a disposition to employ the latter, to equalize whites and blacks in the slaveholding States.

"You are a lady, rich, well-born, beautiful, loved by many persons besides myself, too happily circumstanced to have any pressing inducement to change your condition, and too fortunately endowed in every way to have reason to anticipate the least difficulty in changing it to the greatest worldly advantage when you please.

and one so lownot low perhapsbut one who is surely not altogether a very suitable companion for" "Well-born ladies, you would say.

The hero and heroine are Bertram of Rousillon, and Hel'ena a physician's daughter, who are married by the command of the king of France, but part because Bertram thought the lady not sufficiently well-born for him.

After his death, the daughter begins her career of rising in the social scale, using a wealthy school-fellow as the first step, a well-born husband as the last.

To one well-born the affront is worse and more, When he's abused and baffled by a boor.

But the well-born and highly talented Las Casas, earnest and full of the milk of human kindness, was moved entirely by humanitarian and religious considerations.

Every well-born girl in the village entered the race with ye.

Their rule consisted of this one clause: DO WHAT THOU WILT Because men are free, well-born, well-bred, conversant in honest company, have by nature an instinct and a spur that always prompt them to virtuous actions and withdraw them from vice; and this they style honour.

When she had subsequently become the wife of the Duc de Deux-Ponts, Henry IV was so enamoured of her as to make dishonourable proposals, to which she replied by the memorable answer: "I am too poor, Sire, to be your wife, and too well-born to become your mistress.

Well-born indeed: and not less so am I. DAPHNIS.

But as at that moment we reached the chief New York residence of well-born ice cream soda, for which I always hanker, in spite of snow and slush, much to Evan's disgust, I relieved the situation by plunging in, saying that I was even more thirsty in winter than in summer.

"Would the high-well-born be so fearfully gracious as to allow them to continue until 10 P.M.?" To be suddenly taken unawares and to have such conundrums volleyed at you in a strange tongue is apt to be rather exhausting.

Look at the better-born children to-day.

He was well-born.

They are the country great fortunes, have been out of town this whole year; they are those whom your ladyship said upon being very well-born took upon them to be very ill-bred.

A common observer would have pronounced him well-born at a glance.

GUYER, MICHAEL P. Being well-born; an introduction to heredity and eugenics.

GUYER, MICHAEL P. Being well-born; an introduction to heredity and eugenics.

You have been well-bred and well-born; your father has a great name in these parts, and your grandfather won the cup at the races; your grandmother had the sweetest temper of any horse I ever knew, and I think you have never seen me kick or bite.

And the city was also well-defended by numerous cars, and, O tiger among Kurus, by Gada and Shamva and Uddhava and others, and by warriors of prowess tried in battle, all well-born and capable of encountering any foe!

He started with a brilliant train, including a number of well-born volunteers, who gladly offered their services to the popular favourite, and landed in Dublin early in the month of April, 1599.

When Corneille observed, "In the well-born soul Valor ne'er lingers till due seasons roll," he spoke as truly for intelligence as for valor.

You say there is a certain line which no well-born and womanly woman can pass in thought or feeling or action.

Heaven and earth both must sanction a child's conception to produce a "well-born" soul.

Rather than this shall be, Laertes goes on to bring well-born Beggars into the World, and every Twelvemonth charges, his Estate with at least one Year's Rent more by the Birth of a Child.

It has sometimes been the fashion in later days of strife and disquiet to regret that unpretending estimate of clerical duty and those easy-going days; as it has sometimes been the fashion to regret the pomp and dignity with which well-born or scholarly bishops, furnished with ample leisure and splendid revenues, presided in unapproachable state over their clergy and held their own among the great county families.

My cousin is, indeed, a most deserving person; Valiant, and wise; handsome, and well-born.

She hath had it for her own since she was a child, and she would not deliver it, though I threatened her with your well-born anger.

"He, as your well-born Wisdom remembers, was then the only Prince in these partsa good man, and born of the noblest, though not of the capacity of his present Highness the Prince Karl.

Yon move as slowly as one of your own forest oxen at the wood-hauling," cried the well-born Councillor in a testy tone.

You will have to settle the matter first with my younger brother, if I may make bold to call that well-born gentleman my brother at all.

Oh, 'tis a frightful thing, this well-born, well-bred poverty!

32 One! whose extraction from an ancient line Gives hope again that well-born men may shine; The meanest in your nature, mild and good, The noblest rest secured in your blood.

Many well-born men, who had never been accustomed to such hardships, being sick and starving, and without all hope of relief, sunk under their situation, and died almost of despair.

There is, as always, a prosperous class, men well to do, the more fortunate and better-born; but the common people lead toilsome lives, and among them suffering is widespread.

Moreover, only malevolent chiefs were deified, so apparently a Fijian god is really a well-born human scoundrel, so considerable that he for one is not forgottenjust as if we worshipped the wicked Lord Lyttelton!

A band of military Officers, 125 Then stationed in the city, were the chief Of my associates: some of these wore swords That had been seasoned in the wars, and all Were men well-born; the chivalry of France.

Well-born, rich, a social favourite, trained in Paris and Italy, an archaeologist and student as well as a painter, he commanded the world as he pleased.

There, moreover, was living Tamai-hara-nui (Son-of-much-evil), best-born and most revered chief in all the South Island.

The sly remarks of Richter upon the Transparencies and Well-born and Excellencies of his time, with their faded taste and dreary mandarin-life varied by loose morals and contempt for the invisible, could not have suited the man whose best friend was a real Duke, as it happened, one of Nature's noblemen, one whose wife, the Duchess Sophia, afterwards held Bonaparte so tranquilly at bay upon her palace-steps.

Goethe had, too, a bureaucratic vein in him; he spoke well of dignities, and carefully stepped through the cumbrous minuet of court-life without impinging upon a single Serene or Well-born bunyon.

In reality the well-to-do, the well-born, and the well-educated colonists were as a rule opposed to independence.

It is not enough that a gentlewoman should be clever, or well-educated, or well-born.

Helmholtz, a well-born youth, began his career as a surgeon in the Prussian army, and his service there, no doubt, contributed to the manly carriage for which he was conspicuous.

His wife was a lady well-born, a sister of Sir George Grey, twice governor of New Zealand, and at the time High Commissioner and governor of Cape Colony, one of the most interesting of the great English nation-makers of the South Seas.

Meat in Paris in the autumn of 1816 was 24 francs the kilo, and milk 1 franc the quarter litre, not to mention eggs and butter, which were delicacies far beyond the reach of cultured, well-born people like myself.

"Spell" is itself not very well-born.