83 examples of well-born in sentences

His wife was an American, from Boston, Miss Thorndike, who always retained the simple, natural manner of the well-born American.

She was young, beautiful, well-born, virtuous and good; if she had a fault, it was her high spiritnot high temper, but she was high-souled and proud.

It's hard lines for Miss Ida, who is as well-born as any of the titled people in the county, and far better than most.

They wanted him to marry, and they wanted his wife to be well-born, no doubt; but to have a mere child set over them!

He was well-born, but not of noble ancestors.

"Of course, we don't employ well-born young Germans who are undergoing a period of rustication, as English spies, but we do get to know a bit what goes on there, and the reports that are coming in are just a little curious.

He describes himself, in verses addressed to Allan Ramsay, as "A squire, well-born and six feet high.

It Is the Sacred Right of the Child To Be Well-Born If the child has any divine right in this world, it is the right to be well-born, to be brought into the world sound of body and whole in mind.

It Is the Sacred Right of the Child To Be Well-Born If the child has any divine right in this world, it is the right to be well-born, to be brought into the world sound of body and whole in mind.

He had saved her brother's life while out West half a dozen times at least, from all accounts; and he was rich, and well-looking, and well-born, and rapidly becoming famous.

He himself had been "raised" in comparative poverty, and had laid the foundations of his fortune by hard work; and while he despised the ladder by which he had climbed, he could not entirely forget it, and unconsciously manifested, in his intercourse with his son, some of the poor man's deference toward the wealthy and well-born.

Bernard McKey was not well-born.

As for personal merit, quite as fair a proportion of talent is found among the well-born as among the low; and he is but an ad captandum vulgus sort of a philosopher who holds the contrary doctrine.

The Republican tells us, that they are not laboring Loco Focosbut "drones" and "consumers"the "rich and well-born," of course; men who have leisure and means, and a disposition to employ the latter, to equalize whites and blacks in the slaveholding States.

When she had subsequently become the wife of the Duc de Deux-Ponts, Henry IV was so enamoured of her as to make dishonourable proposals, to which she replied by the memorable answer: "I am too poor, Sire, to be your wife, and too well-born to become your mistress.

"Would the high-well-born be so fearfully gracious as to allow them to continue until 10 P.M.?" To be suddenly taken unawares and to have such conundrums volleyed at you in a strange tongue is apt to be rather exhausting.

He was well-born.

GUYER, MICHAEL P. Being well-born; an introduction to heredity and eugenics.

You have been well-bred and well-born; your father has a great name in these parts, and your grandfather won the cup at the races; your grandmother had the sweetest temper of any horse I ever knew, and I think you have never seen me kick or bite.

Oh, 'tis a frightful thing, this well-born, well-bred poverty!

Moreover, only malevolent chiefs were deified, so apparently a Fijian god is really a well-born human scoundrel, so considerable that he for one is not forgottenjust as if we worshipped the wicked Lord Lyttelton!

Well-born, rich, a social favourite, trained in Paris and Italy, an archaeologist and student as well as a painter, he commanded the world as he pleased.

The sly remarks of Richter upon the Transparencies and Well-born and Excellencies of his time, with their faded taste and dreary mandarin-life varied by loose morals and contempt for the invisible, could not have suited the man whose best friend was a real Duke, as it happened, one of Nature's noblemen, one whose wife, the Duchess Sophia, afterwards held Bonaparte so tranquilly at bay upon her palace-steps.

His wife was a lady well-born, a sister of Sir George Grey, twice governor of New Zealand, and at the time High Commissioner and governor of Cape Colony, one of the most interesting of the great English nation-makers of the South Seas.

Meat in Paris in the autumn of 1816 was 24 francs the kilo, and milk 1 franc the quarter litre, not to mention eggs and butter, which were delicacies far beyond the reach of cultured, well-born people like myself.

83 examples of  well-born  in sentences