821 examples of welsh in sentences

Personally, it makes me feel as if I had attended a welsh-rabbit supper the night before.

They were mostly English and Welsh, with a few Frenchmen, and though I had little to say for their doings, they left British ships in the main unmolested, and were welcomed as a godsend by our coast dwellers, since they smuggled goods to them which would have been twice the cost if bought at the convoy markets.

For all that, the encroaching town had not yet reached the neighborhood, and the windows commanded a pleasant view of clean rolling country and the blue Welsh hills.

"Whin" is from the Welsh çwyn, meaning "weed."

A friend of mine, a Welsh blacksmith, was twenty-five years old and could neither read nor write, when he heard a chapter of Robinson read aloud in a farm kitchen.

Down he sat that day, painfully learned to read Welsh, and returned to borrow the book.

A subject I'm rather interested in,new Welsh dictionary.

The Towers were annoyed, intensely annoyed, because shortly before that time the strikes of the Welsh miners had been prominent in the English papers, and as the Towers guessed from this notice at least equally prominent in the German journals.

the present Welsh the most pure dialect.

Llech signifies a stone in Welsh, and is pronounced in a way peculiar to the Welsh; when simple it is llech, when compounded lech.

Llech signifies a stone in Welsh, and is pronounced in a way peculiar to the Welsh; when simple it is llech, when compounded lech.

Welsh Marriages, 392.

Latin, whence Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Wallachian (Romance). 5. Keltic, whence Welsh, Irish, Gaelic.

Part ii. Asaph (St.) a British [i.e. Welsh] monk of the sixth century, abbot of Llan-Elvy, which changed its name to St. Asaph, in honor of him.

BEAU NASH, Richard Nash, called also "King of Bath;" a Welsh gentleman, who for fifteen years managed the bath-rooms of Bath, and conducted the balls with unparalleled splendor and decorum.

"Our train" henceforth consisted of my father's, Littleton Younger, John Gant, "Uncle" Johnny Thompson and a party of five Welsh gentlemen, under the leadership of a gentleman named Fathergill, and a prince of a gentleman he was.

Our Welsh friends, being bachelors and having no loose stock, were the hunters for the train, and supplied us with an abundance of fresh meat.

Other European peoples pity the Poles or the Welsh for their violated borders; but Germans only pity themselves.

In this the Germans rather resemble the Welsh; though heaven knows what becomes of Teutonism if they do.

The news of the failure of the Welsh insurrection and the Scotch invasion, while the risings in Kent and Essex were crushed out, showed Harry Furness that, for the time at least, there was no further fighting to be done.

Some of the companies were formed of English and Welsh Royalists.

It appears he likes thick toast in preference to thin, and thick soups; also that a habit he has of taking Welsh rarebit and stout for a late supper when he sits up alone is not good for his digestion and is to be discouraged.

The fuel used throughout the trip was briquettes made of the best Welsh anthracite worked up with a little tar.

Under the name of Llafant or Llafantly, it was known to the Welsh physicians as a medicinal plant in the thirteenth century.

It was in the days of my youth, when, having been to the play with some young fellows of my own age, we became naturally hungry at twelve o'clock at night, and a desire for welsh-rarebits and good old glee singing led us to the "Cave of Harmony," then kept by the celebrated Hoskins, among whose friends we were proud to count.

821 examples of  welsh  in sentences
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