144296 examples of werent in sentences

The vezir said to the guards, "Watch that we be not taken, if the robbers should come to seize us."

arent at the time I was consulted about the previous case, to notice at an early period any symptom of this nature in her children, the fact was immediately attended to.

But, lest something should occur of which we might wish to take advantage, we ask that the evidence be not closed until the meeting of court on Monday next.

"It is for thee to remain in Venice with her child, that the Signoria be not wroth with the Ca' Giustiniani, and for me to seek and care for hermayhap, if heaven be merciful, to bring her to thee again!

If this truth be not proved, if thee canst then say that I have lied from malice, envy, and evil purpose, this knife," says he, showing a blade in his hand, "this knife will I thrust into my own heart, though I stand the next instant before the Eternal Judge, my hands wet with my own blood, to answer for my crime.

But consider all those other unknown, concealed happinesses, which a poor man hath (I call them unknown, because they be not acknowledged in the world's esteem, or so taken)

Nothing with him; I heare the man is dead, And if he be not, I have lost my paines.

If the renunciations of whoredoms be not made from a principle of religion, unchastity lies inwardly concealed like corrupt matter in a wound only outwardly healed, 149.

For our Lord seems to me to say, 'Be not anxious for your life, what ye shall eat, or drink, or wear.

"The world affords no law to make thee rich; Then be not poor, but break it, and take this.

If time be not given for the full enunciation of any word which we attempt to speak, some of the syllables will of course be either lost by elision or sounded confusedly.

Be not deceived.

I say to you that the boy you wish to rescue from Wallingford, and make King of England, is freely rumored to be not verily the son of Sire Henry but the child of tall Manuel of Poictesme.

If he comes from a distance he will at once notice little peculiarities in the fields, the crops, the stock, or customs, and will immediately inquire if it be not such and such a place that he has heard of.

Cause no nigger neber did own slaves only the old nigger slave traders and dey werent nuthin but varmints anyway.

The Factor Arent Hermanson.

The king took the learned doctor's part, and when he had gone, "My lord the king," says Joinville, "called his son, my lord Philip, and King Theobald, sat him down at the entrance of his oratory, placed his hand on the ground and said, 'Sit ye down here close by me, that we be not overheard;' and then he told me that he had called us in order to confess to us that he had wrongfully taken the part of Master Robert; for, just as the seneschal

" ["Death before slavery, is the Frenchman's motto."] Let those who reflect on what France has submitted to under them and their successors decide, whether the original be not more apposite.

Finding this to be not Latin but Saxon, they would have sought to give it strength and harmony, by doing then what, in the course of nature, we have learnt again to do, now that the patronage of literature has gone from the cultivated noble who appreciates in much accordance with the fashion of his time, and passed into the holding of the English people.

which proceeding, as it is not very old among us, so I take it to be of most pernicious consequence: It looks like a sort of compounding between virtue and vice, as if a woman were allowed to be vicious, provided she be not a profligate; as if there were a certain point, where gallantry ends, and infamy begins, or that a hundred criminal amours were not as pardonable as half a score.

And withal, be not discouraged, be thy case of ignorance and corruption what it will, lay it before him with sincerity and singleness of heart, and then "thou mayest glory in thine infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest on thee," 2 Cor.

And be assured, O daughter, that heavy judgments will descend upon the land, if warning be not taken in time.

Now aren’t you disgusted?”

To now abandon them would be not only to relinquish a lever of power, but would also be a cruel and an astounding breach of faith.

Great Britain has been forced by the pressure of circumstances at home to abandon a policy which has been upheld for ages, and to open her markets for our immense surplus of breadstuffs, and it is confidently believed that other powers of Europe will ultimately see the wisdom, if they be not compelled by the pauperism and sufferings of their crowded population, to pursue a similar policy.

144296 examples of  werent  in sentences