1557 examples of whale in sentences

They included a set of gardening tools, several hammocks, croquet and tennis sets, and a remarkable collection of fishing tackle, which the sporting-goods man had declared fitted to catch anything that swam, from a whale to a minnow.

The human brain is absolutely heavier than that of any other animal, except the whale and elephant.

But the bo'sun, who was a very courageous man, and calm withal, walked over to the closed window, and saw to it that the battens were secure; for he had knowledge sufficient to be sure, if this were so, that no creature with strength less than that of a whale could break it down, and in such case its bulk would assure us from being molested.

Now, as she scudded through the dark waters of Behring Sea, Dave, standing in the conning-tower, thought how much she must resemble a whale.

Now, in peace times, in this feeding ground of the greatest of all prey, the tables might be turned, the submarine taken for whale.

Enough to have a whale of a good time on, or buy a farm.

The Air-Pump, the Barometer, the Quadrant, and the like Inventions were thrown out to those busie Spirits, as Tubs and Barrels are to a Whale, that he may let the Ship sail on without Disturbance, while he diverts himself with those innocent Amusements.

The Mantua has no Leads in the Sleeves, and I hope we are not lighter than the French Ladies, so as to want that kind of Ballast; the Petticoat has no Whale-bone; but fits with an Air altogether galant and degagé: the Coiffeure is inexpressibly pretty, and in short, the whole Dress has a thousand Beauties in it, which I would not have as yet made too publick.

Sperm-Whale Fishing.

For as Jonas was three days and nights in the whale's belly, so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth."

What a pity that such an amiable fellow should have got into such a scrape!" Instead of the dear lock, Popanilla finds a chest saved from the wreck, and filled with "Useful Knowledge Tracts," books on "the Hamiltonian system," &c. which our adventurer, like Faustus and his bible, turns to bad account; he falls asleep, is swallowed by a whale, and spouted forth again.

" "I think we shall require another line out, Mr. Saunders," remarked the captain, as the gale freshened, and the two hawsers were drawn straight and rigid like bars of iron; "send ashore and make a whale-line fast immediately.

Half a minute more and "twang, twang!" came another report, and the whale-line was gone.

"An' it's hot, too, it is," he continued, applying his kerchief again to his pate "If it warn't for the ice we stand on, we'd be melted down, I do belave, like bits o' whale blubber.

Freeman's whale.

Moby Dick; or, The whale.


Press of the Woolly Whale (A); 3Dec63; R328455. PRESSEY, BENFIELD.

The baby whale, Sharp Ears.

The first story of the whale.

STACKPOLE, EDOUARD A. Mutiny at midnight; the adventures of Cyrus Hussey of Nantucket aboard the whale ship Globe in the South Pacific, from 1822 to 1826.

How the rabbit fooled the whale and the elephant, and other stories.

Freeman's whale.

How the rabbit fooled the whale and the elephant, and other stories.

Having nothing better to offer, we offer victuals; and this we do with something of that complacent, satisfied air with which some more northern tribes present their tidbits of whale and walrus.

1557 examples of  whale  in sentences