43280 examples of what was in sentences

What was the name?

Every now and then Bennett, to call the stranger by what was almost confessedly a nom-de-guerre, flashed a powerful electric torch on the roadway.

What was Piers doing all this time?

[Sits down] By this sort of life I soon squandered all my money; what was left I intrusted to my friend Afrikán Kórshunov, on his oath and word of honor; with him I had drunk and gone on sprees, he was responsible for all my folly, he was the chief mixer of the mash!

How? What was the amount of the debt of the United States at the time of the adoption of the constitution?

Some people returned fugitive slaves to their owners, while others established what was then known as the underground railway.

The general himself, covered by the shields of three stout young men, (for now an immense number of missiles of every description were let fly from the walls,) came up to the city, cheered them on, and gave the requisite orders; and, what was of the utmost importance in exciting the courage of his men, he appeared among them a witness and spectator of the valour or cowardice of each.

I inquired, in what was intended to be a tone of sweet reasonableness.

It was important, now, what was happening.

So much for my rediscovering what was previously known in England.

She was a keener business woman now than then, readier at buying and selling, quicker to see what was the right thing to do under the circumstances of the moment; but her chief aim this winter was to stand back and push Miles forward so that other people might understand who was to be business chief of the establishment in the future.

" When Miss Ellstowe re-entered the room, he immediately inquired, "What was that Mr. Garie doing here?

What was most apparent to the discerning eye was that her garb had been organized in every detail so as to consume as little thought and effort as possible.

This agrees with what was explained above; namely, that the inclination to unite the man to herself is constant and perpetual with the wife, but inconstant and alternate with the man; see n. 160: hence it follows, that the wife's thoughts are continually employed about her husband's inclination to her, with the purpose of joining him to herself.

" The day was passed in thinking what was the next best scheme to raise money for its foundation.

Worse still, what was he becoming?

What was it that followed?

The little girl with the baby brother lay at the other end of the row, and while the old woman was doing this, she awoke and saw what was taking place.

Waller and Denham were the first who thus distinguished themselves; but, as Johnson happily remarks, what was acquired by Denham, was inherited by Waller.

Some men in a boat loaded with hay stopped to ask me what was the matter, but they could tell me nothing.

In many cases it did not authorize him to do what was needed.

What was it?" "To obey," said a youngster.

It may be continued during life, unless the court which has pronounced it think proper to give a determinate period to what was before indeterminate, and to declare that on such a day the suspension shall cease, and the offender be restored.

I found an open spot, somewhat sheltered on one side from the misty rain, and there I stationed myself to study trees and sky and clouds for some clue to help me decide what was north or west.

But what was she to say?

43280 examples of  what was  in sentences