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55588 example sentences with  what was

55588 example sentences with what was

What was Edith doing now?

His two friends, however, weighed down with anxiety, and with dismal forebodings as to the result of the coming conflict, were obliged to seek support by informing "Rats" of what was about to take place, and begging him to give them the benefit of his cheering company.

" In a little glow of what was plainly not displeasure, the young woman "filed" this "writ of pre-emption," as Jack afterward called it, in careful hiding, and resumed meditation of the writer.

If this man had an absolute alibi, what was the use of wasting effort upon him.

According to what was known later, there had been in this country of Cananor a diviner so diabolical, in whom they believed so much, that they wrote down all that he said, and preserved it like prophecies which would come to pass.

Many were scandalized at the proceeding, thinking it out of reason and equity to call a man to account for what was not to be until after his death.

What was it like?" "I did not see it myself; I do but believe what my uncle told me," said Pasqualina, with a gravity that had a shade of resentment.

She was tired and, what was more, she had every right and reason to be tired.

The roses, with which he had hoped to say what was in his hearthere they were, in all their exquisite loveliness, and ready to carry the words of love and hope and tendernessbut now ... he had nothing to say ... love and marriage were not for him!

What was the use now, he thought indignantly, of all their watching and fighting?

Fox could not have known what was not the fact.

And I would observe that until nearly the end of the trial the case was never safe or quite free from doubt; it was only what was elicited by Mr. Hawkins that made it so.

These instances, as well as others, of gratuitous spleen, only justified the misrepresentations which had been insinuated against himself, and what was humour in his nature, was ascribed to vice in his principles.

"For what was Jack Andrews noted throughout Europe?" inquired Mr. Merrick, after silently considering these things.

Then come the worst of all, clutterin' everything right into that shanty; for our frame-house wouldn't be done for two months, and there wa'n't scarce room for what we'd brought, so't we couldn't think of sendin' for what was stored to Cumberton.

I retreated to the door, wondering what was the best thing to do.

What was his life compared with the sale of God's heritage?

"What was that you said?"

" "What was it?"

But what was this?

This having been the fate or misfortune of a great part of men of letters, the increase brought into the stock of real knowledge has been very little, in proportion to the schools disputes, and writings, the world has been filled with; whilst students, being lost in the great wood of words, knew not whereabouts they were, how far their discoveries were advanced, or what was wanting in their own, or the general stock of knowledge.

My joy was great, for I thought that I had found a royal mummy, but what was my disappointment on opening the coffin, at the cost of infinite labor, to find nothing more than this box, which you may examine."

Our first two Dutch wars were, therefore, contests between the two foremost naval states of the world for what was primarily a maritime object.

What was the little consideration again, I ask, which the law would insist on the doctor's taking?

But though the damsel bade Sir Launcelot have good cheer, yet he had no very good cheer for that night, as anyone may well suppose, for he wist not what was to befall him upon the morrow.

So what was there for Phebe to do?

"What was I going to say?"

What was the object of a third of the land that had been taken being restored to the Hernicans, so lately their enemies, except that those nations might have Cassius for their leader instead of Coriolanus?

What was called religion consisted, more especially in the cities, in giving temples here and there to some of the gods of the greater tribes, in which the worship described was carried on as a state matter, and was consequently, in fact, an affair of police.

Her proud, rebellious spirit had for once been conquered, and what was not such a lesson worth?

Historians, while recording such things, have failed to explain why the chief opposition to the commissioners arose from the country which had furnished the chief supporters of Tiberius, and what was the exact attitude assumed by Scipio Aemilianus.

This outburst on the part of Sagastao at once attracted the attention of the others to him and Minnehaha wanted to know what was the matter now.

What was your Hans Andersen like?

When Mary came to tell him that her father wished to speak to him, Jem could not guess what was before him, and did not try to guess.

And just what was the purpose, may I inquire, of the message you telegraphed with your fan in the ball-room?

Neither does it appear any more clearly what was the nature of the Gospel that Basilides wrote.

"You are mad," replied the pastor; but he went himself to the byre to see what was there.

But what was most remarkable was, that, all unknown to her, she was constantly watched by two angels, who reposed on two golden clouds which floated above her.

I had, while in Baghdad, written out a small list of Arabian words, so that I might procure what was most necessary.

What was he laughing about?

These ladies evidently took a lively interest in what was going on, and in no way took it amiss when some English or French officer stared unceremoniously at their pretty faces; although their black guards gesticulated angrily on these occasions, and were clearly far more indignant concerning the admiration which their mistresses excited than were those ladies themselves.

"You have done what was right; you can't think He will do less." "That's a fact; and now I expect my last trouble is over.

She was a keener business woman now than then, readier at buying and selling, quicker to see what was the right thing to do under the circumstances of the moment; but her chief aim this winter was to stand back and push Miles forward so that other people might understand who was to be business chief of the establishment in the future.

She didn't know a thing of what was wanted of her, an' she was so glad an' happy to come.

Her face gave not the slightest indication as to what was going on in her mind as he talked.

He lost his interest in what was abandoned, necessary as it had been to the present position, only in the advantage of which, and its sure promise of what was still higher, he allowed himself to rejoice.

The bones become vastly altered in shape, a process of absorption leads to the formation of large, irregular cavities within their substance, and what of the bone is left is rendered hard and ivory-like (condensed) near what was the original centre, while the edges and other portions show often a tendency to become brittle and porous.

The bird knew what was expected and proceeded immediately to business.

What was the conduct of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, when Nebuchadnezzar set up a golden image in the plain of Dura, and commanded all people, nations, and languages, to fall down and worship it?

"So," said I, as he seated himself on the bench, and shook the rain from his old broad-brimmed hat, "you see, old boy, 'Procrastination is the thief of time;' the clouds gave you a hint of what was coming, but you seemed not to take it."

Charlotte understood at once what was going on.

But soon she understood what was missing.

What was the aid you asked of him?

What was that Power which I had tempted,which we were all tempting, every time we met,and which continually drew nearer and became more threatening?

Hardly established in what was intended for a temporary visit, the residence of the family became fixed at Schenectady, owing to the partner of my father, left to manage the business at Westerly, becoming involved in personal embarrassments which brought on the bankruptcy of the firm and the seizure of all my father's little property, and, what was worse, the certainty of imprisonment for debt in the case of his returning home.

Five hundred barrels were taken in this way; and Betts, in particular, had made so much money, or, what was the same thing, had got so much oil, that he came one morning to his friend the governor, when the following interesting dialogue took place between them, in the audience-chamber of the Colony House.

What was to follow?

Now and then Mr. Ruddiman asked himself what was to become of him when sickness or old age forbade his earning even the modest income upon which he could at present count, but his happy temper dismissed the troublesome reflection.

What he thought about when he was not observing, whether his bed was hard, how he got his meals, whether he was bored, whether his letters came regularly, what his moods were, what was his real opinion of that dug-out as a regular homethese very interesting matters were not even approached by us.

Mrs. Bolton saw clearly what was before her.

None of his friends knew where he was nor what was the matter with him, so he was safe from the publicity he feared.

What was the date of the battle of Zama?

What was Lady Pippinworth beside this glorious woman?

The girl went to the field and picked up a few grains but it had been sown broadcast and the girl soon saw that the task was hopeless: she sat down and cried and as she cried a flock of pigeons flew to her and asked her what was the matter: she said that she could not pick up all the grain in the field.

One of his first stoppages was at an island on the Ohio near Parkersburg, where an Irish gentleman named Blennerhassett had built what was, for the West, an unusually fine house.

For six days longer, from the 24th to the 29th of October, he took no style but that of regent, as if he were waiting to see what was going to happen elsewhere in respect of the succession to the throne.

He saw her clasp her hands tightly, but he had no key to what was passing in her mind.

He might at the same time mark what was moral in any Speech, and how far it agreed with the Character of the Person speaking.

I did not know what was going to happen, and was in an agony of suspense.

To start the conversation, Lady Heloise asked him who he was and what was the matter with the child; also what crime he had committed and where they were taking him with such an escort.

views of what was true and all-important.

"What was the value of the estate?"

But then the thought of his disgracea disgrace he could not share with a wifealways dissipated the beautiful vision and made the hard reality of what was, seem tenfold harder for the ravishing beauty of what might have been.

What was the result of the consultation on Mr. Grey's mind he did not declare, but he resolved to take his daughter's advice in all that she said to him.

For what was the oldest sin?

They were still too profoundly ignorant, too desperately poor, to take any interest in what was passing outside of their island.

Everybody liked your great-grandfather...." "What was his name," Keith couldn't help asking.

When he left the school to go home for the day, he was done with it, and nothing followed him but what was stored in his head.

The next minute she heard the casement open, and saw the head of the old man obtruded from thence, and she heard a querulous, broken voice, asking what was the matter?

I stopped by the door, while Charles went to the desk and stood before him to intercept my view, but he could not help my hearing what was said, though he spoke low.

For what was the inference from it, but that they did not leave their own country willingly; that, when they were in the holds of the slave-vessels, they were not in the Elysium which had been represented; and that there was a fear, either that they would make their escape, or punish their oppressors?

If Captain Ludlow ever gave any further account of the transaction than what was stated in the log-book of his ship, the biensรฉance, observed by the Lords of the Admiralty, prevented it from becoming public.

" "What was it, then, on his cousin's part?" Peregrine only answered with a shrug.

He understood now what was meant by an obsessionall the states of love he had read of in French novels and dismissed as "tommyrot."

"What was lost without must be won within" became the national slogan.

On the following day, Italian bombers attacked Malta on what was to be the first of many raids.

What was learnt influenced education and training after the war.

A Downing Street source told the Press Association that much of what was being alleged by Labour had been rendered "out of date" by Mr Ross' latest statement.

Jericho spoke about how often he would use things that Patterson taught him, and how he was one of the only people who could go up and tell Vince McMahon that what was happening wasnโ€™t good.

Mr Emlyn Jones went on: โ€œYou can imagine what was on his mind at that time.

So, what was the whole experience like, how sick did he get and what did Davis spend his two weeks in isolation doing?

The Portugal international believes the situation will make the battle for the Premier League title even more complicated this year as City look to close what was a yawning gap to Liverpool last term.

What was on my mind in 2017 was the deduction for state income taxes, which I assumed for the President would be, as we say, a number.

In so doing, Fisher underlines the important characteristic of much of the Canadian Second World War art--that it was not only true to what was observed, but also capable of expressing fundamental truths about the nature of war.

Secondly, I have said repeatedly in this House and given frank answers to the statements as to what was occurring at Marble Mountain.

The question is what was the character of those discussions.

What was originally known as the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road were endorsed by the Third Plenum of the 18th CCP Central Committee in November 2013.

What was the country's name?

What was the influence on Stalin of his earlier life as Dzhugashvili, a Georgian seminarian who would have learned the statement uttered by Jesus, โ€œHe who is not with us is against usโ€ (Matthew 12:30)?

What was the master plan in the '90s?