43280 examples of what was in sentences

It was therefore toward the subtler essence of that mature young woman alone that he was occupied in stretching; what was definite to him about Julia Bride being merely, being entirelywhich was indeed thereby quite enoughthat she might end by scaling her worldly height.

"Pretty much," answered Betty, wondering what was to follow.

She disappeared around the corner of what was formerly the Hôtel Malignon.

[Footnote 1: See two letters, one of March 2, from Ashburnham, beginning, "Sir, you cannot suppose the work is done," and another without date from Charles, beginning, "Sir, I shall only add this word to what was said in my last."

I rowed into this arm of shallow water and rested on my oar, wearily bethinking myself what was next to be done.

"] "What was you about to remark?" inquired Mrs. Dowson, icily.

Maxime was amusingly contemptuous of it, calling it absurd after one had seen what was going on "out there.

Of what was she thinking as she paced slowly up and down the broad gravel walk, between two rows of tall old bushes, on which masses of purple blossom stood up from the pale grey foliage, silvery where the summer breeze touched it?

In 1818, Wickham, the executor of his estate, purchased land and established these Negroes in what was called the Upper and Lower Camps of Brown County.

What was that about potatoes?

Now, my Lords, I wish fairly to consider what was our position in this state of affairs.

"Many of this description of persons lived on the 'neutral ground;' and, what was worse, they often pretended to be Whigsand passed for suchbut in secret, did all in their power to injure their country.

And yet in that ghastly silence of Paris, broken only by the constant flight of military automobiles, screaming through the streets on missions nobody understood, those left behind did not even know where the enemy was, where the defenders were, or what was being done to save Paris.

I was rewarded by feeling confident that she loved me, but I could not estimate what was the effect upon her of my confession.

She can not consent that a title transmitted by the fathers of the Revolution shall be destroyed or defeated by acquiescence in the adverse occupation of a foreign state, and that what was once fairly yielded shall be reclaimed in utter defiance of a solemn deed of cession.

Something of what was in her mind she said to her friend.

What was the conduct of Shiphrah and Puah, when the king of Egypt issued his cruel mandate, with regard to the Hebrew children?

What was he to do?

And what was this beside?

But from high above the stained windows of the thirteenth century, or what was left of them, was cast a glow so gorgeous, so wonderful, so pure that it seemed to come direct from the other world.

It was not pleasant to have to stop for some days; thanks to the rapids, we had made slow progress, and with our necessarily limited supply of food, and no knowledge whatever of what was ahead of us, it was important to make good time.

We micht ha' seen the Hun then, rearing himself up in Europe, showing what was in his heart.

One needed no hint of what was welcome at the front.

Even a desire to know what was most unfitting her Knowledge; an Affection which has ever since remained in all the Posterity of her Sex.

As if Water Lane weren't as sweet and clean as it has any call to be, and as if we didn't know what was right by our tenants, which are a bad lot, and don't merit no money to be laid out on them!"

43280 examples of  what was  in sentences
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