29197 examples of whether in sentences

My thoughts, excited by this vision of the day of Doom, whisper: 'If we quake in terror before the handiwork of Buonarroti, how shall we shake and shrink affrighted when He who shall judge passes sentence on our souls?'" This description of the Last Day, in which it is more than doubtful whether a man like Aretino had any sincere faith, possesses considerable literary interest.

Whether the missive was duly received by Buonarroti we do not know.

By using proper activity, the whole might be done in a quarter of an hour; we should then know whether to carry the ship in, or to run on the rocks and save what we could of the cargo, by means of lighters.

Her head-yards were not swung, but there she lay, like one who lingers, uncertain whether to go or to remain.

Should the wind shift, we always had the direct route before us; and I had my doubts whether putting a bold face on the matter, running close in with the English shore, and appearing to be bound for London, were not the wisest course.

There were no means of knowing whether the brig came round, about this time, or not.

We knew she did not tack when directly abeam, but we could not see whether she came round after us, or not.

He could tell whether ships did or did not anchor near a particular spot, but he knew no reason for the one, or for the other.

Some looked up at our spars, as if to ascertain whether all were right; while others looked back at the head-land they had just rounded, like those who examined the roadstead.

We were at a loss, however, whether to make an effort to get rid of the foremast, or not.

"Ay, here you are, Neb, nigger-like, and not knowing whether to stay or to go," growled the mate, busy the whole time in shipping two oars.

"You put me in mind of a great singer I once heard in Liverpool; a chap that would keep shaking and quavering at the end of a varse, in such a style that he sometimes did not know whether to let go or to hold on.

The first praise of which I remember myself sensible was that of good-humour, which, whether I deserved it or not when it was bestowed, I have since made it my whole business to propagate and maintain.

However distant the house of a deceased person, and whether he be rich or poor, high or low in rank, his body is always carried to the towers by the official corpse-bearers, called Nasasalár, who form a distinct class, the mourners walking behind.

In all burials, when the person has died a natural death, or had not been murdered, and whether man, woman, or child, the body is placed in the grave with the face up.

Whether this female was thus distinguished above all others buried in the mound by the number of pots deposited with her remains because of her skill in the manufacture of such ware, or by reason of the unusual wealth of her sorrowing husband, must remain a matter of conjecture.

She was asked whether she was ill, and she answered aloud, "Yes, I am"; and added with a lower voice, "If the Frenchmen go out of this hut, my husband dies and all the Natches will die with him; stay, then, brave Frenchmen, because your words are as powerful as arrows; besides, who could have ventured to do what you have done?

It is possibleI do not say it is probable, I do not now say whether I shall be prepared to commit myself to that hypothesis or notbut it is not impossible that the hon. member or some of his friends may be able to urge some extenuating circumstances(Oh!

names of Jewish Kings; How many notes a Sackbut has, And whether Shawms have strings.' "'Please sir,' the Undergraduates said, Turning a little blue, 'We did not know that was the sort Of thing we had to do.'

" A civil nothing; but meaning managed to get into his tone and look, whether he would or not.

But in the time of a civil war worthy a Milton to defend and a Lucan to sing, it may be reasonably doubted whether the publick, never too studious of serious instruction, might not consider other objects more deserving of present attention.

To ye 1st Quest whether a plurality of witnesses be necessary, legally to evidence one and ye same individual fact?

She had been so absorbed, and it so startled and shook her, that she never could feel certain whether the cry she heard was of this world or not.

Half-asleep one hears such a cry, and can not tell whether it entered his consciousness by the ear, or through some hidden channel of the soul.

These we know to have been jewels of a radiance so imperishable that the broken gleams of them still dazzle men's eyes, whether shining from the two small brilliants and the handful of star-dust which alone remain to us, or reflected merely from the adoration of those poets of old time who were so fortunate as to witness their full glory.

29197 examples of  whether  in sentences