27 examples of whiplash in sentences

His hat had a broad brim, and his ample pockets always contained agricultural produce, samples of bean or corn, or a whiplash or balls for horses.

The motions of Pete Reeve were as fast and as deft as the whiplash striking of a snake.

He was sunfishing now in that most deadly manner when the horse lands on one forehoof, the rider receiving a double jar from the down-shock and then the whiplash snap to the side.

The devotion of his young Cree wife was repaid with sneers and the whiplash.

But she could cherish her animosity and feed it on memories that scorched her as the whiplash had her smooth and tender flesh.

The rattle of pistol fire three floors below continued in fits and starts, but the sound of it was oddly unreal, resembling more stammering explosions of a string of firecrackers than snaps of the whiplash of Death.

"Stranger, no rough play!" Riley Sinclair whirled with whiplash suddenness and, chopping the edge of his hand downward, struck away the arm of Larsen, paralyzing the nerves with the same blow.

"Whiplash win in the fi'th," he volunteered presently.

" "Who is Whiplash, may I ask?" "Oh, Gaw!" said the pink man, appalled.

For fifteen seconds Thor offered himself openly, roaring his defiance, challenging the enemy he could no longer see; and then at Langdon's seventh shot, a whiplash of fire raked his back, and in strange dread of this lightning which he could not fight, Thor continued up over the break.

He made a gesture with that armed hand, and Sandy winced as though a whiplash had flicked him.

Alcatraz turned with the speed of a whiplash curling and drove straight at the place where his master leaned.

First he hurled himself into the air, then pitched sharply down and landed on one stiffened forelegthe jar being followed by the deadly whiplash snap to the side as he slumped over.

A man don't stand much show when the end of a inch 'n' a quarter cable snaps at him like a whiplash.

The whiplash-knots, or rawhide, have sometimes by a reckless stroke reached round to the front of the body and cut through to the bowels.

The whiplash-knots, or rawhide, have sometimes by a reckless stroke reached round to the front of the body and cut through to the bowels.

" He turned once more to Ray, eyeing him with such a look of contempt and scorn that it smarted like a whiplash in spite of the protecting mantel of his new-found triumph.

" From the coxswain's throat issued a machine-gun fusillade of whiplash words.

And the necessity which made him strike made him hit with the speed of a snapping whiplash and the weight of a sledge hammer.

He struck as a cat strikes when it hooks the fish out of the streamhe struck as the snapper on the end of a whiplash doubles back.

The words cracked like a whiplash.

For the fifth timeand four times in just such weatherI heard the screw stop; saw our wake curve like a whiplash as the great township wrenched herself round; the lifeboat's crew hurry to the boat-deck; the bare-headed officer race up the shrouds and look for any sign of the poor head that had valued itself so lightly.

Mr. Fish had a long nicely made, whiplash wound around his waist, and when I asked him why he carried such a useless thing, which he could not eat, he said perhaps he could trade it off for something to eat.

This Mr. Fish was the man who left camp some two weeks before in company with another and who carried the long whiplash wound about his body, in hope he could somewhere be able to trade it for bread.

he said, touching my hand with the whiplash.

27 examples of  whiplash  in sentences