37 examples of whisperer in sentences

The latter had actually directed his eyes to the side where the whisperers sat.

When told, one day, of the unfavorable whispers, he smiled a little and answered his informant,whom he knew to be one of the whisperers himself,laying a hand kindly upon his shoulder: "Father Murphy,"or whatever the name was,"your words comfort me.

The many whisperers stretched upward to see.

The whole world will rejoice when the day of the whisperer is over.

"I got yore rifle," resumed the whisperer.

In the two hundred and twenty-ninth number of the Tatler, Addison, enumerating his antagonists, says, 'I was threatened to be answered weekly Tit for Tat, I was undermined by the Whisperer, scolded at by a Female Tatler, and slandered by another of the same character under the title of Atalantis.'

The Whisperer was first published on October 11th, 1709, under the character of 'Mrs. Jenny Distaff, half-sister to Isaac Bickerstaff.'

Another Gentleman, with more modesty, called his paper, the Whisperer; and a third, to please the Ladies, christened his, the Telltale.

Even to whisper that a man or woman was arrested in the night is considered a crime, and punished by prison, or if the whisperer be a young man, by sending him to the army, there to taste, when he dares to frown, the corporal's stick.

Be what thou art, now I have told thee what that is: in the eyes of children the fawning ape is ever comely: but the good fortune of Rhadamanthos hath come to him because the fruit that his soul bare was true, neither delighteth he in deceits within his heart, such as by whisperer's arts ever wait upon mortal man.

The exhorter shook off the whisperer and went on with his impassioned plea.

The Whisperer is more dangerous.

Such, however, is the state of the world, that the most obsequious of the slaves of pride, the most rapturous of the gazers upon wealth, the most officious of the whisperers of greatness, are collected from seminaries appropriated to the study of wisdom and of virtue, where it was intended that appetite should learn to be content with little, and that hope should aspire only to honours which no human power can give or take away[j].

Then the whisperers went to De Catinat.

She began again to speak, and immediately the army was in an uproar; the barons were clustering behind her, in stealthy groups of two or three whisperers each; all were in the greatest amazement and knew not what to do; but the army was shouting the Queen's name.

(In The Whisperer, July 1937)

(In The Whisperer, July 1937)

Another Gentleman, with more modesty, called his paper the 'Whisperer'; and a third, to please the Ladies, christened his the 'Tell tale'.

They are directly under the Conduct of their Whisperer; and think they are in a State of Freedom, while they can prate with one of these Attendants of all Men in general, and still avoid the Man they most like.

Next to these Bawlers, is a troublesome Creature who comes with the Air of your Friend and your Intimate, and that is your Whisperer.

The Whisperers have a pleasant way of ending the close Conversation, with saying aloud, Do not you think so?

But in truth Whisperers deal only in half Accounts of what they entertain you with.

Sometimes you have a Set of Whisperers, who lay their Heads together in order to sacrifice every Body within their Observation; sometimes a Set of Laughers, that keep up an insipid Mirth in their own Corner, and by their Noise and Gestures shew they have no Respect for the rest of the Company.

"If I had believed that it was he," continued the whisperer, "I would have turned about and left him in the midst of the contra-dance!" Behind them sat unmasked a well-aged pair, "bredouillé," as they used to say of the wall-flowers, with that look of blissful repose which marks the married and established Creole.

"Best give it up," a whisperer said.

37 examples of  whisperer  in sentences