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3917 examples of  whistling  in sentences

3917 examples of whistling in sentences

Even the whistling oyster of London tradition would perform without requiring a preliminary insult or personal assault.

During the siege the Spanish flag was shot away whilst a heavy cannonade was going on; but Cochrane, though the bullets were whistling about in every direction, calmly stepped down into the ditch, and rescued the flag.

arm hanging lax over his chair-side and newspaper fallen, sat forward in a hunched attitude of sleep, whistling noises coming occasionally through his breathing.

The Indian who was riding the spotted horse was armed with a rifle, and would occasionally send a bullet whistling along, sometimes striking the ground ahead of me.

1724 'whistling'.

One is building with large blocks, and must stand up to complete her erection; another is lying flat putting together a jigsaw; another, a boy, is threading beads; while another has built railway arches, and with much whistling and the greatest carefulness is guiding his train through the tunnels.

With raised brows and a round mouth, she had been on the point of whistling ever since Letty began; it was an old, naughty trick of hers; but now she laughed outright.

There was a comical-looking little knock-kneed fellow in the middle of the street a wandering minstrel, well known in Preston by the name of "Whistling Jack."

But even "Whistling Jack" complained of the times.

" The old man preceded him from a point of self-respect; Villon followed, whistling, with his thumbs in his girdle.

The woods are a mass of whistling shell and shrapnel.

"I heard bullets whistling overhead," said a wounded soldier in a hospital.

Searching in the woods in the darkness one night with shells bursting and bullets whistling he found a husky sergeant wounded in the foot and growing weaker and weaker from loss of blood.

So he strode whistling along the leafy forest path that led to Fosse Way, turning neither to the right hand nor the left, until at last he came to where the path branched, leading on the one hand onward to Fosse Way, and on the other, as well Little John knew, to the merry Blue Boar Inn.

Here Little John suddenly ceased whistling and stopped in the middle of the path.

And in the open windows shot Nine swans on whistling wing, And high above the heads they flew,

And now the old ballad telleth of a wondrous thing that happened, for thus it says, that each dog so shot at leaped lightly aside, and as the arrow passed him whistling, caught it in his mouth and bit it in twain.

I have seen her standing at the back door whistling for Malta, and the pretty creature's head would appear somewherealways high up, for she was a great climber, and she would come running along the top of the fence, saying, "Meow, meow," in a funny, short way.

Our musician, or fiddler, kept away from some petty pique, and we were accordingly reduced to the hard necessity of making use of a drum and whistling, both to keep up our spirits and serve up the quadrilles.

I recollect him one day scrambling up Dr. Johnson's breast, apparently with much satisfaction, while my friend smiling and half-whistling, rubbed down his back, and pulled him by the tail; and when I observed he was a fine cat, saying, 'Why yes, Sir, but I have had cats whom I liked better than this;' and then as if perceiving Hodge to be out of countenance, adding, 'but he is a very fine cat, a very fine cat indeed.

Philip dressed and shaved, whistling softly all the time to himself.

There no longer seemed anything in the street but smoke, the balls whistling and crossing each other, the brief and repeated commands, some plaintive cries, and the flash of the guns lighting up the darkness.

And now in sight of you and heaven I sweare By those new sacred fires kindled within me, 'Tis not your ho[o]pe of Gold my brow desires; A thronging Court to me is but a Cell; These popular acclamations, which thus dance I'th Aire, should passe by me as whistling windes Playing with leaves of trees.

What pen could describe his ecstatic delight as he sat there, with one hand hooked into the pocket of Uncle Porges' coat, and with the cool night wind whistling through his curls.

A far off whistling mingled with the gurgling water and twittering birds?

But now she caught the whistling again "From Wimbleton to Wombleton is fifteen miles" The familiar words formed themselves upon the girl's lips before the message of the tune reached her brain and brought her, breathless, to her feet.

I have been told by my friend, Mr. J.B. Monroe, who has several times captured lambs alive, that when they heard the rope whistling as he threw it toward them, they would run directly toward him, seeming to fear some enemy from above.

And, after he had gone, you could hear these men whistling and singing at their tasks for hours; the mere fact of his presence had so lightened their labors.

Thus may be produced a variety of serious aural disturbances, such as unnatural noises, whistling, and roaring, followed oftentimes by a partial loss of hearing.

The river here contains a fine reach of deep water, upon which was a large quantity of whistling ducks and other water-fowl.

Coming to the edge of the ties on the bridge, he poised himself for a moment, and with a glance at the approaching locomotive, which was now whistling continuously, the man leaped into the stream below him.

Two or three carriages, the riders staring with horror; a pedestrian or two, innocently wondering why a lady should be on the road alone; a small boy whistling shrilly; these were all the spectators of Esmeralda's flight.

He walked toward the house, whistling, "Nelly was a lady.

" The sound of his whistling died away in the streets; the young people went off to talk over their festival; the colored troop retired to rest; and the elders of the two families sat together in the stillness, holding sweet converse concerning the many strange experiences that had been so richly crowned with blessings.

Mr. Fink-Nottle informs me that he heard a species of whistling gasp, and, looking round, observed the man crouching against the railings with his hands over his face.

Mr. Gibbs, with an indifferent air, stood by whistling softly.

They meet casually, one man whistling, the other thoughtful.

"No time for whistling," says the other.

The cowpuncher beat the butt of his gun into the latter's face and sped on, whipping around the corner of the little jail, with bullets whistling after him.

Baxter whistling at his work in the sunlit doorway of his shop, in his long, faded apron, much worn at the knees.

If there is a railroad convenient (though not so near that the whistling of the engines reaches you), that is an added advantage.

Some idea of the magnificence of these displays, which beggared the royal privy-purse, drove household-treasurers mad, and often left poet and machinist whistling for pay, may be gathered from the fact that a masque sometimes cost as much as two thousand pounds in the mechanical getting-up, a sum far more formidable in the days of exclusively hard money than in these of paper currency.

But the three men gave out no word of reply; but ran in at me; and I saw somewhat of the gleam of knives; and at that, I moved very glad and brisk to the attack; and behind me there went shrill and sweet, the call of a silver whistle; for the Maid was whistling for her dogs; and maybe the call was also a signal to the men-servants of her house.

Now I should as little have thought of offering to kiss her as of whistling to the Archbishop of Canterbury if I had seen that dignitary passing on the other side of the road.

Her whistling brought wild applause which was perfectly sincere; her performance delighted the audience beyond measure.

I remember how, on Christmas day, Dawson did cry out against the warm sunshine as a thing contrary to nature, wishing he might stand up to his knees in snow in a whistling wind, and taking up the crock Moll had filled with roses (which here bloom more fully in the depth of winter than with us in the height of summer), he flung it out of the door with a curse for an unchristian thing to have in the house on such a day.

Heere stay your wandering steps; chime silver strings, Chime, hollow caves, and chime you whistling reedes, For musick is the sweetest chime for love.

I walked on down the passage, reaching out the candle as far as might be in front of me, and whistling to keep myself company, yet saw neither Blackbeard nor anyone else.

He is whistling me.

In the bushes by the fence-row were a pair of cardinal grosbeaks, the male whistling divinely, quite unabashed by the volubility of a mocking-bird who balanced himself on the treetop overhead, "Superb and sole, upon a plumรฉd spray," and seemed determined to show a Yankee stranger what mocking-birds could really do when they set out.

' Maulevrier left his grandmother soon after this, and went downstairs, whistling for very joyousness.

Now and then one would whistle shrilly and warningly close at hand, and then flatten himself out on his rock as the big bear passed, and for a few moments no whistling would break upon the gentle purring of the valley.

Most of them are chiefly vegetarians, with a meat diet of smaller animals, such as gophers, whistling marmots, and porcupines.

Whistling Ed Swaney walked over, sweating.

Luckily he remembered, in time to save himself from the disgrace of tears, how his father had once told him that whistling was an excellent remedy for boys who did not feel quite happy in their minds.

The kitchen was filled with young fellows in blouses, some sitting at tables drinking and smoking, others standing; all were shouting, whistling or raising peals of laughter that might have brought the house about their ears had it been built by a modern contractor.

The old duck swam about uttering a whistling sound, her cry that her ducklings were to join her.

"Funny old duck," Pete thought as he went down-stairs whistling, "sitting there so contentedly reading 'The Harvard Lampoon.'

When I got to the wharf that evening it seemed like a diff'rent place, and I was whistling and smiling over my work quite in my old way, when the young policeman passed.

It took 'im some time, because he 'ad to undo it fust, but 'e finished it at last, and arter a quick look at Mrs. Pratt, and one at me that I could ha' smacked his 'ed for, 'e went off whistling and showing 'is little cuffs.

Whistling cheerfully he went briskly downstairs.

Instead of this, the gun cotton exploded with a sharp, angry, whistling noise, while the manner in which the mud was churned up showed that the force of the rebound was terrific.

We seem to hear the quick whistling of the arrows, and look involuntarily into the air to see the hovering figure of the avenging god.

The man who received the shield could not sit down for the next four days and four nights, but for all that time was obliged to run about the camp, or over the prairie, whistling like a rabbit.

The wind, a whistling gale, cut off the caps of the waves and filled the air with a dense spray, and the main deck was all afloat.

The irregulars, proud of their new rifles, were firing in every direction, and one heard balls whistling through the air, falling on the roofs.

Then Winter came, with icy breath, His hoarse winds whistling shrill and loud, And quickly o'er the frozen earth, He lightly spread his snowy shroud.

And before you leave her she has assured you that she really would "just as soon" or "much rather" take a walk than go to Europe; and you come out whistling and thinking what a dear little thing

"As the whistling winds, the buzz and hum of insects, the hiss of serpents, the crash of falling timber.

He had got a butterfly net from somewhere and was lying flat on his tummy and whistling seductively an alleged imitation of Philip's usual remark.

"It seemed as if all the back-kitchens and staircases in England had that day been emptied outlife-tattered housewives, girls grown stout on porter, pretty-faced babies, heavy-handed fathers, whistling boys in their sloppy clothes, and attitudes curiously evidencing an odious domesticity....

She sits on the damp ground, looking ahead of her, as if She were asleepor lies flat on her stomach, whistling and watching an ant in the grass ...

In the evening the only sounds I could hear were the murmur of water falling from a cliff, or the whistling of the eagles' wings as they flew through the clouds; but at night the audacious jackals raised, three paces off, their lamentable song.

The whistling snake.

Whistling in the light.

Paramount Music Corp. (PWH); 12Nov70; R494731. Whistling in the light.

But you're mistaken, I assure you, I was whistling for a cab.

It was amazing to Bill Gregg; and then it seemed to him that he heard a faint, far whistling, floating down from high above his head.

The great-great-granddam of the hamlet was tottering across to the undertakers to have her coffin tried on, when my frantic whistling and the bray of the bugle-horn pierced the deafness of a century.

He knew that Dunborough, on his way to foreign service, had lain ten days in Bristol, whistling for a wind; that he had landed there also on his return, and madeon his own authoritysome queer friends there.

He whistled gently, put up his hand to stop the men from running, and walked quietly into the road, still whistling.

Lord Ralles and I sat on boxesthe only furniture the room containedabout as far apart as we could get, he in the sulks, and I whistling cheerfully.

Whistling a cheerful air he went downstairs again and put his head in at the kitchen.

It seemed as if a great peace had settled upon those ivy-clad walls, or it might be the calm that is the solemn presage of storm, and Sir Julian himself quiet beyond his wont seemed to portend the calamities that were to ensue; and after his breakfast stood at a window watching the dripping trees and whistling so softly one could not tell whether 'twere he or the birds chirping without.

Henceforward he passed all his days among the rocks above the fall, whistling to himself while he whittled bits of cork and wood into quaint shapes, attached them to string, weighted them with pebbles, and lowered them over the fall into the Loughwhence, after fifty years he would draw them forth, and sell them to the simple surrounding peasantry at two hundred and fifty per centum per annum on the initial cost.

A noise of feet coming across the hallof manly whistling makes itself heard.

It is clear that he is unaware of there being any stranger present, for his hat is on his head, his hands are in his pockets, and he only stops whistling to observe: "Well, Nancy!

Once or twice I quite hate him, when I hear him laughing in his old thorough, light-hearted waywhen I hear him jumping up-stairs three steps at a time, whistling the same tune he used to whistle before he went.

They rise again for us on yonder island, where the wind is whistling through the young fir wood.

The warriors who were drawn up opposite us, began to make a noise, beating their drums, sounding their horns, and whistling with great violence.

Sometimes he reminded me of a butcher-boy flashing past, whistling, on the high seat of his cart, or of Phaethon driving the chariot of the sunpretty much the same thing, I imagine!

He lay down on his stomach, then rolled over on his back, whimpering an apologywhile carpenters kept on whistling and calling to him from the wings.

Irvine thrust between his lips the little finger of each hand and lent to her efforts a shrill whistling.

" Some one came down the lane which ran behind the garden whistling an opera air.

This resolute little gentleman passed through the gate as he concluded the verse, waved his hand jauntily by way of everlasting adieu, and went off whistling the refrain with great spirit, and both hands in his pockets.

Wร„RLI, the little hunchback postman, a cheery soul, came whistling up the Kurhaus stairs, carrying with him that precious parcel of registered letters, which gave him the position of being the most important person in Petershof.

Well, he came whistling up the stairs when he heard Marie's blithe voice humming her favourite spinning-song.

And the cheery little postman did not do much whistling that evening.

He began to crack his fingers impatiently, and presently fell to whistling below his breath.

He was whistling all the way up the canyon to the tepee; but then he stopped.