3917 examples of whistling in sentences

I have seen her standing at the back door whistling for Malta, and the pretty creature's head would appear somewherealways high up, for she was a great climber, and she would come running along the top of the fence, saying, "Meow, meow," in a funny, short way.

I recollect him one day scrambling up Dr. Johnson's breast, apparently with much satisfaction, while my friend smiling and half-whistling, rubbed down his back, and pulled him by the tail; and when I observed he was a fine cat, saying, 'Why yes, Sir, but I have had cats whom I liked better than this;' and then as if perceiving Hodge to be out of countenance, adding, 'but he is a very fine cat, a very fine cat indeed.

Philip dressed and shaved, whistling softly all the time to himself.

There no longer seemed anything in the street but smoke, the balls whistling and crossing each other, the brief and repeated commands, some plaintive cries, and the flash of the guns lighting up the darkness.

And now in sight of you and heaven I sweare By those new sacred fires kindled within me, 'Tis not your ho[o]pe of Gold my brow desires; A thronging Court to me is but a Cell; These popular acclamations, which thus dance I'th Aire, should passe by me as whistling windes Playing with leaves of trees.

What pen could describe his ecstatic delight as he sat there, with one hand hooked into the pocket of Uncle Porges' coat, and with the cool night wind whistling through his curls.

Mr. Gibbs, with an indifferent air, stood by whistling softly.

"No time for whistling," says the other.

But the three men gave out no word of reply; but ran in at me; and I saw somewhat of the gleam of knives; and at that, I moved very glad and brisk to the attack; and behind me there went shrill and sweet, the call of a silver whistle; for the Maid was whistling for her dogs; and maybe the call was also a signal to the men-servants of her house.

Now I should as little have thought of offering to kiss her as of whistling to the Archbishop of Canterbury if I had seen that dignitary passing on the other side of the road.

Her whistling brought wild applause which was perfectly sincere; her performance delighted the audience beyond measure.

I walked on down the passage, reaching out the candle as far as might be in front of me, and whistling to keep myself company, yet saw neither Blackbeard nor anyone else.

He is whistling me.

In the bushes by the fence-row were a pair of cardinal grosbeaks, the male whistling divinely, quite unabashed by the volubility of a mocking-bird who balanced himself on the treetop overhead, "Superb and sole, upon a pluméd spray," and seemed determined to show a Yankee stranger what mocking-birds could really do when they set out.

' Maulevrier left his grandmother soon after this, and went downstairs, whistling for very joyousness.

The kitchen was filled with young fellows in blouses, some sitting at tables drinking and smoking, others standing; all were shouting, whistling or raising peals of laughter that might have brought the house about their ears had it been built by a modern contractor.

The old duck swam about uttering a whistling sound, her cry that her ducklings were to join her.

When I got to the wharf that evening it seemed like a diff'rent place, and I was whistling and smiling over my work quite in my old way, when the young policeman passed.

It took 'im some time, because he 'ad to undo it fust, but 'e finished it at last, and arter a quick look at Mrs. Pratt, and one at me that I could ha' smacked his 'ed for, 'e went off whistling and showing 'is little cuffs.

Whistling cheerfully he went briskly downstairs.

Instead of this, the gun cotton exploded with a sharp, angry, whistling noise, while the manner in which the mud was churned up showed that the force of the rebound was terrific.

We seem to hear the quick whistling of the arrows, and look involuntarily into the air to see the hovering figure of the avenging god.

The man who received the shield could not sit down for the next four days and four nights, but for all that time was obliged to run about the camp, or over the prairie, whistling like a rabbit.

A noise of feet coming across the hallof manly whistling makes itself heard.

It is clear that he is unaware of there being any stranger present, for his hat is on his head, his hands are in his pockets, and he only stops whistling to observe: "Well, Nancy!

3917 examples of  whistling  in sentences