3917 examples of whistling in sentences

The ball went wide of the mark, and the game dashed, with more desperate energy, and whistling and snorting like a locomotive, into the brush that lined the banks.

All the chirping and whistling from the fields and trees are then but the practice of the hour.

A brave whistling kept out the other noises.

arm hanging lax over his chair-side and newspaper fallen, sat forward in a hunched attitude of sleep, whistling noises coming occasionally through his breathing.

All this was done in a minute or two, and by the time I got down stairs, Bill was coming out of the bar-room, whistling a lively tune.

It was no unusual thing to see business entirely suspended for hours, while SLUKER marched up and down the main street, whistling, with his hands in his pockets, and every soul in the place, from the minister down, roosting as high as they could get, six on a branch, sometimes.

The others returned from the Festival, and Louis passed the door whistling.

Women, after all, he assured himself, were necessary for the perpetuation of the species; and, resolving for the future to view these weakly, big-hipped and slope-shouldered makeshifts of Nature's with larger tolerance, he cocked his hat at a devil-may-carish angle, and strode up the walk, whistling jauntily and having, it must be confessed, to the unprejudiced observer very much the air of a sheep in wolf's clothing.

He had his sword drawn, and was whistling softly through his teeth, while on the right hand was an open door and an old man holding a lamp.

Outside a man was seated whistling a cheerful tune.

So lay Beltane, blinking sleepy eyes and hearkening to a soft and melodious whistling from the little garden below his casement.

Wondering yet, he sighed, and because of the sun's radiance, closed slumberous eyes again and would have slept; but, of a sudden the whistling ceased, and a rich, sweet voice fell to gentle singing.

Nabbes stuck his hands into his pockets, whistling.

It was heard only at times,a deep, muffled roar, which rose and fell, not loud, but vast,a whistling boy would have drowned it for his next neighbor, but it must have been heard over the space of a hundred square miles.

Naow, ter-morrer" But mumbling incoherently he relapsed into slumber, puffing his lips out into a whistling sound.

Ken came home late, whistling, up from Asquam.

He kept one hand on the throttle control, whistling under his breath disconnected snatches of song.

When the conductor pulled the cord at the rear end of the long train a whistling signal was thus given in the engine-cab, and the engineer, after glancing down the tracks to see that the signals indicated a clear track, pulled out the long handle of the throttle, and the great machine obeyed his will as a docile horse answers a touch on the rein.

"We must have scratched her in landing, of course," I stopped whistling to say.

The man who received the shield could not sit down for the next four days and four nights, but for all that time was obliged to run about the camp, or over the prairie, whistling like a rabbit.

And so the great friend of men, who had given them fire and lifted them out of their wretchedness and shown them how to live, was chained to the mountain peak; and there he hung, with the storm-winds whistling always around him, and the pitiless hail beating in his face, and fierce eagles shrieking in his ears and tearing his body with their cruel claws.

Again at daylight and at dusk swarms of black dots on whistling wings floated here and there, descended to earth; and, following, indefinite as to location, weird, lonely, boomed forth in their mating songs.

Whistling lead.

Down to the barn, through the soft June evening, went Red, whistling a Mexican love song most melodiously.

He was walking along Farmer Hall's fieldthe one next to the squire's plantationand, so far from being nervous, 'e was actually a-whistling.

3917 examples of  whistling  in sentences
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