495 examples of white face in sentences

Brother Paul, with head thrown back and white face lifted, was playing, slowly, absently, like one who listens to some great choir invisible, and keeps their time with a few obedient but unnecessary chords.

Like wolves in the forest they live, months often elapsing without their seeing a white face, and then it is the kind of white man that they do not want to see; every man's hand against them, native as well as German, unable to light fires at night for fear of discovery, sleeping on the ground, creeping up close, for in this bush one can only get information at close quarters; always out of food, forced to smoke pungent native tobacco.

The mutineers stared at each other, at the small white face confronting them, at the boys and girls about them.

Mr. John Heron surveyed the slight figure and white face with its sad, star-like eyessurveyed it with a grim kind of severity, which was probably intended for sympathy, and extending a cold, damp hand, which resembled an extremely bony shoulder of mutton, said, in a rasping, melancholy voice: "How do you do, Ida?

The second winter had come, sealing up the gloomy land till it rang like iron at the touch, then covering it deep with snow and polishing its mute white face with hoar-frost and hail driven onward by the fierce Arctic gales.

"And you are like a Cosway miniature yourself, my dear," said Lady Tintern, peering out of her dark eyes at Lady Mary's delicate white face.

Nay, since even the Senator Marcantonio had not flinched before that wonderful agonized white face, he need not confine her, as he had intended, in a convent for decorous keeping; he was glad of the change in her favor which would prevent the harshness that might have increased her influence to the degree of danger.

But when he saw the white face and burning eyes of Antoinette, he guessed that she knew everything.

The sleet was frozen upon her mute, white face.

Sometimes it seemed as if the white face of Silencieux looked out from the woodside, and mocked her with the same cry: "Death is coming!

My master was keen for the match; but the Nabob was shy of the white face.

Over the prostrate form of the cowpuncher he leaped, and into the night, where the white face of Sally greeted him.

she whispered to herself; and Mary it was, with a weary, white face, and a fleecy white shawl wrapped about her head and shoulders.

" There was not much to seea child in a green jersey, with blown, damp hair and a white face.

"And yet," she turned to him, after following his glance to a girl's tense, white face, "what can they do?

" Then, in a moment of sickening misery, Kittredge saw the door open and a black figure enter, a black figure with an ashen-white face and frightened eyes.

She was bending closer to Paul's white face and listening to his laboring breath.

In the light of the lamp I saw the dead white face of Sam Bullet's ghost making faces at me.

Back, with your white face, back!

The gray-white face held straight ahead, but the keen blue eyes paused upon each worker and each task.

Patricia Marion Caldecott Frere (C); 29Nov57; R203666. <pb id='384.png' /> White Face.

On the bed lay a lank man, his ghastly white face terrible upon the tumbled pillow.

Once or twice he laughed all to himself, nodding mysteriously, his tense white face stamped with a ghastly grimace of self-contempt.

Shoop caught a glimpse of a white face.

McCraw, his white face bound with a bloody rag, drew his straight claymore and wound the tattered tartan around his wrist, motioning Billy Bones to ride on.

495 examples of  white face  in sentences